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Trove Knight Class Guide: Build, How to Play & Strategies

What is the Knight?

The Knight is a Melee, Physical (duh) dealing class. Many other classes use a Melee weapon, such as the Neon Ninja, Candy Barbarian, and 1/2 of the time, the Boomeranger. Every class in Trove has a biome relating to it. The Knight comes as a strong soldier from the Medieval Highlands.

A scene of the Medieval Highlands biome with a dungeon

The Knight is a Melee Tank, never afraid to charge in even at the brink of death. Like all classes, it has 4 different skills.
  • Passive 
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Ultimate



The Knight's Passive allows it to deal extra damage on it's next hit AFTER being hit. Combined with a high health pool, this skill is extremely useful.

Skill 1


The Knight's 1st Skill (Mouse 2) is a Smash. It deals damage in a 4x7 cone. With heavy damage and heavy knockback, it also stuns enemies.

Skill 2


The Knight's 2nd Skill lunges the Knight up to 12 blocks forward, dealing explosive damage to the enemy you hit, and anyone around that enemy.


Iron Will

The Knight's Ultimate is like a elysian jug, combined with 75% Damage REDUCTION and a doubled stability. This skill alone transforms the Knight into an unbeatable tank.

Strategies with the Knight
All classes have base priority of what equipment you should have. With the Knight, Physical Damage, Health, and Health Regen are definitely top priorty. You may want to consider having Energy regen on either your Weapon or Ring, and then having the other with Jump. (Preferably the Ring) Health % should also be on anything that doesn't have a slot. Knockback, almost with all classes, is pretty much useless. As well, it will annoy the living **** out of Sky Farmers, should you knock a Giant off the edge. Stability, although it would appear useful, is only good against super-high Knockback enemies. Such as a Punchbot/Superpunchbot/Saloonbot/SaloonMayor.

What your equipment should look like

This is one of many pieces that will have Physical Damage, but it obviously have the highest. Along with that, your second stat should be Max Health. Your 3rd stat is a bit of preference. Either Health %, or Health Regen. Your Passive only activates every (about) 2 seconds. In the meantime of waiting, you should have Energy Regen on your weapon. (This may be the only piece with Energy Regen)
  • Physical Damage
  • Max Health
  • Health %/Health Regen
  • Energy Regen

Your Hat remains with huge stats to Health. So Max, %, and Regen. For your 4th stat, it remains to Energy Regen, Movement Speed, or Attack Speed. Personally, I'd choose Energy Regen. Health %
  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Energy Regen/Attack Speed/Movement Speed

You're not Slenderman, so get a face. Your face will also provide a boost to your Physical Damage. Along with Max health, Regen, and once again, a choice of Energy Regen, Movement Speed, or Attack Speed. I'd personally go for Attack Speed. Physical Damage
  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Attack Speed/Energy Regen/Movement Speed

Your secondary stat will remain to be Jump. It's the primary you get to choose around.
Either Health, (Vitality) or Physical Damage. (Power) You may want to keep one of each in your inv at all times.
  • Health/Physical Damage
  • Jump

So, what does all of this allow for the Knight? The Knight is a TANK, albeit, not as good as a Candy Barbarian. (Which is a Tanky Medic.) Attack Speed is not really neccessary.

Between those 2 seconds of waiting for your Passive, your better off Smashing (Mouse 2) instead of normal attacking. And when you do normal attack/Mouse 1, your Energy Regen will have already refilled your Energy. Your 2nd Skil (Charge!) is used as an Entry, but also an escape. Only if your Ultimate is recharging. Your Ultimate truly makes the Knight a tank. Use it on Low-Health against a pack of mobs. against a lone-some boss, you may be better off drinking a little potion or running donuts until your health has recharged. Avoid jumping as the Knight, the extra Jumps are only useful for dungeon and terrain navigation. And that's pretty much it. Charge!, attack, smash, attack, smash, *Low on Health*, Ultimate, attack, smash etc.

Flasks and Emblems

Shown is the Martial Emblem

Albeit, costly, Emblems can do a lot. The Martial Emblem is an immediate choice. The second is 1 of 3, either Unyielding, (Common damage+invul) or Shadow Shrike. (That ally can REALLY help) Soothing Rain is a possible option, if your group doesn't have a Candy Barb, or has a weak one. For those of you who don't know, Emblems are tokens that boost the potions you drink. Due to such a high Health pool, Elysian Bandoliers would be a choice for Knight. 18 potions that each heal 20% make greatness. Using them well, you want to be using a potion every 10 seconds perhaps.

(Note: Wings and Mounts do not affect anything and do not have an advantage over eachother. All wings have 95 Movement Speed, and all mounts have 90 Movement Speed. Getting different Mounts and Wings are purely Asthetic and to appear as more of a bada** to the low ranks)


Shown is the Personal Poundcake, my personal chosen Ally for the knight 

In truth, almost all Punchbot-Allies make great for the Knight, giving bonus Health and damage reduction. If you don't favor the Poundcake, their is a rare Ally called the Shield Servitor. The Personal Poundcake grants +8% Health Regen and -8% incoming Damage. The Shield Servitor grants +30 Energy Regen and -20% incoming Damage. Both can be gotten from Buddybot Soultraps, (Aka, Cases) which are bought from specific Treasure Isles Traders.

Credits: Guide by CS:GO Raffles- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479016376