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Trove Guide: How to Craft a Neon Nightsky Wings

What are the Neon Nightsky Wings?
The Neon Nightsky Wings are the currently only craftable wings in Trove and they are quite hard to get considering the amount of materials required to create them.

It is created at your crafting bench however the materials it requires are all created at four cleverly hidden crafting benches called S.O.A.R.T's.

This Guide will help you find the S.O.A.R.T.'s and hopefully you will one day have the wings as well.

Total Materials Required
As i stated earlier the wings require a LOT of materials to be created and that is true you will spend a lot of your time grinding the materials to create this masterpiece.

The Total Required Materials are:

8500 Flux

5000 Crystalized Cloud

2500 Shapestone

2000 Radiant Shard

1000 Robotic Salvage

100 Primordial Flame

Layouts of Dungeons
When looking for those S.O.A.R's you guys should keep this in mind that every dungeon or place you are going to have to go to has different layouts and only in the right layout will you find the S.O.A.R

So the first component of the Neon Nightsky Wings is the V6 Flux Capcaitor and you need 5000 Flux to create it.
You are going to want to find the S.O.A.R. T-1 and its found on certain pirate ships in the Treasure Isles biome.

So those are the pirate ships that you are gonna be looking for and in front of the enterance or the stairs to the enterance to the ship you should see a small digsite with some sand digged up and shovels present if you see that then you have found the right ship.After that take the first set of stairs that go below deck, but don't go all the way down.If you see cannons then you are too deep inside.To the left side u should see some steel bars mine through them and you should see the S.O.A.R. T-1

This is the second component to creating the wings and its a bit more tricky to create considering it requires 5000 crystalized clouds and 2000 radiant shards to create.

First off head to the Radiant Ruins biome using a Sky Portal assuming you have one , if not check around to see if your club or one of your friends has one.

To navigate in that world you NEED wings you get your first pair at mastery level 20 if you dont have a pair already.

You are going to be looking for the only dungeon in the entire sky realm which is the Dark Heart dungeon.It has 2 variations the first one has blue glass at the bottom of it and the second one which we need has green glass under it.

Once you find it head to the top room of the dungeon thats where the big cube is mine through the glass or if its already broken just walk and take the purple portal.After you are through there should be a hole in the far right corner.Go down and break the glass to get to the S.O.A.R. T-2 and create your chasis!

Thats right a infinite diamond!Literally one of the hardest parts to make not because of the materials they are fairly easy to get but because of the time you are going to spend looking for this S.O.A.R.T it is one of the most cleverly hidden ones.

You are going to need 500 diamonds for this one.Assuming you are going to craft all 500 you will need 3500 flux , 100 Primordial Flames and 2500 Shapestones in total.

This time you're going to Dragonfire Peaks and find a three star dungeon here's a picture

Go to the altar under the giant island in the middle. Looking down into the caldera, you should be able to see a ledge with a black-and-red decoration and jump down to it. From that ledge, look out across the lava, there will be a green torch visible through a single-block opening in the wall.If there's no torch that means there's no S.O.A.R.T if its there congratulations just hop across the lava and go through the hole and create your diamond.

This is the last component you are going to need and it is literally the hardest one to create because you are going to need 1000 robotic salvage to create it!The robotic salvage is a sometimes drop from the enemies in the Data Spires biome where the A.I.-Enhanced Gyroscope is created.

However the S.O.A.R. T-4 is fairly easy to find you are going to want to find a dungeon that looks like this:

The only difference is the cube should be completely green and not blue like in the picture assuming you find it and clear the dungeon you should find the S.O.A.R. T-4 inside

As you can see i linked the final room inside the green cube sorry couldnt get a picture of the outside of the green one.

After you get to it just create your gyroscope and you are finally done with your quest!

Getting your badass wings
Now that you have everything you need go back to your house and go to your crafting table, open it and go under the Mobility section inside it and create your badass wings!Equip them and take back the night sky!

If you wanna show them off to other people just type /pose in chat and they will appear.

Thank you everyone who took the time to read my guide!

I'd also appreciate it if someone used my refferal link https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/account/reg/account-registration-short-flow.action?

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