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Trove Fae Trickster Guide: Build, How to Play, Tips & Strategies

What class is the Fae Trickster?
The Fae Trickster is a Ranged Class which deals magical damage. I like to call them an Arcane Mage, because their magic is kind of like Arcane. The Fae Trickster is one of 4 classes that uses a staff as weapon. (The others, being the Dracolyte, Ice Sage and the newest class the Tomb Raiser).

Every class in Trove has a specific biome which it can relate to. The Fae Trickster comes as a Fae from the Fae Biome which you can see a picture of below.


Passive: ~(Mouse Click 1)~
Ego Blast

If you have not been hit within two seconds you will get the Ego Blast passive which will double the damage of your basic attack. This is very important as a fae to keep active all the time, as you will be using your basic attack a lot, because it deals quite a lot of damage with this passive active. It is quite easy to see if you do not have this passive active, because when you have been hit the passive deactivates and you will start shooting small bolts instead of big bolts.

Skill 1: ~(Mouse Click 2)~

Explains quite much with only it's name. It blinks you forward in the direction you are looking and then additionally it leaves a decoy of your character confusing nearby enemies, making them attack it instead of you. Blink is a very important spell to keep your Ego Blast up at all time.
There is also a special function with blink that I will explain later in the guide.

Skill 2: ~(Number 1)~
Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb is an AOE spell that causes damage to everyone around where the bomb lands, it also provides a bit of knockback that some might find very annoying, but it's quite useful when fighting big packs of monsters, or if you're waiting for Ego Blast to get back up again.

Ultimate: ~(Number 2)~
Faerie Dance

Faerie Dance is the Fae Tricksters Ultimate spell and summons three weapon clones in a horizontal line infront of you, these clones work as any of your other clones you can summon with the Blink ability, but these clones also shoot your basic attack, however Ego Blast does not affect them, so they will be shooting the weak bolts. My usage of this spell is if I want my enemies to gather at one place for a long period of time, as there are three clones instead of one.


Your weapon is the most important piece of gear. The stats provided by your staff can be: Magic Damage, Energy Regen, Jump, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, Maximum Health and Knockback which everyone hates.

- The stats you want on your Staff would be
*Magic Damage
*Maximum Health
*Energy Regen (Because you're going to be jumping and blinking quite a lot to dodge well).
*Attack Speed

Your hat is a big booster to your stats where you will get your big amount of health from. The stats provided by your hat can be: Jump, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, Maximum Health and %Maximum Health.

- The stats you want on your Hat would be
*%Maximum Health (Because this is what really increases your health alot, because it gives %)
*Maximum Health
*Health Regeneration
*Attack Speed

Your face is the extra damage booster of your gear where you can get around about 4½th of your Staff Damage, this however replaces the extra %Maximum Health you can get on the face. As you are a fae and you will be dodging anyways, Health is not the biggest importance. The stats provided by your face can be: Jump, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, Maximum Health and %Maximum Health and Magic Damage.

- The stats you want on your Face would be.
*Magic Damage (Because this is the extra damage you'll get from the face)
*Maximum Health
*Health Regeneration
*Attack Speed

A ring is also an extra damage booster for your gear, and gives about the same amount as your staff, depending on how good your gear is. The stats provided by your ring is highly up to what different rings you craft, Health, Damage, Energy Regen, you name it. It however is quite random.

- The stats you want on your Ring would be.
Magic Damage
Jump (This is the only jump you will be needing on all your gear)

Potions and Emblems


I suggest the Bandoloir for maximum dps output, which then includes the Arcane Emblem. As you will have many charges to use and keep your double damage up for a long time.

However if you wish to be a bit more on the survival side I suggest the Balanced Elysian Flask which is great for anything really.


The emblems you will need is definitely the Arcane Emblem for the double damage, and as the second emblem the Soothing Rain Emblem for an extra 10% health each time you drink the potion, this both heals your allies and yourself. The second emblem is all up to your choice though.


There are lots of different Allies, but the two allies I recommend is the Chronomancer Cubesly and Sorcerous Shoe.

*Sorcerous Shoe is a craftable ally that you can craft in Hub which gives you 8 Jump and 8% Magic Damage. *Chronomancer Cubesly is a Qubesly ally from the Treasure Isles and can be rarely found in the Qubesly Soul Trap which cost 300glim each from the Pirate Vendors. This ally gives you 20% Magic Damage and reduces all your cooldowns by 25%

Tips and Tricks

First tip I have to offer is the wall teleport with the Blink spell.

Here you can for an example teleport through a hole in the wall.

This can be useful when you throw a bomb and dont want to use another if the hole isnt big enough.

How to:
What you do is you jump towards the hole in the wall and use your blink spell, simple as that.

Second tip I have to offer is another wall teleport with the Blink spell.

This however makes you teleport through an almost solid wall as you can see on the shown picture.

This can be useful when you want to show how cool you are, or just anything really. It's a great way to make a secret entrance to something "secret".

How to:
What you do is you jump towards the little gap in the wall and spam your blink spell untill you get into the gap, then once you're in the gap, jump rapidly and spam your blink spell once more.

You can make secret areas for Fae Only classes, and maybe even host a Easter Egg hunt. If you want to try it out you can try finding all my Fae Secrets in my Club World. /Joinworld Eriziris. There is also a simple tutorial in my world there.

Third tip and so on might come later. Until then, thank you for checking my guide out :).

Credits: Guide by Zimanta- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=479024139