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Trove Dracolyte Guide (Build, How to Play & Strategies)

Basic Information
The dracolyte is a high damage magic class that obliterates enemies at close range. It is close ranged but has awesome burst damage and it's ultimate is extremely useful and badass. Read on for more information!

The dracolyte has a wide array of useful abilities.

his passive allows you to walk on lava for a very long time without dying, along with having increased movement speed. This is especially useful in dungeons, as you can skip the parkour and just swim through faster and easier.

His M2, spitfire, allows your dragon to, well, SPIT FIRE, every 7 basic attacks. When fighting monsters, use spitfire often and keep in mind the damage it does. Once that's covered, you can spitfire your enemies when they are low enough for a quick finishing blow. It has a decent range, allowing you to flame a melee monster while shooting a ranged monster.

His 1, burnt offering, places down a bomb that explodes after being hit by 4 basic attacks. A good tactic to use is to place a lot of these in front of you while you're flaming monsters to blow them up while still doing basic attack damage. The area splash damage is quite large, allowing you to quickly finish off any monsters that are overwhelming you.

His ultimate turns you into a FREAKING DRAGON. It makes you have 50% resistance to damage, increased basic attack damage, and increased movement speed. This is like your emergency button. use an elysian flask to heal a little health before transforming and becoming a tanky death machine. then just FLAME EVERYTHING.

remember, burn stuff = win.

Item Builds
Here are some things to keep in mind when you select items for the dracolyte.

Very good stats to build:

Magic Damage: duh.

Health Regeneration: This gives you more survivability in battle while also increasing the amount of fights you can handle in a short period of time.

Jump: The mobility you get in fights is INSANE

Bad stats to build:

Attack Speed: did you know attack speed doesn't actually do anything for dracolyte? yeah, it's true.

Movement Speed: With this class, half the time monsters are going to be close up and the other half of the time you're on a mount. It's ok, but not your primary target.

Physical Damage: Similarly to attack speed, this doesn't do anything either.

Credits: Guide by Muscle K Cereal- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=480431745