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Trove Pirate Captain Guide: Build, How to Play, Tips & Strategies

What is the Pirate Captain?

"A salty sea dog with a love for explosions and the high seas. Blast your foes with the Plunderbuss for doubloons to upgrade your First Mate's cannon, bait foes with the Pretend Pirate, and unleash Man o' War for a fiery finish!"

I would explain this class in great detail but...

You have a shotgun,
Your Parrot kills things with a cannon,
Upgrade your parrot with other attacks,
You have a decoy thing that explodes,
You have a mortar cannony thing,
Use your abilities or get rekt,
Also, Your good against GROUPS, not against single enemies.

Just like every other class, The abilities consist of 2 normal abilities, 1 ultimate ability, and 1 passive ability.

First Mate

(your parrot cannon thing)

Throws a turret that is upgraded by collecting doubloons (Passive)

Needs 10-12 Doubloon coins to fully upgrade.
The Cannon will last for 10 seconds unless you trigger your passive, then the timer will reset.
NO energy consumed , about a 1 second cooldown.
Can only spawn 1 at a time
Does not tigger passive

Pretend Pirate

Thows a expoding decoy that attacks enemies.

Enemies will target the Decoyinstead of you or your friends
Consumes 50 energy to use and you can summon as many as you want. (also the only ability to use Energy)
Low HP
Low Damage
AOE explosion
Triggers passive

Ultimate: Man o War

Summon a turret that lobs explosive shells.

Uses explosive shots instead of regular shots. - Deals AOE damage.
Both cannon and turret can be used simultaneously.
More than one Man o' Wars can be used simultaneously using the Chronomatic Emblem
Has duration, after 10-12 (?) second it will disappear.
Dealing 3.0 (?) damage compare to normal attack damage.
Triggers Passive
No energy cost.

Passive: Plunderbuss

Enemies drop turret upgrading doubloons when attacked
Upgrades the First Mates cannon.
Pirates don't have energy regeneration, but each coin will give him a little bit of energy back.
Multiple enemies will drop multiple coins.

Always use you First Mate, its pretty much your main weapon

Personally, you should team up with a Class that is Great with single enimies, as they will give you a hassle as stated above.

Also in a team situation, You can use the Pretend Pirate Ability to Distract enemies (especially Bosses), and have a close ranged attacker (Such as the Knight or the Candy Barbarian) Can get close without worry of being attacked.

While playing solo, well, good luck.

Beware of:
Teleporting Bosses
Teleporting Enemies
Solo Bosses
Solo Enemies

Credits: Guide by oRANGE- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479212448