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Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 Trophy Push/War Base | Anti-Golem | Anti-LavaLoon Guide

Trophy Base:

New - Version 2:

I saw some people attempt an anti-AQ core so that the Archer Queen is unable to target the TH without either jumping over the walls or breaking in. So I decided to make a solid variant of that concept along with the other concepts of the Heart of a Champion base and additionally I spread out the compartments even further to mitigate the impact of the Earthquake Spell. Also, I implemented a Single Target Inferno Tower which improves the base's protection against high level Heroes and Golems. You guys should try it and help test it:

V1 Speed Build:

"We had nonbelievers all along the way, and I have one thing to say to those nonbelievers: Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!" -Rudy Tomjanovich (1995 NBA Finals)

Hey guys! I’m Ash, and I’ve built this base a couple of weeks ago (with the Air Sweeper in mind) and it has gone through numerous changes and tests. Would like to first give a big thanks to many of my clan mates in the Altar family for helping test this base out as well. It has served me very well and has allowed me to easily push to Champs League with Barch. Won many defenses on my way. Made it as far as 3546 Trophies, in which I lost most defenses to 1 star. Did I ever get 3 starred? Yup, but you have to account that I had 2 Air Defenses upgrading at that time and both Heroes were inactive on defense. My defenses are also very weak for a TH 10 player (and I can tell you all about why, but let’s just say my builders are slow and expect me to have maxed defenses in a few months). Nevertheless, this base has been excellent for me even with weak defenses I’m able to defend against heavy attacks very well. It was created to utilize the Air Sweeper and defend well against LavaLoon attacks. As well as attacks utilizing Golems, it does an excellent job at funnel Golems away from the core even if the attacker uses a Jump Spell. If you’re a TH 10 player and are looking for a base to easily get to Champs, give this base a shot!

Anti-Golems, Anti-Giants, Anti-Hogs

This base provides an excellent defense against all compositions consisting of Golems, Giants, or Hogs. How? By its impeccable funnel against troops that love to target defenses. Defenses are perfectly placed within the large inner compartment of the base so that troops such as Golems, Giants, or Hogs circle around the base without getting inside the core and distract your core defenses!

The red line denotes the direction you can expect Golems, Giants, or Hogs to go. As you can see, they will go around the base without going inside the core. This is important because a tank such as the Golem can nullify most core defenses if it gets inside, allowing Heroes and Wizards to quickly annihilate the the core. This base does an excellent job at preventing that.

The orange lines denote the range of the Hidden Teslas. The point here is that Teslas will avoid attacking (or be activated) by Golems/Giants as they walk around. Why is this important? This is important because the Hidden Tesla is a point defense, and you don’t want it to be distracted by a tank like the Golem as another troop like the Archer Queen easily destroys your Teslas then target the Town Hall. This way the Teslas can focus on the troops going for the core, while not get distracted by high HP Golems or Giants.

Anti-Jump Spell Capabilities

But what about Jump Spell Ash? Not a problem.

Since the Jump Spell pretty much makes walls useless, I’ve removed all the walls in the core to demonstrate that the defenses are very well placed so a Jump Spell will not have any effect on the funnel! Only when the funnel/chain is broken can the Golems go inside the base. However, it’s very difficult to break this chain as it would require attackers to summon troops on two sides, which requires camp space sacrifices as this is a tough base to break into from two different points.

The inner compartment of this base is huge, which means that there’s no way a Jump Spell will allow an attacker to double-wall jump into the core:


This base was also created to utilize the Air Sweeper and it extremely difficult for LavaLoon attackers. Like the Golem funnel, the chain of defenses also attracts Balloons (as of course they love to target defenses as well), so this also makes it very difficult for attackers to get Balloons inside. To take further advantage of this, I’ve placed Multi-Target Infernos in range to quickly eradicate Balloons as they circle around:

Now let’s talk about the Lava Hound. How does this base defend as the devastating Lava Hound? It’s true Lava Hounds are very difficult to defend against, but their biggest strength is also their biggest weakness. They love to target the Air Defense, so clever placement of Air Defenses can minimize the impact Lava Hounds can have.

The main strategy of Lava Hounds is to use them as tanks to damage from attacks while the Balloons do the dirty work. Thus, it is more important to defend against Balloons then Lava Hounds. But how can I defend against Lava Hounds if the Lava Hounds soak up all the damages from my defenses? Good question, but remember, my funnel prevents Balloons from easily getting inside the core. Instead, Balloons go around and get quickly weakened by Mult-Targeting Infernos. But wait, there’s more. Balloons get grouped by my defenses as they move around, which allows my Wizard Towers that do Splash Damage quickly weaken Balloons and ultimately stopping a LavaLoon attack. But how can your Wizard Towers attack Balloons if they get distracted by the Lava Hound? Because they don’t! My Wizard Towers are placed far away from the range of my Air Defenses so that they do not target Lava Hounds (targeting Air Defense):

As you can see, Wizard Towers (with their 7 tile attack range) are placed far away from Air Defenses.

The Air Sweeper’s range:

The Air Sweeper’s range protects the whole core of the base. But doesn’t this force Air attackers to attack from the top? Yes! And that’s really not a problem because the base is actually excellent at defending Air attacks from the top or bottom of the base. How?

Why is it a bad idea to LavaLoon from the top or bottom of the base? Because as you can see, the Air Defenses at the right and left sides of the base are extremely far apart. This means that Lava Hounds sent at those two locations will not be able to protect Balloons from many defenses or activate the Red Air Bombs and Skeleton Traps, as the traps and defenses (especially the dual Wizard Towers away from Air Defense range) quickly demolish the Balloons. And all the Lava Hounds do is basically watch them die.

But what about the Freeze Spell?

No worries.

  • All Air Defenses are well-separated so a Freeze Spell is unable to freeze them both at the same time.
  • All Inferno Towers are well-separated so a Freeze Spell will not be able to freeze both Infernos at the same time.
  • All Infernos and Air Defenses are well-separated so that a Freeze Spell is unable to freeze both an Air Defense and Inferno Tower at the same time.
  • All Wizard Towers are well separated so that a Freeze Spell will not be able to freeze both of them at the same time.
Other Awesome Concepts:

Highly Potent - Highly Fortified Core

The core of this base is very powerful and offers excellent protection for the Town Hall. The Town Hall is surrounded by 3 X-bows, 2 Infernos, and 4 Teslas. It is excellently fortified with high HP Storages and CC around it, making it very difficult for attackers to penetrate it:

Degree of difficulty for Wall Breakers to break in

The outer portion of the base has multiple compartments that serve as both a decoy for troops and Wall Breakers, making it a challenge to break in. The core/heart of the base is deeply rooted and highly protected, which also makes it difficult for Wall Breakers to break open the core walls.

Unlurable Clan Castle

Although not the most unlurable Clan Castle out there and will be lurable by Hogs or Loons, it still requires much effort to do so. It is unlurable by Giants.

Better DE Protection?

This is a trophy/war base and wasn't created with protecting the DE Storage in mind. But if you're in need of your DE and want better protection, then you can simply switch the DE Storage with the southern-most X-bow. This will not disrupt the funnel chain.

Town Hall 10 War Version 1 (easy to lure CC, tough to 2 star):

Town Hall 10 War Version 2 (hard to lure CC, tough to 3 star):

For anyone interested, here is the TH 9 Trophy/War version of this base made by JShady:

This hasn't been too tested, but it should still have most of the elements of the TH 10 base (except of course no Inferno Towers). Should still be a very good trophy base and difficult to 50%. If you're trying it out, be sure to let me know how it does and post some defense pictures. Thanks!

And here's my Trap/Troll version of the TH 10 base with very low re-arming cost.

This base has been very effective and I have used it a couple of times to quickly push back up from Silver to Masters within a few hours (from defense). So yea, this base would be excellent for anyone in need of a base to quickly push up to Crystal or Masters. It's also extremely fun to watch people fail against it:

Source: Heart of a Champion - Town Hall 10 Trophy Push/War Base | Anti-Golem | Anti-LavaLoon by Eternal625- http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/678017-Heart-of-a-Champion-Town-Hall-10-Trophy-Push-War-Base-Anti-Golem-Anti-LavaLoon