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Clash of Clans Level 11 Wall Guide: How to Upgrade All 250 Walls to Level 11 Fast

Unlike many of the guides that I normally post here, this is less of a guide and more of a thread to share my experiences and the path that I took to complete all my walls. Because everyone has their own way of playing the game, and I decided to play it my way.

Walls > Defense?

Everyday I get asked questions such as why do I prioritize on walls over defenses, why do I focus on walls over defense, why are my defenses so low? And it can be quite annoying having to explain every single time, but the simple answer is I do NOT prioritize my walls over defense! In fact, I always advocate prioritizing defenses over walls. To me, defenses are more important. I always upgrade and prioritize upgrading based on the upgrades I believe to be of more significance.

Lv 11 walls + TH9 defenses??

Walls are perhaps at the bottom of my list. But if that’s true and I don’t prioritize walls over defenses, then how is it possible that I have completed all my walls in just 1 year? Well allow me to explain. Defenses require time to upgrade. Walls have no time, you can upgrade as many walls as you like as long as you have a builder and resource. In fact if you can load up your storages and farm 8 million Gold and Elixir each in one day, then you can upgrade 16 level 9 walls in just 1 day.

Idle Builder?

However, a lot of people who follow me keep one of their builders idle, so they can farm a lot of gold and elixir and dump them on walls. Some of them may go as far as to completely neglect their defenses and upgrade their walls instead. And this is something I really don’t like seeing. You should not keep a builder idle to upgrade your walls, unless you already have high level defenses and really low level walls. Otherwise, you should always keep your builders busy. And that’s because I value builder time very highly, time is of utmost importance in this game. Builder time is the most valuable aspect of this game. A 7 day upgrade is worth a 1000 gems. Not only that, your defenses are going to have a much more significant impact than your walls.

Time Management

So how is it possible for me to upgrade my walls so fast to level 11 without keeping a builder idle? I did it by managing my time. I kept track of all my builder upgrades on a spreadsheet so I knew exactly when I was getting a builder free. I also kept my upgrades about 2 days apart, so that it would give me enough time to completely fill my storages and by the time I have a free builder. Once that builder is free, I already have an upgrade planned so I first dump the excess Gold or Elixir on walls, and then put that builder straight back to work on a defense or hero.

Defense X > Defense Y

Now, as I’ve said, I prioritize defense over walls. I also prioritize important defenses over those that I believe are less important. For example, my Inferno Towers are maxed, obviously Inferno Towers are the most important defense in the game. So I prioritized on that. Cannons are one of the least significant defenses in the game because of many factors such as they can only target ground troops, their range isn’t that great, they shoot much slower than other point defenses like Archer Towers, Xbows, and Teslas, so I prioritize them the least.

Offense > Defense

So I prioritize on the important defenses first before the less important, but defenses are not on the top of my priority list. Offense is. I always value offense more than defense. I’m currently in Titan and I have poor defense. Why is that? How can someone get to Titan when they’ve only played for a year and rushed their Town Hall? Well it’s simple, this game values offense more than defense.

Heroes > Everything

So yea, I’ve prioritized upgrading my offense over defense. Which means my Heroes were the most important thing for me. There is nothing else in this game that I value more than my heroes. These guys allowed me to get to Titan with ease. They allow me to demolish bases. So that means that I kept 2 of my builders at all times on my heroes. If a person was to keep both of their heroes upgrading at the same time, then it would take about 8 months to get to level 40 heroes. And that’s what happened to me. And since I have 2 builders on my heroes, I only had 3 builders to upgrade my defenses. Another hindrance to why my defenses are not up to par yet.

Maxed TH10 = 14-15 Months

However, everything I do is planned. So in about 2 to 3 months, you can expect me to max out my defenses. While if you look at my profile, my lab upgrades are still lacking and I still have a bunch of level 1 troops. And that’s because lab upgrades take even longer. It takes about 2 years to completely finish your lab upgrades, and obviously I’ve only played for half that.

Rushing is bad?

So I hope this was an eye-opener for many people. There’s also a stigma that rushing is bad, and that is utterly false if you just look at me. I only played for a year, I’m in Titan, I have lv 40 heroes, lv 11 walls, and so on. If I was to not rush, then I would have none of that. I would probably be just a decent TH9 player. And everyone has their way of playing this game. I just decided to play it my way.

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