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Elsword Online Dimension Witch Guide

The Magician

Aisha is a mage who relies on her spell-casting abilities to inflict major damage to an opponent. She also has the abilities to attack multiple targets at once. All of the Mage's spells are elemental, meaning she can gain an advantage by tailoring her attacks to a monsters natural element. In hand to hand combat, she favors the staff.

Background: Aisha was already a mage of the highest order at the tender age of 12 until a ring of sinister power absorbed her abilities. Intelligent and brash, she once again starts her journey to relearn all that she lost.

Aisha has an ability called Memorize.This ability will allow Aisha to store skills beforehand to use them later in battle. She can memorize up to 3 skills at once, but she isn't allowed to memorize the same skill twice. To Memorize you must be in the memorize stance, to do so you must go into mana generation stance and wait for the purple script to pop up. Then by pressing the desired skill it'll be memorized. To activate you're memorized ability press V. Now let's get to her skills.

Level: 0

Lightning Bolt-MP cost 200-Special Active. This skill will cast a charged lightning bolt and knockdown your oponent. Available for Memorize. This skill isn't very good for it's damage is weak and it'll knockdown your oponent. I would suggest not to use it for PvP or PvE.

Chain Firball- MP cost 80-Active. Release three consecutive firballs. This skill isn't good either, you're stunned while using it, so once used you can't get out and deals little damage. I wouldn't recomend this for anything.

Level: 5

Icicle Wave -MP cost 30-Active. Unleash a wave of ice that moves forward in a single direction. This skill is okay, with exceptable damage and range when maxed it can be used well. Not to mention that it can slow down the oponents movement speed with a freeze effect. PvE use is recomended by me.

Flame Wave -MP cost 30-Active. Unleash a wave of fire that moves forward in a single direction. This skill is the same as Icicle Wave but fire and instead of a freeze effect, it's a burn effect which will slowly hurt the oponent. I'd say PvE use is best for this Skil.

Level: 10

Power Aura- MP cost 24- Buff. Increases Physical Attack Power. This skills MP cost will raise the more SP used on it, but it's basic MP usage is 24. Power Aura is only usefull for playing as Dimension Witch, however, I don't normally use this skill. It can be of use though. Good for PvP and PvE

Wisdom Aura- MP cost 24- Buff. Increases Magical Attack Power. This skills MP cost will raise the more SP used on it, but it's basic MP usage is 24. This buff can be used for any Aisha, however, I don't tend to use buffs. If I had the B skill slots, I definately would. So I recomend this if you have space for the skill. Great for PvP and PvE

Level: 15

Binding Circle- MP cost 100- Special Active. Create a special dimension that disables enemy movement. Available for Memorize. If to max Binding Circle, it's extremely useful. It isn't a must have, however very useful in PvP but not PvE.

Gust Screw- MP cost 200-Special Active. Cast a pillar of fire to damage surrounding enemies. Available for Memorize. This skill is definately not meant for PvP, and with the high cost but not the best damage, not the best for PvE either.

Teleport -MP cost 20- Active. Instantly teleport to a certain location. If casted again within 2 seconds, MP Consumption will increase by 70% for every use. Teleport is a must have, every last Aisha has it and without it you must not be an Aisha. Teleport is great for PvE and PvP.

Level: 20

Ice Storm- MP cost 300- Special Active. Cast a huge pillar of ice to severely damage surrounding enemies. Available for Memorize. With great damage but high MP cost, I wouldn't recomend it. However, this can be quite the powerful skill for PvE. Use it if desired.

Gust Storm- MP cost 300-Special Active. Cast a huge pillar of fire to severely damage surrounding enemies. Available for Memorize. Again with great damage but usefulness lowered because of MP cost it's only good for PvE.

Mana Shield- MP cost 30- Active. Use mana as a protective shield to withstand damage. Shield durability will weaken per damage received. I definately recomend this because of how much it can withstand. Great for PvE and PvP.

Now that you know all the great skills of Magician itself, I think it's about time to Job Change.

Battle Magician

The Battle Magician is a melee specialist, excelling in close quarter combat. She has become proficient with her staff, performing more advanced combos over her other job class advancements. She is also able to send out magical piercing orbs. These orbs travel at slower speeds, dishing out multiple hits while simultaneously piercing their targets (their active length of time is the same as to a fireball; the slower speed equates to shorter effective range). Background: A young mage who is skilled beyond her years, Aisha faces what is undoubtedly a magician's worst nightmare. She has come across a mysterious ring that absorbed most of her powers and quickly vanished into thin air.

On her wise mentor's bidding, Aisha goes on a quest to recover the power of the El and regain her magical skills in the process. Before she embarks on her journey, she receives a magical pendant from her mentor. As she slowly rebuilds her abilities, the pendant reacts to her magic, intensifying her power for short phases.

The pendant's force enables Aisha to utilize magic in its pure form, allowing her to send out piercing magical orbs and deal great physical and magical damage. She gains mastery of close-combat attacks, earning her the name Battle Magician.

Now let us continue to her skills.

Level: 15

Guilotine Press- MP cost 200-Special Active. Jump high to stomp the enemy with a powerful force. (Can only be activated in midair). Available for Memorize. This skill is a powerful quick move and easy to continue the combo with it by using Circle Flame. I would recomend it for PvP and PvE.

Basic Physical Offense Training- Passive. Increases Physical Attack power and Physical Defense power. I would recomend this, but only put 5 SP on it to save the rest of the SP to max everything else.

Level: 25

Magical Makeup -MP cost 200-Special Active. Transform your body to become stronger with the help of the Magical Pendant. Without Magical Makeup, you cannot be a true Dimension Witch. PvP and PvE recommended.

Fitness- Passive. Increases the speed of MP recovery and reduces the Knockdown rate of your attacks. I'd say this Passive is a must have, anything that can recover MP is great, but this also reduces Knockdown rate which is great for PvP. Passive recomended for PvE and PvP.

Level: 30

Spirit Acceleration- Passive. Increases Max MP and the duration of Auras. With increased max MP and duration of Auras this Passive is great, however, I myself use Manaflow Overdrive. PvP and PvE recommended.

Manaflow Overdrive- Passive. Increases Physical Attack power based on your current MP. I love this Passive. o 3 o Only thing is it's locked and you must complete the Basic Skill quest.

Level: 35

Vitality Drain- MP cost 10-Active. Absorbs HP from the nearest enemy. I don't use these skills myself, but I would say they can be very useful and powerful. Use if desired, best for PvP but good for PvE too.

Energy Drain -MP cost 10-Active. Absorbs HP and MP from the nearest enemy. Again I don't use it, but can be awesome. Use if desired, best for PvP but good for PvE too.

Level: 40

Super Nova- MP cost 300-Special Active. Gather mana and release a giant circular energy blast to deal heavy damage. Available for Memorize. This move may be extremely powerful, but unusable in PvP because of it's MP cost. I would definately recommend Energy Splurt to replace this. I might recommend this for PvE.

Energy Splurt- MP cost 200-Special Active. Release an energy aura of pure mana that explodes upwards and downwards. Available for Memorize. A great move for both PvE and PvP, a decent MP cost for a powerful explosion of mana. I would recommend this alot! To get the skill though, you must complete the Intermediate Skill Quest.

Circle Flame- MP cost 40-Active. Unleash several fireballs that revolves around you while pushing the enemy away. (Can also be activated in midair). I use this in so many ways, one of the most commen ways is to continue a combo. After useing Guilotine Press use Circle Flame to keep them from knockdown. I recommend this for PvP, however in PvE shows no use.

Wow! We've gone through all of Battle Magician's skills and passives. It's about time we step it up with collecting some Moonstones!

Dimension Witch

Aisha is able to control enemies with the power of Time and Space to neutralize melee and ranged attacks. She also uses various space controlling techniques to draw enemies into her range. Dimension Witch has the ability to teleport downwards by learning the passive, Space Leap.

Background: Aisha finds the limits of her physique frustrating, as she struggles to grow as a magician and close combat specialist. While in Feita, Aisha gets a visit from Allegro, who gives her a scroll that tells of rare, pure-energy moonstones that fall onto Elrios around the time of the Harmony Festival.

The mage hunts for one, and after much effort, she infuses her magical pendant with the moonstone's power. The resulting phenomenon—halting of the immediate spacetime—modestly foretells of the great power she has just acquired: the ability to control time and space dimensions. Thus she is then known as Dimension Witch, the mage who can control time and space dimensions.

With that being said, are you ready to see the real deal? Let us get started!

Level: 35

Energetic Body- MP cost 20-Active. Increases energy circulation to give bonus damage and physical defense. This move is great, however, can be easily replaced with something better. Use if desired.

Intermediate Physical Offense Training- Passive. Increases Physical Attack Power. I recommend maxing this if you use it. Great for PvP and PvE.

Level: 45

Heavy Press- MP cost 100-Special Active. Smash the ground 3 times with the last smash inflicting stun. Available for Memorize. Good for PvE but great for PvP.

Impact Hammer- MP cost 100-Special Active. Draws in energy from a limited space and strikes hard. While striking, the energy generates a shockwave by exploding, stunning nearby enemies. Available for Memorze. Impact Hammer is simular to Heavy Press, however I'd say this one does more damage. That is why I recommend this over Heavy Press. Good for PvE best for PvP.

Level: 50

Spatial Distortion- MP cost 40-Active. Open a space hole in front of you that damages any enemies that are inside and absorbs in magical projectiles. I'd recommend this over Wormhole because this acts as a counter for Magical and Physical attacks, however, it is also a matter of opinion. PvP use only.

Wormhole- MP cost 40-Active. Aisha opens a wormhole in front of her that draws in enemies. Again it's a matter of opinion but you should use one of them instead of neither, Spatial Distortion recommened. PvP use only.

Acceleration Aura- MP cost-Buff. Increases team's Action, Jump, and Movement Speed for 60 seconds. This buff is the best, thing, EVVVAAAARHH. I would use it, however, I will mention that the cost changes within how much SP you put on it. So when it's Maxed it still only costs 70 MP but still just thought I'd mention it. PvP and PvE use is good.

Level 55:

Screw Driver-Tornado- MP cost 200-Special Active.Create a dimension swirl at the tip of your staff and rushes forward rapidly, drawing in enemies and hitting them continuously. Available for Memorize. This move is great and I'd say better than Screw Driver- Driller. Most effective in PvE, but good in PvP too.

Screw Driver-Driller- MP cost 200-Special Active. Create a dimension drill at the tip of your staff and rushes forward, drawing in enemies and hitting them continuously. Available for Memorize. Most effective in PvE, okay for PvP.

Level: 60

Magic Staff- Passive. When attacking, gain a chance of generating a time magic that causes additional hits of spatial energy upon impact. I personally like this one better because I'm a more Offensive Aisha, but if you were more Defensive then go with Space Leap. PvE and PvP

Space Leap- Passive. When teleporting, you can teleport downwards by holding thekey. After teleporting, gains a buff that increases additional damage for a short time. Most effective in PvP but still good for PvE.

Level: 65

Fate Space- MP cost 300-Hyper Active. Slows down time and distort the area around you. This skill requires the El Essence which is obtainable after reaching level 50. Of course you can use the Hyper Active and replace anything, it's MP cost is worth it I'd say. The MOST effective in PvE and only good in 3v3 PvP.

Combos & More

Basic Loops

Z Loop
Dimension Witch's Z combo has 3 over-head staff hits and when you add one more Z she'll knock down her oponent. To loop you're Z combo after pressing the third Z by canceling the move [<<>] you can do the Z combo again, thus creating a loop.

X Loop
Aisha's base X Loop is two Fireballs consecutively hit the oponent, by canceling the move [<<>] she can recreate her actions. Note: When in Magical Girl form Aisha can blast two Starballs replacing the Firballs.

Z^ Loop (Advanced Loop)
Aisha will hit with two over-head staff hits and the third hits them into the air which she then creats a Magic Particle with her hand to knock them down. This move can be canceled before her Magic Particle which will keep the oponent standing, thus can be looped.

Other moves

Aisha thusts into her oponent then teleporting above and lungs towards before blasting them into the air and using her Space Bomb to suck them back in. The skill can be used 3 times in a row before Knocking Down the oponent, however this can be canceled if an Active or Special Active hits the oponent.

Dimension Witch blasts two fireballs before blasting them into the air and sucking them back in with a Space Bomb

This move is called the Space Warp only Dimension Witch can use it. She dashes and turns with a starball and then creates a Magical Explosion to trap her enemy's and bring them closer. [Do not do more than once may be considered a spam]

[V step]

This is not an actual move, however, this is advanced. It will take you a little while to perfect this tequnic, but when Aisha is floating [^^] by using (v) you can fall down fast, the animation keeps you from doing anything, because she hits the ground hard disabling your ability to fight or use skills. However, by canceling [<<>] this animation you can fall and be able to move or use skills. This is a hard thing to perfect like I said. To do it, it's best you run float [>>^^] to float you double click up and hold the second (^). Now while floating you do: (). The faster you can do this the better it'll work! 

Aisha's defense is terrible, some may call her squishy. However, she has a faster hit stun recovery just like Rena's. This is also why people say Aisha's can easily jump or teleport out of combo's. Thus her terrible defense is made up for. Don't ever be afraid to Mana Brake [Hold Z when being attacked] ,however, it is best to not overdo you're Mana Braking, for Aisha needs her MP. 

These are all Dimension Witches moves and the can easily be put together in hundreds ways! [To see more find a link video at the bottom of the Guide]~ 

(The following content only contains the skills and passives used) 

ORI would use either one of these, however when I used this, I used Energy Drain. Then again Acceleration Aura is very useful. Like, VERY useful. 

SP2 Lv20/20 

Magical Makeup-Special Active 
SP3 Lv17/17 

SP3 Lv17/17 

Manaflow Overdrive-Passive 
SP3 Lv16/16 

Energy Splurt-Special Active
SP3 Lv12/12 

Magic Staff-Passive 
SP5 Lv4/4 

You can use this build for your Dimension Witch, swap it out, change it up a bit but it's there to give off info about the select skills to use. 

Skill notes 

There are many skill notes! However, some aren't useful and some aren't neccessary, so this section is here to recommened the best skill notes to use! owo)/ 

Level 0: 

Shock and Awe- Target will be stunned for 2.5 sec after the first hit of the thunder bolt. This skill note isn't needed in my opinion, just like the skill. Barely any damage, waist of MP and just because it stuns, Impact Hammer and Guilotine Press (with skill note) are better. Some Aisha's use this because of the skill note and because they're not Dimension Witch and don't have the other skills that stuns. However, as Dimension Witch I wouldn't use this. 

Burn Baby Burn- Increases the time of burning by 10 seconds. I don't find this skill useful same as its skill note, I wouldn't use this skill period. 

Level 5: 

Icy Block- +10% damage, Icicle doesn't pierce and explodes on impact. I prefer Flame Wave over Icicle Wave, so unless you like this one better in opinion I wouldn't bother with the skill note. 

Flaming Block- +10% damage, Fire doesn't pierce and explodes on impact. Flame Wave is only most useful for catching and for the Burning Effect, so if you do use Flame Wave I'd recommend to get this. 

Level 15: 

Trauma- Reduces the speed of the binded enemies by 20% for 10 seconds. I don't find that this is very useful, speed is a lot, however, Binding Circle itself isn't all that needed, the skill note doesn't do much more either, however if you find it useful you can get it. It's only my opinion to not. 

Recycle Heat- When used 2 times in a row, 2nd Gust Screw Damage +20%. This is a powerful upgrade I must say, however, Gust Screw isn't something I'd usually recommened to use. Then again, some do use it and this really makes the difference in power, so if you use Gust Screw this Skill Note makes it that much better. 

Soul Movement- During teleportation, you will be super armor for 0.5 seconds. The super armor is very useful, so if you tend to teleport often I'd recommend to get this. It's a great escape plan.~ 

Level 20: 

Strong Shields- Shield durability and reduced damage increased by x1.2, but skill cooldown increased by 5 seconds. The extra defence is very useful, however, I find that it's not worth the extreme extra cooldown. 5 seconds may seem little, but it's a big difference when in PvP. 

Snowy Blizzard Mountain- Consumes 200MP, Duration decreased by 33%. Can Hold Skill button to do more damage while consuming MP. Changing the MP cost from 300 to 200 makes this skill alot more worth it, and now with 33% duration and extra damage if skill button is held, for any one who uses this skill or thinks about it should get this skill note. 

Burning Flame- Can move while using skill. Hmm.... This one doesn't seem all that useful, not to mention it still costs 300MP. I wouldn't ever suggest using the skill but if you were to this skill note doesn't do all that much. 

Level 40: 

Quantitative Improvement Ⅱ- Adds one fireball. (2 more hits). I myself don't use circle flame all that often so I didn't bother to get this one, but I guess it's pretty useful. 

Level 15: (Battle Magician[2nd job change]) 

Imbalanced Weight- Stun range increased and damage increased by 10%. YES!! I already loved Guilotine Press with the damage, the KD reset, and how you could follow up with it! Now though, it also stuns and has added 10% damage! What's not better? \(^ v ^ \) 

Level 25: 

Deadly Cosmetics- Outfit modified into a blue outfit and MP recovery increased by 10%. I use this one myself and it's just sooo very useful! 

Level 35: 

I'm taking that!- Range increased by 50%. This is really good if you use Vital Drain, but I prefer Energy Drain. 

Power Drain- 30% chance to double the effect of Energy Drain. A 30% chance is higher than it sounds, but like I said only if you use Energy Drain. 

[I prefer it ( - v -)/] 

Level 40: 

Additional Order- Twirling staff motion drags in targets into explosion location. Highly recommened if you use it though. 

Ring of Energy- MP Consumed increase by 10% (Uses 220MP). The range of the skill increased. Honestly it's worth the extra 20MP, the range is increased alot! Here are videos on how it used to be and with the skill note: Energy Spurt- normal and Energy Spurt- Skill note 

Level 45: (Dimension Witch[2nd job change]) 

Magic Smashing- Hits are now both Magical and Physical Attack. I would preferbly use impact hammer, but this makes Heavy Press more useful, so whichever you prefer but if you do end up using Heavy Press it'd be best to get the skill note. 

That is all the skill notes for Dimension Witch! So I gave off my opinions on them but you can do whichever you perfer. I will say that there were many reasons why some are just plain awful, so please take that to mind. 


Dimension Witch can be challenging to master but during the process I find it's super fun and enjoyable. I love Dimension Witch so much! She is my main class, and first character made, I hope you'll enjoy her as much as I do. I also hope this guide served well and gave off a good amount of info about Dimension Witch and how to play her. However, I find that this just didn't show everything and I have this guide video link here to show you all the moves and loops then how to put them together! I will point out and make it clear that I didn't make this video and it's actually done by Everlook on youtube. You can check him out for alot of other tutorials too. 

Dimension Witch Combo Tutorial

Source: Guide by Alpacalypse- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454990745