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Cabal 2 Priest Guide (Stats, Items, Gears, Skills/Rotation & Leveling)

Firstly right off the bat i put 40 points into critical accuracy, YES crit accuracy. It gives you 1200+ crit chance and makes it so you can lvl alot easier, by hitting harder , later on in dungeons it is not wasted because your heals now crit like 80-90% of the time. at level 30 i was doing 700 heal with my basic heal and 980 when they crit.

After that put 40 points into Max hp, you might not need them now, but trust me when you hit those harder maps and pull agro, it helps. And at 40 bosses wont 1shot you with aoe or random agro.

I removed all my Healing + because i thought 1 point to give me 2 extra heal... seriously 2? was totally not worth it. 40 into Crit made sure i was critting like 80-90% of the time, 40 into hp gave me 2.5k hp boost and 40 into healing gave me 80 extra heal, when my tanks had 10khp, i thought that was horrible. i might add the rest into mana regen.

My Healing stats at 40 are:
Unspent: 40
Critical Accuracy: 40
Max HP: 40

First aid kits are heaven, use them as much as you need, i like to let my team start a fight but not engage in it myself, pop a first aid and get mana or half, then heal up.

Hotdogs are awesome, at 10k a pop for 30 minute mana regen they are sooo good, but cost a fair bit. mana potions, use as much as you can to stay above half mana, sometimes you need to burst and your mana will be drained so fast.

I have 2 sets, 1 with magic att/crit accuracy for questing alone and another with (what i believe to be best healer stats) Healing +, Critical accuracy, mana regen and hp (if you can find items with those 4 stats on it, its amazing for you), ppl say you need alot of attack speed, but i disagree, i like harder heals over faster heals, our mana is/will be our main problem, trust me in long fights you start to cry, but just spam those mana pots (i use one as soon as my mana is 90% like 10 seconds into a fight. I have 2manned the last boss in 3rd dungeon (Hall of Recluse) which took us like 10 minutes and kept my mana regen up all fight, but that fight cost me somewhere between 50-150k to replenish items lost so im not looking forward to that again. We get a mana regen aura at level 35, but still dont spam those heals too much ^^.

What i do is wait for the tank to grab all his mobs and the second he uses Cleave I start to charge my Healing Light (Gemmed for Healing over time) because by the time the heal casts, the tank has also used his second aoe Shield Spin and it should be enough to let the tank hold agro while he stays on full hp. I then use Swiftmend and Light of Revival accordingly. If the tank isnt taking too much damage i like to save my Healing Light and Swiftmend for the other party members to get them out of trouble.

I like to have my walk keys on WASD so i can use QERFZXCV as keybinds along with 12345, F1 F2 F3 F4 and the two mouse buttons on the side of my mouse.

My two side mouse buttons i have as Ressurection and Heal (Dispel)(Gemmed for Mass Heal) or i switch to Seed of Purification and Holy Strike when im dpsing.
My Healing Light is 1, Swiftmend is 2, Light of Revival is 3.
I like to place my Dash as Q, Desperate Prayer as E, Divine Plea as R, Repentance as F, Theos Favor as Z.
I have my buffs as F1 - F4 including Hotdogs/Battle Mode and my 1hr buffs.


Level 1-10 just do the yellow story quests, then do Frostrock Forest dungeon in easy mode, trust me its easy, your hp regen is OP.

Level 10-18 do yellow quests and blue repeatables in next map the wolf one gives like 20k a pop including the kill, just kite the abyss wolf with Dot and auto attacks (RUN FOREST RUN) in the blue portal.

Level 18-22 try to find 2 dps to run Lupurs Excavation Site easy mode so then your yellow story quests will stack up & you get awesome gear/items.

Level 22-27 catch up on all those yellow story quests that are stacked up now, do a few blues/repeatables if you feel like it or need them.

Level 27-33 spam that hall of recluse dungeon with 2 dps on easy baby, you will get a purple weapon in a few shots unless you have angered the RNG gods.

Level 33-35 catch up on all those yellow quests, you will get cape (mantle) from the equipment manager in Labyrinth Forest and battle mode at 35.

Level 33-40 try and have level 40's powerlevel you on top of the platform in Emperors Garden. (ty to squishy for info) If you dont have anyone to powerlevel you then just do this.

Level 35-39 In the center of Labyrinth Forest there are like 7 circles, you will quickly learn which ones to farm. Make a group and train them/wreck them, each mob gives about 4-5k exp and you can train like 10-15 mobs. so thats 2-3 quests in 30 seconds work.

Level 39-40 finish your yellow quests off and get ready for pvp/end game dungeons.

I hope this helped ppl who were a little stuck, This was the road most of us followed to level in Ascension.

Btw when i say do yellow / blue quests, i skipped all the blues, just did yellows and if i was stuck then did a blue repeatable for that last 10%. but i just click X on the quest info for all my blues unless i was bored and wanted to do one.

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