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Trove BoomeRanger Guide (Build, Tips, How to Play & Strategies)

Here you'll learn the basics of the Boomeranger and learn how to play it properly!

Well, this is my very first guide, so I can't say that it's going to be amazing, but hopefully, this will help new players discover what the Boomeranger can do.

The Boomeranger, currently, is the only class able to use both a Bow and a Sword, just not together, obviously.

When using a Sword, the Boomeranger will attack similar to the Knight, which does 3 sword slashes. Swords are stronger than Bows, obviously, but the Boomeranger can wield Bows too. When the Boomeranger shoots, his arrows are accurate and have a far range, which means you can pick off a foes' health before they even get to you. As you read ahead, you'll learn the best ways to use both Swords and Bows.

Before we continue, you should know the basic abilities of the Boomeranger. NOTE: The Boomeranger does NOT use Energy!

Skill 1: Boomerang:
Throws a Boomerang that can stun foes. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds if not caught. Deals small damage.

Skill 2: Big Bomb:
Throws a Bomb that will explode in a about 3 seconds after being thrown. Will deal block damage (Explosion will remove blocks). Deals small damage.

Ultimate: Mystery Urn:
Throws an Urn that will randomly spawn items to help you fight. It has a 25% chance of spawning Cluster Bombs, 25% chance of spawning Healing Gems, 25% chance of dropping Cooldown Gems and a 25% chance to spawn Quchik allies. These are small chicken allies that fight the enimies. Deals Heavy damage and deals little block damage.

Passive: Finishing Bow:
Every Third attack does extra damage. Works for both Bows and Swords.
The Types of Gear You Should Use
The Boomeranger is a great class, but to make it even better, you should make sure you know what types of gear you want to look for. Because of the Boomeranger's Passive Ability, it's best to get the most Physical Damage and Attack Speed.

Your best bet for Rings is for you to make Power Rings with the Ringcrafting Bench, which can be crafted easily with the Novice Crafting Bench. Power Rings will increase Physical Damage and Attack Speed, conveniently. Also, be sure that you keep trying for new rings - You always want the best you can get.

When it comes Weapons, you always want to have the most Physical Damage and Attack Speed, like I said in the Rings section. You always want to get the BEST RARITY as it will mean the stats are better. For the whole list of Rarities, look below.

(From Left to Right)

Shadow, the best rarity that you can find, so that is what you want to look for... However, unless you have High Magic Find, it's only found in Uber 1 and above. It's quite rare even there. The Highest rarity is Radiant, which can only be acheived by forging an item (Specificly Shadow) past level 5. See the Forging section for more information.

Armor, Hats and Masks:
Well, your armor is VERY important to your Boomeranger. Please read each sub section specific to what your primary weapon will be.

If you want to primarily use a Bow be sure to get high Jumps and Defense. The Jumps to get up to high places so you can snipe the foes below and the Defense for when you can't fight with a height advantage. If you have those two primarily, you should be good for a Bow.

If your primary will be a Sword, you must know that you will most likely be pushed around a lot, since you're going to be on the ground. These are the stats you want for your armor if you are going to stick to the ground: Health Regeneration, Defense and Stability. The Health Regeneration is so you can take on many foes at once without letting your health get TOO low. The Defense is because, well, if your fighting on the ground, you need to be able to stay strong. And, finally, Stability. You'll need Stability so you don't get knocked around too much. It's important that you are close to your foes.

Well, to be simple.... FORGE!!! Forging is the best way to get the best equipment. This goes for any class, but always Forge your Weapons the most. Those are your most important things for staying alive. You can of course Forge everything else, but focus on those.

Now, the main reason you most likely came to this section... Forging your weapons to the max. Radiant, the highest rarity, can only be acheived by forging and Level 5 Shadow Item past Shadow. Only then will you have acheived Radiant Rarity. It's worth it. And, like I said before, a Shadow Item can only become Radiant through forging! Nothing else will get you to Radiant rarity but forging. So, what I recommend is that you get to the point to where you can't find a better weapon (Stats wise) no matter where you go. Then, start forging it like crazy if it isn't at Level 5 Shadow Rarity. Once there, just forge it once more and there you go - You have a Radiant weapon. After you do it to your weapon, upgrade your Hats and Masks to Radiant. Do the same process before - Make sure you can't find anything better before doing it. Finally, once you can forge Rings (You can't as of the time of this guide), do the same to them and make sure you have the Highest Crafting Level Rings before you do it. Tactics

The Boomeranger has a variety of different things to use to fight. I recommend doing some of the following.

The 'Bomb-Stun':
The 'Bomb-Stun' is easy to do. Just throw a Bomb than quickly stun the foe with your Boomerang and then just fight it. It's easy.

The 'Sniper':
Just get on into a tree and shoot below! Kinda hard sometimes, however.

The 'Takedown Attempt'
Get a bunch of foes around you and let the Bomb out. Stay close to it! This also can work with Urns

Hopefully these tactics will help you fight off those foes!

Hopefully, by reading this guide, you learned that the Boomeranger is a great class! If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up! I will be making more guides soon!

Source: Guide by [xG] -[FF]- Red Ram (赤い羊)- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=480194822