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Clash of Clans TH9 and TH10 Farming Base (Balanced Protection for All Resources) Guide

The idea of this base had been a very old project of mine where I wanted a solid base that provided a balanced protection for all three resources, Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. The idea was scrapped many times because of the success gained by my other bases like the Hypercube and the interference of adding the Air Sweeper, but recently I brought back the idea and was able to successfully make it work. The base has gone through weeks of rigorous tests from a very large number of testers and results came out positive. They loved the base. So without further ado, I present the Crux base...

TH9 Version 1

Speed Build:

Walls Only:

Walls and Traps:

* TH10 Version Below

Base Concepts:

* Highly Fortified Core

- Core is surrounded by high HP Storages and multiple compartments. With a good balance of point defenses and Mortars.

* Balanced Storage Protection and High DE Protection

- All storages are placed in different inner compartments to increase the difficulty of stealing from multiple storages
- Dark Elixir Storage is centralized and heavily protected by multiple point defenses and splash defenses and high HP Storages surrounding the core.
- Skeleton Traps are not activated unless troops first break inside the core, adding to the difficulty of stealing the Dark Elixir.
- All Storages are very well-protected by multiple defenses from core, Teslas, and outer defenses.

* Anti-Giants

Blue and Red lines denote the direction Giants are funneled. They are kept from entering the core areas of the base as they travel alongside the exterior paths of the base.

- Spring Traps are well placed to catch 3 Giants or Hog Riders traveling along the defense pathway.

Teslas are well spaced and guarded alongside a layer of walls to keep Giants funneling around and away from activating Giant Bombs. While troops such as Barbarians, Archers, Heroes, or Wizards will try to penetrate inside core only to get quickly taken down by the Giant Bombs.

* Anti-Hogs

This base isn't the best base to stop a mass horde of Hog Riders, but it still has special features of cycling Hogs Riders around the base similar to Giants, but also force them towards Teslas over the walls to trigger the Double Giant Bombs.

* Anti-LavaLoon

Wizard Towers are all space away from the range of Air Defenses to prevent them from being distracted by Lava Hounds.
Double Seeking Air Mines on exposed Air Defenses can quickly take down a Lava Hound.
Red Air Bombs are well placed to prevent Lava Hounds from activating them.
Asymmetrical placement of Air Defenses increase the difficulty of raiding the base with LavaLoon.
Air Sweepers on two far sides pointing towards each other will always provide security for the core if one of the Air Sweepers are removed from one far side.
Inner Air Defenses are guarded by multiple point defenses including two Teslas to quickly fry Lava Hounds.

Anti-Wall Breaker / T-Junctions

This is perhaps my favorite aspect of this base, the wide array of T-junctions that make it hell for Wall Breakers to break inside the core or open up two compartments. Junctions are also well-protected by Wizard Towers and Teslas.

Unlurable Clan Castle

TH9 Farming Version 2 with better protection against Barch and Heroes, weaker against Giant Healer and Air Attacks:

Crux TH10 Version:

Source: CRUX - TH9 and TH10 Farming Base | Balanced Protection for All Resources! by Ash- http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/772371-CRUX-TH9-and-TH10-Farming-Base-Balanced-Protection-for-All-Resources%21