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Trove Neon Ninja Guide (Build, How to Play, Tips & Strategies)

What is the Neon Ninja?
The Neon Ninja is a Physical, melee class. The Neon NInja uses a Sword, like many other classes.
Every Class in Trove has a biome relating to it. The Neon Ninja comes as a Ninja from the Neon City.

The Neon Ninja is a melee class, but can also switch to range due to some of it's skills. Like all classes, it have 4 different skills.
  • Passive
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Ultimate

Shining Star
Each succesful hit the Neon Ninja does will grant it a shuriken, up to a maxinum of 3. You can tell how many you have based on indicators (aka rings) around the Neon Ninja. These Shurikens can be launched in stealth mode, by using the left mouse button in stealth.

Skill 1]/b]

Shadow Flip
Doing a neat flip by clicking Mouse 2, the Neon Ninja enters stealth. You leave behind an invisible decoy, and move 50% faster while in stealth. In this mode, you can either run, or use your shurikens that you stocked up. By left clicking in stealth with 1 or more rings around the Neon Ninja.

Skill 2

Stasis Blade
Like the Knight's "Charge!", however, Stasis Blade has it's own affects. To note: Charge! will launch you up to a maxinum of 12 blocks, Stasis Blade launches the user only 8 blocks forward. All enemies that are hit with Stasis Blade (You do go through enemies) are locked in position for 3 seconds, this does not mean stunned, so do be wary of their attacks still! This is useful combined with the Neon Ninja's Ultimate.


Final Technique
Activating the Neon Ninja's "Final Technique" allows the user to essentially have the sword from Legend Of Zelda. All normal attacks after activating will result in a ranged energy attack along with melee. Final Technique will also refresh Stasis Blade. It's reccomended you Stasis Blade then activate your Ultimate, then back away as far as you can.

Strategies with the Neon Ninja
All classes have base Priority of what equipment you should have. WIth the Neon NInja, Physical Damage, Energy Regen, and Attack Speed are a must. Jump, Movement Speed, and Max Health come next.

What your equipment should look like


  • Besides the obvious Physical Damage, your Weapon will be 1 of 2 pieces along with your Ring that will have Energy Regen. While you may not prefer Jump, I personally do. Along with the obvious Attack Speed.
  • Physical Damage
  • Energy Regen
  • Jump
  • Attack Speed
Along with Faces, Hats cannot have Energy Regen. Max Health will go well. Along with Attack Speed, Jump, and Movement Speed.

  • Max Health
  • Attack Speed
  • Jump
  • Movement Speed
Your Face will also have Max Health. As well, Attack Speed, Physical Damage, and Movement Speed.

  • Max Health
  • Attack Speed
  • Physical Damage
  • Movement Speed
Physical Damage is the Obvious Choice, along with Energy Regen.

  • Physical Damage
  • Energy Regen
So what does all of this allow for the Neon Ninja? The Neon Ninja is DPS, that's "Damage per Second" for you non-MMO people out there. The Neon Ninja is heavily reliant on Speed. So Movement Speed and Attack Speed are great for the Neon Ninja. The Movement Speed makes you move even faster in Shadow Flip. The Neon Ninja uses Energy super fast, so Energy Regen really helps. As soon as you get 3 shurikens, you should immediately use them. For big bosses, use Stasis Blade and then your Ult. Neon NInja is hard to use, and requires you spam potions in order to make it effective.

Flasks and Emblems

Shown is the Martial Emblem
Albeit, costly, Emblems can do a lot. From now on, I'm gonna refer to the combination of the Martial/Arcane Emblem and the Unyielding Emblem as the "Classic Combo", or CC. And that's exactly what you want with the Neon Ninja. As for the Flask, Balanced Elysian Flasks are plentiful, but still heal 40% of your health.

(Note: Wings and Mounts do not affect anything and do not have an advantage over eachother. all wings have 95 Movement Speed, and all mounts have 90 Movement Speed. Getting different Mounts and Wings are purely Asthetic and to appear as more of a bada** to the low ranks)


Shown is the feisty Flamedancer
For the allies of a Neon Ninja, there are 2 I would choose. If you are lucky or can afford it, the Feisty Flamedancer is my personal favorite. It grants not only 12% Energy Regen, but +10 to your maximum Energy! It allows you to use Stasis Blade 3 times instead of 2, and generally do more flips and such. If you're not as lucky, the Brown Behe-Moth is another choice. Granting 58 Physical Damage and 33 Energy Regen.

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