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Trove Gunslinger Guide (Build, Tips & Strategies)

What is the Gunslinger?

The Gunslinger is a Ranged, Magic dealing (not physicial, even though "guns" would seem like it, but instead they're plasma) class. In my personal experience, I jokingly refer to it as the "Jump Master" for reasons I'll explain later. The Gunslinger is one of 2 classes that uses a gun. (The other, being the Pirate Captain)

Every class in Trove has a biome relating to it. The Gunslinger comes as a ranger from the Desert Frontier biome.

Dessert Frontier

The Gunslinger is a ranged class, prefering to stay away from the enemy, but not as long as a Boomeranger or a Shadow Hunter. Like all classes, it has 4 different skills. 
  • Passive 
  • Skill 1 
  • Skill 2 
  • Ultimate 

Lucky Shot 

The Gunslinger's passive allows it to have a stoke of luck, in which will charge it's next Charged Shot. This "luck" can be activated from Blast Jump, or just a normal attack. (Mouse 1) 

(NOTE, Gunslinger also has a side-Passive, I like to call it "Feather Falling." The gunslinger falls down muuuch slower than the other classes after dealing damage to an enemy.) 

Skill 1 

Charged Shot 
The Gunslinger's 1st skill (Mouse 2) is a Charged shot, similar to that of the Shadow Hunter. But instead of penetrative, explosive. Similar to Shadow Hunter's Ultimate skill, Arrow of the Goddess. Not only explosive, but deals extra damage compared to the Mouse 1 attack. Unlike it however, it needs energy to shoot, and a brief moment to charge. Which is why Lucky Shot can come in handy, allowing you to just tap Mouse 2 instead of having to hold it for those life-threatening moments. 

Skill 2 

Blast Jump 

This is part of why I call the Gunslinger "Jump Master" The Blast Jump deals damage in a 4x5 area, and launches the user 7 blocks into the air. Along with this, it can be used to get to extensively high areas, due to it's ability to be used in mid-air. Albeit, you'll generally only be able to use it twice before you're out of Energy, also since Energy does not regen when you jump. 


Run and Gun 
The Gunslinger's Ultimate allows it to move faster, shoot faster, and be unhindered by it's own attacks. If you did not know, attacking slows you down. Run and Gun will increase your movement speed by 20, attack speed by a whopping 75%, and you can no longer be slowed by your own attacks. This makes perfect with Charged Shot and Lucky Shot, since you will be spamming your Mouse 1, and then Charge-Shooting your enemies whilst "donuting" them. 

Strategies with the Gunslinger
All classes have base priority of what equipment you should have. With Gunslinger, Health, Jump, Energy Regen, and Attack Speed are possibly the best stats to build the Gunslinger. 

What your equipment should look like 

Along with your Ring, Your weapon is 1 of 2 pieces of equipment (out of the 4) that can have Energy Regen. I highly reccomend you get a weapon with Magic Damage and Energy Regen as your 2 stats. For your third and 4th stats, Jump and Attack Speed would be my reccomendation. Attack Speed allows you to get that Lucky Shot in super fast, and the jump allows you to somewhat Hover over the enemy whilst raining down plasma. 
  • Magic Damage
  • Energy Regen
  • Jump
  • Attack Speed 
When I look at Gunslinger, I would think the Hat and Face to have nearly the same Stats, except for the last 1 or 2. Health and Attack speed are highly inportant. Magic Damage would still be on there, but instead of Jump, I would maybe add a tad of Movement Speed to compliment Run and Gun. 
  • Max Health
  • Attack Speed
  • Magic Damage
  • Movement Speed/Jump 
With your face, I HIGHLY reccomend you get maximum health on this piece of equipment. A Shadow Level 1, 3 star Face compared to a Shadow Level 1, 3 Star Hat showed that the face had 100 more health to it. Like a hat, the face cannot have Energy Regen, so I reccomend Attack speed in it's place. Next, I would personally reccomend Magic Damage. After that, It's down to you. Movement Speed, or Jump. As a "Jump Master", I would personally choose Jump. 
  • Max Health
  • Attack Speed
  • Magic Damage
  • Jump/Movement Speed 
A Ring can only have 2 stats, which can not be upgraded or randomized (unless unboxing multiple Ring cases) What I reccomend is Magic Damage, and then Energy Regen. (Do note, energy will not Regen whilst you jump) 
  • Magic Damage
  • Energy Regen 
So, what does all of this allow for the Gunslinger? Well, now I'll explain the "Jump Master'. With the Gunslinger's stupid amount of jumps, you can pretty much fly above the enemy, raining down with Blast jump to not only deal damage, but to keep you aloft. I've seen guys with 54 Jumps, trust me, it's insane. For when you can't Jump, Run and Gun will keep you alive to essentially donut an enemy, get Lucky shot, and then spam Charged Shot. 

Flasks and Emblems 

Shown is the Arcane Emblem

Albeit, costly, Emblems can do a lot. My choice of Emblems would lie somewhere between the Trailblazing Emblem, Arcane Emblem, and the Unyielding Emblem. For those of you who don't know, Emblems are tokens that boost the potions you drink. From invincibility for 2 seconds, to bonus Health Regen and Refill in Energy. The Trailblazing Emblem increases your already insane Movement Speed and Jump. This can be used in place of Run and Gun's cooldown, or stacked to make an ultimate Ultimate. The Arcane Emblem DOUBLES magic damage. This is useful for tough bosses, such as Radiant Giants. The Unyielding Emblem grants 2 Seconds of Invincibility. This can be useful on low-health. As for your Flask, The Gunslinger is not a tanky class, but is not weak like the Neon or the Shadow Hunter. I would reccomend the Balanced Elysian Flasks. 

(Note: Wings and Mounts do not affect anything and do not have an advantage over eachother. all wings have 95 Movement Speed, and all mounts have 90 Movement Speed. Getting different Mounts and Wings are purely Asthetic and to appear as more of a bada** to the low ranks) 


Shown is the ally "Diggsly", which provides 35 bonus Lasermancy (AKA Mining Speed)

For the Allies of a Gunslinger, Out of all of them, I would personally choose the Sorcerous Shoe. 

Sorcerous Stone

It grants not only a whopping +8 jump, but a +8% Magic Damage, making this possibly the best for Gunslinger. 

Gunslinger is an amazing class for beginners. Imagine it as the Assault class of Trove. It's standard, and teaches newbies the general basis of the game. This is was my first guide, what do you guys think? What class should I do next? Did I do something wrong? Leave it in the comments below. Yabayaba Like and Su- oh wait, this isn't YouTube ^_^. Peace out, Trovians