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SMITE GUIDE: How to Tank Like a Pro (Tanking Tips, Tricks & Strategies)

Credits: SMITE: tanking guide by DJPasha

Hello, so i decided to make a guide-type thread about tanking in smite.


Tanks are an essential part of any Moba, no matter which Moba it is. With the recent addition of jungling to the game of Smite, it is imperative to learn how to tank properly. This guide will detail my experience as a tank going through both solo-queue and team scrims.

You have to remember certain “ideologies” to play as a tank. As a tank, you cannot be selfish. Do not look for kills, help your carries get kills. Do not actively take buff, leave them for your carry/jungler. Do not apply any strategy that you use for any other archetype onto this role. When you play a tank, you play to support the rest of the team.

It is important to take as much damage away from your team and to initiate unto any upcoming team fights (depending upon which tank you are playing). When your team goes to take certain objectives (e.g. Fire Giant, Gold Fury, Towers, etc…) you are either the one taking the hits, or you are in the rear zoning out potential initiators whom want to steal the objective/save the objective. During team fights you are the one who “controls” the opponents’ every movement (e.g. Ymir‘s Frost Breath, Sobek‘s Charging Tackle, etc….), and you ensure the survival of your team if things go wrong.

Early Game:

At the start of the game, there are several ways (depending on the god chosen/laning organization) to choose starting items.

If you are to start on a solo lane, it is important to maintain a large amount of sustain and/or control of the lane. So for your first item you can get: Mark of the Vanguard (The physical/magical defense, hp5, plus the passive allows for a certain amount of sustain that start falling around level 6.) or Greaves (Tier 1 for 200 less gold than Vanguard, a small boost in movement speed, and the availability to upgrade the item early on.). For your active, I would suggest a Hand of the Gods (This is to help clear buffs for your jungler/controlling the lane) or a Meditation (This is for the sustain purpose, and later on, this can be either turned into something that will ensure you survival to protect your team[Meditation Rank 3] or ensuring the survival of your teammates with an AoE heal/mana restore Salvation). You can also additionally buy another active depending on the enemy team along with your own. The second active can also be the other of the mentioned actives I’ve listed. You can also wait until mid-game to buy another active, it is of no immediate consequence. Lastly, you buy several potions of health and mana. I suggest you spend whatever remaining gold on potions.

If you are to start with a laning partner, it is recommended that you be able to help your partner as much as possible. For a starting item, you can choose: Mark of the Vanguard (The reason is similar to the one stated before.), Greaves (The reason is similar to the one stated before.), Midas Boots (The reasoning behind this is that you are able to leech some gold and experience from the carry clearing the waves of creeps, and you can quickly return to buy them without the risk of your tower going down with your carry stalling [an advantage that the solo lane does not have]. The purpose of these boots is to purchase more defensive items to support the team during team fights/ganks [you are freely allowed to dive towers for kills if your Physical defense is high enough], and you are able to buy wards more often to give vision to the rest of the team. However, these boots severely cut your defense early game, so unless you are experienced enough to play passively [until you buy a defensive item], I suggest not buying them until you have more experience with tanks). For an active, I would suggest Creeping Curse (This would ensure kills most of the time when your jungler comes to gank your lane.), Girdle of Might (This can be either extra insurance for a kill, or it can scare away enemies who then think your about to initiate.), or Hand of the Gods (The reason is similar to the one stated before.). For the second active, you choose depending on what you think will help the team best. You can spend some gold for 1 or 2 mana/health pots.

If you find yourself double jungling, build in a way that benefits from the experience and gold gained. Your starting items start slightly different: Shoes/Tabi (You do not necessarily need that much defense considering you have two characters against buff/gold camps early game. You can go for some damage to help clear faster). or Greaves (The reason is similar to the one stated before). For an active, I highly suggest Hand of the Gods for the clear. As a double jungle tank, it is your job to crowd control the enemy and let you jungle carry take the kill (e.g. Ymir freezing an Isis in mid so that Hun Batz can Overhand Smash her for the kill).

Between Early and Mid Game:

At this stage of the game you are around the time where your team destroys a tower. At this time it is important to have wards on standby at all times (make sure to ward objectives/buffs for vision of the jungle). Also, you should have your second or third item done by now. In depth guides for God builds and theory are in the works, gods vary greatly upon items even under the same archetype.

If you were a solo-laner, I would suggest picking up a Mystical Mark (This item, while expensive, should be affordable from solo farm, and it will benefit the solo-lane well. As a tank early game, it is hard to clear waves and not be in risk of getting double/triple teamed by the enemy, so this item will help with clearing them faster. Also, it gives you a great amount of health and Physical defense [so in general, you are able to tower dive easier]. This will also boost salvation‘s usefulness.).

If you had a partner, I would suggest buying something that would benefit the both of you, such as a Void Stone/Blade for the penetration aura and the defense. You can also buy a Sovereignty if you are ahead for a massive boost in protections for both you and your partner.

If you were jungling, buy bruiser-like items. Such as: Void Stone/Blade, penetration items (e.g. Jotunn‘s Wrath, Spear of the Magus, etc…), and defensive/support items that will increase the possible damage that could happen in a set amount of time [ganks can only occur in a very short time window; you either kill them in that time, or don't] (e.g. Breastplate of Valor [for cooldown reduction to use more abilities in a shorter time], Gem of Isolation [This will slow down enemies hit by you abilities to ensure the jungler be able to catch up.], etc…).

Mid Game:

This is the phase where objectives and team fights are the most important. All tank builds will converge into a similar mesh of items. Tanks now should be building almost pure defense because they can hold their own with their abilities. Tanks should be building items like Sovereignty [if not already bought], Bulwark of Hope, Magi’s Blessing, Hide of the Nemean Lion, etc… By now, at least one tank has a Hand of the Gods higher than a Rank 1 to take objectives when needed. You are now the front lines, taking most of the damage for the rest of your team to kill their team.

Late Game:

At this point in the game, you should have all of your items and/or actives. Now your job is to ward the enemy lines so that your teammates can, after taking a phoenix or two, teleport and get back into the fight healed. If you run out of minions, remember your purpose, tank the minotaur.

After Notes:

Every tank functions a different way, some have more damage/some have more crowd control. It is your job to take advantage of those attributes the whole game. When you’re first trying out tanks, it’s highly recommended to use Hades, Ymir, or Odin to get used to tanks.

Thanks For Reading