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Forsaken World Mobile Grassland Hell Guide

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If you have not done so yet, pick up the quest.

Some things to know:

When you die... You CAN port back. This is important to note. Save some leaves and revive scrolls.

As usual, this is HELL, so don't be lazy NO AUTO. This is doubley important, because, as soon as you cross the NPC you are thrown back into the encounter. If you are on Auto, you are simply going to die over and over.

LEARN to do this instance right. No pulling the boss from the center area in normal, hard and heroic modes, why? Because you will be confined here for the HELL encounter.

Until now, all HELL instances have been based on the other modes, with added damage, Boss hit points and new Skills - that we have to learn to deal with. So here we go.

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Past the NPC and into the arena.
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This portion is really up to you. But, because of the points mentionned above, I will go through the whole thing.

Before pulling the Boss from his cross... Kill the 3 elementals. They really are not hard or long to kill. As stated above, learn to do this right. You can, of course kill them during phase 1 of the boss, which is already hard, so why not before?

Now that the elementals are down...

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This guy is another BAD *&%^$#. We will assume, like all Bosses thus far in HELL, that he has 3 phases. As usual your surviving these phases, depends on your teams ability to coordinate, lots of health, and DPS!! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PHASE 1 - AoE Rain and Illusions 100% - 75% (?) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Everyone on Boss. Healer(s) at the ready - Ranged DPS and Cleric(s) MAX RANGE from boss.

Just like in the other modes, he will be dropping (tribute to Prince) "Purple Rain" on you.

** He is kind enough to tell you. He says... "Run away little bunny" right before dropping the Rain.

He is telling you what to do. He is saying, I am going to drop this AoE on your head and it will hurt, 3 ticks per Rain. Each one ticking out approximately 15K. That's 15K 3 times, approximately 45K damage. This can vary, I am assuimg, but from past dungeons, the damage seems to be pretty static.

***** A little strategy *****
I want to take a moment and discuss a little strategy... Regardless of your team makeup, you are likely to have a cleric with you. Your healer, at all times, should be at maximum range. In the middle of the "Altar" where the Cross sits and you pull the Boss; this is where you want to tank him. Keep him here! He moves? Bring him back... Cleric, should be at Maximum Range. At max range, and boss in the middle, the Cleric should not be getting hit by Rain and neither should the mage(s) with you.

This is important, because it gives you 2 MARKERS.

1 - The little circle in the middle of the Altar, on the floor, which marks where you should be keeping the boss, and

2 - Where you SHOULD be running to, when boss tells you to RUN AWAY. Run to the Cleric or the mage, the one who is at max range and out of the rain.

2 - A - When the Rain stops, move back to the tanking spot mentionned above. Don't let him rain on your healer. This spot and setup will be important shortly.

Hint: Just like in the previous versions of this instance, when he is casting his "purple rain", he is not moving.

I am also going to add this here.

HELP your healer help you. You remember that sceptor artifact? Got auto-potions on? Use them. Chances are, at your level and right now, if you are reading this, you need them Both.

This goes without saying, but I feel it needs to be written in. Kill his "Illusions". You can XP skill them down, use AoE or single target them. It doesn't matter, as long as they are dying fast. You will want them to be in the same area as the boss. Just like before, it's not because he has his adds with him, that he stops the Rain. So, just like before, while concentrating on him and killing his adds, move out of the rain.

***** End strategy Phase 1 *****

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Phase 2 - And the kitchen sink... - 75% - Dead
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A series of crosses will appears on the outer area of the Altar. Around each cross, in a big circle, there is a "purple gas cloud". In the center of this cloud is a Kindred Cross.

DO NOT stand in the purple circles. Do not stand next to cross. You need to MOVE TO THE "SAFE ZONE".

What is the SAFE ZONE? This is the area of the altar where there are no crosses and gas. I am going to designate these areas as "Inner" and "Outer".
Up until now, when Phase 2 starts, the FIRST safe zone is in the middle where you have been tanking the Boss and the Crosses and gas are around you circling around.

You and your team need to be paying attention.

** Note**
The boss will continue to drop "purple rain" on you. Remember phase 1? "Run little Bunny"... Well you still need to watch out for this. Where you are tanking and killing him is up to you. Just know, you need to have room, in this little area to move when the rain starts.

***** Phase 2 Strategy *****

When this phase begins, the "Altar" is diminished in size. Confining you, not only to the Altar, but a reduced size Altar. If you move into the purple gas cloud surrounding the Cross, you will die. If you die and rush back, you will be ported into the purple cloud... and you will die. If you use a scroll or leaves in the purple cloud, you will die. Now that we understand, that almost anything we do, involves dying, let's move on.

So the clouds and crosses are surrounding us. We have a small area to fight in. Where is the boss? In the middle of our little area. Where is the Cleric and Mage(s)? Maximum range.

The boss will continue to tell you to move because he will continue to drop purple rain on your head all this is fine, because you are doing as you were supposed to do in Phase 1. Moving to the Cleric, who is at maximum range and bringing the Boss back to his tanking spot. Now you understand why this is so important.

So, you managed to survive until here. Good for you. You should be feeling pretty good, thinking this is not so hard. This is HELL after all...

The crosses and clouds disappeared. You have all but a moment to breathe. And they are back. And you, reading this, are stuck smack in the middle of the purple cloud.

At this, point, you should know your artifacts. The Bramble Ring is your friend. Use it, use it now. And RUN! Run to the outer area of the Altar; into another safe zone. This one is more confining and harder to work in. But, it must be done nonetheless.

The outer safe zone is long and narrow. All around you is death. To make things worse, it's MOVING! So, you and your party are in this elongated area, that moves. It it turning 'counter clockwise'. The person with aggro on Boss, should be somewhere towards the back of this area. And being vigilant. Remember, run bunny? Oh yes, more rain.

There is a pattern here. Alternating between Inner and Outer safe zones. I'll tell you this much:
The First is "Inner", the Second is "outer"... after that... Remember to pay attention and use your artifacts.

With a little practice... You may survive.

Source: Guide by Jasonjb1222