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Trove Best Mining Guide

This guide will help you mine for resources/materials/recipes/ect.

Novice and Adept realms have less ore. Higher ones have more. For this guide I used Uber 2, for example.

Very first guide I've ever truly made. But. I really like this game, and I'm pretty addicted to it. So thank you for taking the time to read this. This guide will make you more efficient and it won't take nearly as long to get the resources you need.

How to make a bomb
Well.. .. This section is really easy. But some people may still ask.
1) Get an Adventure's Crafting Bench
2) Get some Purple Sharpestone Ore (10 of them)
3) Get Primordial Flame (1 of them)
4) Make a bomb using the bench! :D
Of course I use TONS of bombs for mining. I'd say make about 20 bombs. Then start mining for shapestone/flames. Once you get even more materials. Make even m0ar bombs. The most I've gone on a trip with was about 400. That took maybe an hour to get that many. If not a little longer. But it definitely pays off, extremely well. Recipes.. Materials.. Ores..

Finding the Biome.
The biome you'll be looking for is the Dragonfire Peaks.
After you've found this biome. You're going to want to find a cave system. Once in there, happy mining!

(Note: Not all cave systems are HUGE. 80% of them will be if you're in the right biome. Some are small caves of a few ores. But if you get matched up with a good world and you're in the right biome. You'll find TONS of resources/materials/recipes/ect. Hell. Even an ally that you can sell for quite a lot.)

Mining at its finest.

Items you can get while mining (And even more than that of course)

Where is the best place to mine in Trove?

Trove Infinium Farming

Step 1:
Find where sea and any volcanic biome border meet.

Step 2:
Then find an opening on the side of the mountain and then jump in. The biome will most likely be called Volcanic Fields.

Step 3:
Start mining infinium. Average amount you get about 150 and 3 Golden Souls.

Credits: Guide by Tensenuma- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=480602387