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Trove Items Price List Guide

In this guide, i will show you all the current prices of items in-game and will keep it up to date

hey guys if you have come from my easy flux guide, then this is a perfect example to use for trading!, if not then welcome!



Ancient Scale - 1:700
Blank Scroll - 1:100
Bleached Bone - 1:5
Crystallized Cloud - 1:2
Diamond - 1:10
Dragon Coin - 1:1500
Eye of Q'bthulhu - 1:4
Faerie Dust - 1:5
Formicite Ore - 2:1
Glim 3:1
Heart of Darkness 1:6000
Infinium 1:2
Mushroom Chunk 1:2
Pearl of Wisdom 1:1000
Primordial Flame 1:2
Robotic Salvage 1:10
Shadow Diamond 1:20
Steed Feed 1:5
Sunlight Bulb 2:1
Wild Cupcake 1:3
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu 1:90
Recipe 1:100


Pearl of Wisdom - 800f to 950f
Twice-Forged Shadow Soul - 400f to 600f
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul - 1.5kf to 2kf
Quad-Forged Shadow Soul - 6kf to 10kf
Twinkling Tome - 250f to 400f
Perfect Prism - 800f to 1.2kf


Azulian Dragon Cache 1:700
Chaos Chest 1:170
Pet Soultrap 1:100
Earthly Dragon Adventurer's Chest 1:50


Shapestone - 4:1f to 2:1f
Formicite - 3:1f to 2:1f
Infinium - 1:1f to 1:2f
Glim - 5:1f to 6:1f
Primordial Flame - 1:2f to 1:3f
Robotic Salvage - 1:5f to 1:8f
Enchanted Wood - 1:2f to 1:4f
Bleached Bone - 1:2f to 1:3f
Wild Cupcake - 1:2f to 1:3f
Mushroom Chunk - 2:1f to 1:1f
Sunlight Bulb - 3:1f
Faerie Dust - 1:2f to 1:3f
Sticky Ichor - 1:3f
Golden Seashell - 10:1f to 3:1f
Crystallized Cloud - 5:1f to 4:1f
Radiant Shard - 2:1f
Blank Scroll - 1:20f to 1:35f
Eye of Q'bthulhu - 1:1f to 1:2f
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu - 20:1f to 40:1f
Bottle - 1:2f
Glacial Shard - 2:1f to 1:1f
Golden Soul - 1:7f to 1:10f
Somber Soul - 1:10f to 1:20f
Steed Feed - 1:2f to 1:3f
Shadow Key - 1:100f to 1:200f
Bomb - 1:1f to 1:2f
Diamond - 1:4f to 1:6f
Shadow Diamond - 1:10f to 1:15f
Heart of Darkness - 1.8kf to 2.2kf


Common Soultrap Allies - 40f to 60f
Uncommon Soultrap Allies - 150f to 300f
Chronomancer Qubesly - 2kf to 3kf
Prowling Shadow - 1.5kf to 2.5kf
Shield Servitor - 2kf to 2.5kf
Rapt Berserker - 2kf to 3kf
Feisty Flamedancer - 1.5kf to 2.5kf
Diggsly - 300f to 500f
Cotton Candy - 6kf to 10kf
Bounding Boot - Currently unobtainable (to my knowledge)
Steely/Sorcerous Boot - 500f to 600f
Cardio Companion - 500f to 750f
Foreman Footwear - 1.5kf to 2.5kf
Samantha - 5kf to 6kf
SA Allies - 3.5kf to 5kf


Pink/Blue Cookiephant - 1kf to 1.5kf
Eggster/Chicanery - 1kf to 1.5kf
Balefire/Truefire Phoenix - 2kf to 3kf
Pink/Blue Budgie Buddy - 1kf to 1.5kf
Dragon/Shrimp Roll - 500f to 1kf
Scorched/Sheltered Kami - 1.2kf to 2kf
Fae Boughskimmer - 10kf to 13kf
Prancing Pinata - 4kf to 5kf
Nimble Nimbus - 8kf to 10kf
Chaos Hound - 7kf to 8kf
Radiant Steed - 3.5kf to 4kf
Restless Eye - 2kf
Bouncy Ladybug - 6kf to 8kf (?)
Runemaster's Record - 12kf to 15kf
Store Mounts - 6kf to 8kf
Old Cubit Store Mounts - 2kf to 5kf
PWN-E - 3kf to 4kf
Infinity PWN-E - 5kf to 6.5kf
Skully - 3kf to 5kf
Moulder - 2k to 3k
Springy Sporeling - 500f to 1kf
Tundra Thresher - 2.5kf to 3.5kf
Floating Formula - 10kf to 12kf
Scoops - 3kf to 6kf
Jouncing Jellyfish - 1.5kf
Enchanted Jellyfish - 2kf
Dream Brony - 4kf
Magic Carpet - 6kf
Insanisteed - 8kf
Jelly Knight - 7kf
All 9000 Glim Mounts - 1.5kf to 2kf
Pemblock - 150f to 300f
Pemblock Variations - 1kf to 3kf
Meownt - 500f to 700f
Meownt Variations - 1.5kf to 3kf
Spring Pinata - 4kf to 5kf
Summer Pinata - 5kf to 7kf
Winter Pinata - 5kf to 6kf
Autumn Pinata - 6kf to 8kf
Seasonal Mounts - 3kf to 10kf (?)
Trove Carpet - 50kf to 100kf (code)
Robo Raptor - 8kf to 10kf (code)


Neon Nightsky - 18kf to 22kf
Xero Line - 8kf to 10kf
Bloodseeker - 8kf to 10kf
Chaos Butterfly - 8kf to 10kf
Darkest Night - 5kf to 7kf
Stormcaller - 12kf to 18kf

Flux/Glim Tome - 2kf to 2.5kf
Tentacle/Eye Tome - 2kf
Other Tome - 2.5kf to 3kf

Mag Racers

Mag Racer - 200f to 300f
Fun Police - 5kf to 7kf (?)
Dance Pad - 6kf to 8kf (Beware of scammers! Often times they will put a "Disblock Board" decoration in the trade window instead of the Dance Pad)
Bull Shadozer - 4kf
Mahogan Toboggan - 1kf to 1.5kf
Laden Sleigh - 3kf to 5kf
Other Seasonal Mounts - 5kf to 10kf (?


SS Dinghy - 100f
SS Corgi - 300f to 500f
Chaotic Clipper - 8kf to 10kf
Old Blocksides - 2.5kf to 3.5kf
SS Draconic - 8kf to 12kf
SS Dutchman - 12kf to 15kf
Chaotic Cruiser - 10kf to 12kf
Basic Sails - 100f to 500f
Uncommon Sails - 500f to 1kf
Rare Sails - 1kf
SA Sails - 4kf


Costume Mystery Box - 3kf to 4kf
Trovian Guard - 2kf to 3kf
Dragon Knight - 3kf to 4kf
Blood Knight - 3kf to 4kf
Bone Knight - 5kf to 6kf
Elysian Guardian - 5kf to 6kf
Regal Rebel - 3kf to 4kf
Revolver Ranger - 3kf to 4kf
Hotdog Hero - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Uberman - 4kf to 5kf
Heartbreaker - 4.5kf to 6kf
Dark Fae - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Ice Cold - 3kf to 4kf
Bee Trickster - 4kf to 6kf
F43 Trickster - 5kf to 7kf
Ashen Beast - 4kf to 5kf
Shadow Maw - 4kf to 5kf
Balefire Beast - 5.5kf to 6.5kf
Nightshade - 4kf to 5kf
Magenta Master - 2.5kf to 3.5kf
Lunar Ronin - 7kf to 8kf
Heartbleed - 5.5kf to 6.5kf
Ice Cream Crusher - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Licorice Lord - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Dark Infineon - 6kf to 8kf
Sugar Skull - 6kf to 8kf
Black Ice - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Nice Sage - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Shadow's Disciple - 5.5kf to 7kf
Relic of the Past - 4kf to 5kf
Dead Shot - 4.5kf to 6kf
Sharp Shooter - 4kf to 6kf
Master of Commanding - 5kf to 6kf
Ghost Pirate - 5kf to 7kf
Dark Boomeranger - 5kf to 6kf
Winter Boomeranger - 5kf to 6.5kf
Santa Barbarian - 10kf - 15kf


Lava Rod - 700f to 1kf
Chocolate Rod - 1.2kf to 1.6kf
Lady of the Lake - 1.5kf to 2kf
Chaos Rod - 2kf
Radiant Moonfish - 600f to 1kf
Weird Fisheye - 800f to 1.2kf
Soaring Flamefish - Unobtainable currently
Enchanted Fish - 1kf to 2kf
Rare Fish not listed - 400f to 600f


Block Recipe, all - 50f to 100f
Biome Recipe - 30f to 50f
Spring Recipe - 100f to 200f
Summer Recipe - 200f to 300f
Winter Recipe - 200f to 300f
Other Seasonal Recipes - 200f to 500f (?)


Style Surpirse - 70f to 150f
Hat/Mask Vault Surprise - 50f to 100f
Weapon Vault Surprise - 100f to 150f
Pin Heads - 100f to 500f
Event Styles - 200f to 1kf (?)
Spring Style Surprise - 100f to 150f
Summer Style Surprise - 150f to 250f
Winter Style - 200f to 500f (?)
Dark Hood - 2kf
Radiant Corona - 200f to 1kf
Various Shadow Styles - 100f to 200f
Rare/Wanted Styles (ex. Bale Reaper) - 100f to 500f


Maxed Weapons/Faces/Hats (Shadow 4, 5 forge stars, 8 bonus stars) - 10kf to 15kf
Shadow 4 PD/ER or MD/ER rings - 10kf to 15kf
Other Shadow 4 rings - 3kf to 5kf
Shadow 3 rings - 1kf to 2kf

Credits: Guide by Quartz- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485367324