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Forsaken World Mobile Grasslands Altar (Heroic) Guide: How to Get 3 Star (Android/iOs)

Hey everyone back again to share a new guide because i know a lot of people are going to be stumped on how to 3 star this dungeon. This is the new guide for Grasslands Altar Heroics step by step and if you follow this i guarantee a 3 star Cheers.

Here is where we will pull the boss back to the start this totem is about as far as he will come back and start attacking you.

When he spawns his first group of adds you will want everyone in your party to use your Xp skill and AOE to rid adds as fast as possible.

When he spawns his second set of adds your whole party will want to run across to the other side of the map, near i call it the exit. Doing this will Reset the bosses adds making all of them run back to the start and your party will not have to battle a second group of adds while your Xp skills are on CD.

This is what it will look like after a reset of the second adds and he will attack from there starting, so keep in mind

When your down to the Bosses final 1/4 health he will cast this move and at the same time take your moves away(picture below this one). Don't stand in this you are still able to move so run out of his AOE this does ton's of damage and can wipe your group run for final boss kill. In The final group spawn you will want everyone to spam your AOE since your Xp skill will just be finishing up on CoolDown and when it's Ready use it ASAP. Then finish the boss off for 3 stars

I hope everyone enjoys this guide for 3 Stars on Grasslands Altar. Stay Tuned for more guides to be coming out.

Credits: Guide by Nolan Tkachenko-  http://forum.fedeen.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=1836