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Rise of Incarnates Detailed Beginners Guide (Character and General Gameplay Guide)

An in-depth look at every character PLUS tips to up your game in general!

Hey there!

Sometimes when I'm playing, it comes to my attention that some people aren't using their characters to their strengths. I'll find Fenrirs who immediately change to wolf form and don't change back, I'll find Ares's who play him like a carbon copy of Mephistopheles.
All sorts of errors, really.

I'm writing this guide to hopefully aid those players who are playing a character (or want to play a character), but don't quite understand how they function, or what their moves are.

There may be inconsistencies in my style of writing throughout this guide, some characters may have more "tips" then others, some terminology may be similar or different, there may even be a few things missing here and there. This is primarily because I wrote this on-and-off over the course of a few weeks, but it's also because I feel strongly about some characters more than others. You're gonna have to use some common sense since I can't be bothered to be ultra-consistent. I'll continue to steadily add to this for as long as I retain interest in the game.

Also, a mini-glossary relating to how I've laid things out for the characters moves:
Damage - The total damage dealt if the attack is performed in its entirety, from a clean hit. Or the amount of damage dealt by one projectile.
Hits - The minimum number of button presses required to perform the attack in its entirety.
Ammo Types - Reload (will not refil until all ammo has been expended), Charge (will refill gradually constantly), Special (in a class all of its own)
Projectile Count - How many projectiles are fired per unit of ammo.
Properties - Additional effects other that simply dealing damage.

Your awakening meter is present at the bottom left of your screen. This fills as you both deal and take damage.
Upon activation, this grants the user and his ally special boosts that vary in effect from user to user, however there are a few consistent attributes for all awakenings:
Nearby foes will be downed, not KO'd.
Instantly recovers the user from a downed or KO'd state and gives them very short-lived invincibility.
The down value of all attacks are reduced. Allowing the user to chain together more attacks before KOing a foe.
Completely restores the user's action gauge.
The user's action gauge consumption is slightly reduced.
Tag attacks are boosted in power.
All attacks auto-cancel (meaning you can rapidly chain attacks without dash-cancelling)
Try to avoid using awakenings when you're low on health and there's enough stock left in the gauge for you to die without losing the match. Your awakened state ends prematurely if you die.

Stocks & You

Rough general descriptions

Reccomended for intermediate players. 3-stock characters are often capable in a huge number of areas alongside excelling in one or two as well, but their high cost means that one death will cripple your team.
Ideally they should die first so that they can respawn with full health. But that doesn't mean you should (or even can) ignore them in order to chase their ally. It also doesn't mean that the 3-stock should intentionally try to die either.

Reccomended for beginners. 2-stock characters can generally perform well in both the front and back. While not as well-rounded and fearsome as 3-stocks, they can definitely hold their own in most situations.

Reccomended for advanced players. 1-stocks are more comfortable in support roles and serving as distractions for enemies so that their partners can really deal some damage. May be good in one or two areas, but falls short in a great deal of others. Likely to get completely and utterly destroyed if left alone against a 3-stock, and they won't perform too hot against a 2-stock either.
Don't be fooled by their cheap cost. Although they have more health-per-stock than higher-cost characters, it's much easier for them to LOSE that health in the first place.

Sample strategies in relation to team stock balance

3/3 Strategy
Both players play passively and try to whittle down the foe with their extensive range of attacks.

2/2 Strategy
Roles are completely dynamic and depend moreso on the strengths/weaknesses of each character.

1/1 Strategy
Players must coordinate attacks or attempt to seperate foes. There's no middle-ground here as the difference in character capabilities will become extremely apparent if the enemy is allowed to coordinate themselves.

X/Y Strategy
The higher-stock deals the bulk of the damage while the lower-stock protects the higher-stock from melee attacks; or the lower stock attempts to seperate/distract the enemy, giving the higher-stock an easier time dealing damage.

Notes about Cubes
Rise of Incarnates utilizes a customization system known as "Skill Cubes". Players earn cubes in fights or as rewards for achievements, and can place these cubes on a "grid". These cubes then boost the abilities of players in varying ways.

Cubes can be placed into three tiers relating to how strong their effects are:
Tier 1 cubes take up two spaces on the grid.
Tier 2 cubes take up three spaces on the grid.
Tier 3 cubes take up four spaces on the grid.
There's no tier higher than 3 at the moment.

Cubes have a limited number of uses before becoming depleted, with lower-tier cubes lasting longer.
You can restore cubes through the repairing system. Wherein sacrifice up to five cubes, and transfer their uses remaining directly to the cube you're repairing.

You can strengthen cubes through a similar method, increasing their effect.
In the case of numerical increase cubes (+X%), the effect will increase every 5 levels. Strengthening cubes also increase their max number of uses.

The max level for cubes increases with tiers:
Tier 1 cubes go up to level 10.
Tier 2 cubes go up to level 20
Tier 3 cubes go up to level 30

Higher tier cubes have a better power:size ratio For example, a T1 Ranged Increase cube starts at 2%, and ends at 3%. While a T3 Ranged Increase cube starts at 3%, and ends at a whopping 8.5%.
So instead of running two maxed T1 cubes for +6%, you could run a single maxed T3 cube for the same space + an extra 2.5% increase.

You can also evolve cubes to increase their tier. to do this, both cubes must have:
The same effect
The same shape
Be at max level
Evolving a cube sacrifices the two used, and gives you one randomly shaped cube from the next tier up at level 1. The effect will still be of the same nature, just stronger.

Strengthening, Evolving and Repairing skill cubes requires four things:
Cubes to use as the main material (the one being modified) and sub materials (cubes being sacrificed).
LP; higher-level fusions cost more LP.
Time; higher level fusions take more time.
An empty queue
Completing a ranked match, win-or-lose, reduces the times of all active queues by 15 minutes.

You can buy cubes you've already found (with the exception of character-specific cubes) at level 1 in the store for LP.

You earn cubes after every non-bot match. One for a loss, two for a win. You can also earn cubes as level-up rewards.

General Tips

Try to pick up Tags!
Tag comboes, while not essential, are incredibly useful for keeping up the damage output on your foe.
You see, while most attacks do less damage the higher the more hits a target has taken prior, a tag attack does a set amount of damage regardless of that meter. And will not KO the target before the attack is finished, provided that there is no interference from your partner.
As an example, an Awakened Mephistopehles can hit for 280+ damage before KO if you shoot the target once, your ally hits them with a forward melee, then you follow up with a melee tag.
The damage of tag attacks are NOT affected by standard cubes.

Give your ally space!
If you see that your ally has somebody caught in a melee attack or a tag attack. Try to not hit the person they're attacking until you're sure they're finished!
The reason for this is that the down values of your attacks will cause the target to be knocked out of the combo early, resulting in less damage. Many characters can hit for 190+ easily by themselves, and you only need intervene to pick up a tag combo thrown your way.
Instead, use this time to keep the enemy away from your ally!

Mix up your dashes!
Something I've taken to doing (not sure if others do it though) is roughly memorizing how many short-dashes a character can perform before they're out of action gauges. This allows me to consistently (well, more than if I didn't do it) land hits on targets as they can't act upon stopping.
Ares has seven dashes, Odin has four, etc.
If you mix up your actions while in the air, perhaps performing longer dashes or jump cancelling, it makes it harder for the foe to predict when you're going to stop.
Also, try to not use all your action gauge! The increased-pause is much more significant than it first appears.

Use every attack in your arsenal!
Often I'll notice that a player will only use a handful of attacks at their disposal. Either because they don't know any better, or they get too caught up in trying to do other things (guilty).
The two most common examples i see of people limiting themselves are Slayer and Fenrir. Too often do I see Fenrir's that transform into wolf (sometimes the second the match starts), and don't transform back no matter what. They then get destroyed by people who know how to zone.
As for Slayer, I'll often see people forgetting to use any of his attacks other than his melee, and they're really a lot less dangerous because of that.
Characters have all these attacks for a reason, is what I'm trying to say. There are only like one or two moves in the game that you can forefeit using and still do just as well as those who do (namely Fenrir's human-form back-melee and Odin's Strike-form SP2; the former because it's just not good, and the latter because it's incredibly risky).

Don't spam those dashes!
Dash spamming, while effective in close-quarters, draws a lot of attention to yourself and discourages competent players from getting close to you. Try to refrain from mashing that dash button until you're close to your foe.

Finding Comboes
While it's useful to experiment with what attacks link together, generally the highest damage PRACTICAL combo for all characters is listed in the character tutorials as their "step 3 combo". This is only not the case for a handful of characters such as Ra and Mephistopheles.
Also, when in doubt. Just add another neutral melee.

Keep calm!
The second you start panicking is the second you lose. Because your movements are likely to become more predictable/exploitable as well as your behaviour.
This isn't just advice for newbies though. EVERYBODY gets flustered when they're in a position where their death will lose the match.

Slow down!
Something people may have to come to terms with is that rapid movements with no thought behind them will quickly result in a loss against experienced players. If you can, slow down your train of thought and learn to read what is happening on the screen. At first you may struggle against people who spam inputs brainlessly, but over-time you'll grow accustomed to the pace of the game, and will be able to make more thought-out decisions in the heat of the moment.
This advice can be applied to a lot of games, but I find its especially important in Rise of Incarnates (as well as other VS games).
This also paves the way for advanced techniques such as predicting landings.

Use your dashes, this should be common sense if you've ever played a competitive video game in your life. This isn't the kind of tip I should have to put here but too often do I see people that appear to have never played a video game before.
Slowing down is an advanced technique for mindgames, that only a handful of people I've encountered have managed to use slow movement effectively.
Adding to that "slow" business, it may not always be the greatest idea to mash and recover as soon as possible. If you've just been KO'd and both your enemies are within melee distance, it might be a better idea to wait for your ally to disperse them with ranged fire or something else before recovering. You're invulnerable while you're down, after all.

Do not melee downed foes
The reason being is that a single hit from pretty much any melee attack in the game will KO a downed foe. And due to the ending lag on melee, if you somehow find yourself out of gauge near the opponent, they can mash to get up and catch you while you're both caught in the ending lag of your melee and your landing frames.
Ideally when a foe is downed but not KO'd, fire a ranged attack their way and land as soon as possible so that your action gauge is replenished when they recover.

Save that awakening!
While an unused awakening gauge carries over between lives, an in-use one does not! Try to save your awakening for when you're at higher levels of health in order to guaranteeyou get the most out of it and don't have it ended prematurely by your death. Your awakening can also be a useful tool to "regain momentum", as it knocks away nearby foes, immediately, giving you space; immediately recovers you, preventing a combo; and gives you a whole bunch of tasty buffs, aiding your counter-assault.

While it's bad if you become over-reliant on it, using the guard system to block attacks is seldom a bad thing. There are some situations where it's better to block than it is to attempt to dodge (slower characters like Fenrir need to block more than others as they can't easily avoid attacks).
The thing with blocking is that it can easily break momentumn for both you and your enemy. It's all well and good if you block an attack, but if you don't know what to do immediately after, it's kinda a wasted effort.

If your ally isn't in immediate danger, it might be a good idea to circle around your foes and attack them from another angle. This will prevent them from easily keeping tabs on both you and your partner (since the camera will swivel around more).

Respect your foe's options!
It's tough to define "respect". I suppose you could say it's simply understanding what moves your foe could perform in a given situation, and acting accordingly.
As an example: landing directly in front of a foe who seems to still have action gauge remaining is a big NONO. Because then they are free to punish you with any number of attacks while you can't defend yourself due to the landing lag.
Another example of disrespect is something I mentioned a little earlier: meleeing downed targets (who are touching the floor). If that melee attack would empty your action gauge, then the foe can mash to recover and counter-melee you while you're stuck in both the melee ending animation and the lengthened landing lag from emptying your gauge.

COST: 2-stock
Health: 600
Dash: Run (Human), Step (Wolf)
Awakening: Increases damage resistance, attacks are imbued with the "Chained" property.

Ah, Fenrir. My first "main".
Fenrir is a ground-based character who is at his best when he's allowed to play at the "range extremes" of combat. He's just as comfortable fighting at distant-edge of yellow-lock as he is brawling within the throes of red-lock. He's also incredibly tanky, with a health:stock ratio of 300:1.
However, when faced with a foe who can fight while dancing around the line between yellow and red-lock, he struggles somewhat. He also has a great deal of trouble against characters with sweeps and anti-ground moves due to his incredibly small Action Gauge (one of, if not the lowest in the game currently)

Human Form - Moves
Due to all of his attacks being reloadable, Fenrir has the luxury of being able to spam attacks more than others.

Ranged Attack - Arrow Shot
Fenrir fires a single, arcing arrow at his target.
Damage: 80 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 6 | Projectile Count: 1
Travels in an arc towards targets. While this means that it often goes around attacks, it also means that it often doesn't challenge them, which can result in both you and your foe being hit.
Can barely, if ever, be used to punish foes in close proximity to you as the arc will send the shot flying over their head. Try using his SP1, melee or ability instead.
Priority is lower than your typical ranged attack, but the arc exists to balance that out.
Has an abnormally high down-value, and will down the foe in one hit regardless of the down meter.
Can be cancelled into his SP1 and SP2.

SP1 - Arrow Spread
Fenrir fires a volley of arrows in a horizontal spread.
Damage: 65 | Ammo type: Reload | Ammo Count: 2 | Projectile Count: 9
Despite being weak to them, Fenrir has a sweep of his own. This sweep is similar in nature to a shotgun, as it consists of three clusters of three arrows that spread out as they travel. While hard to hit with at longer ranges, it is useful for applying pressure to the enemy.
Must be reloaded manually, but can be reloaded while moving (including dashing and rising)

SP2 - Stun Grenade
Fenrir throws a stun grenade that bounces as it travels in a straight line, can be detonated with a second button press. Damage: 50 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 3 | Projectile Count: 1 (normal), 3 (awakened) | Properties: Chained, Tag Launch, Stun
Fenrir's SP2 is one of, if not the most difficult attack to hit targets with in the game. It's complete lack of tracking and need for manual detonation requires good depth perception and a sense of timing before you can even hope to hit targets with it. Once you get past that though, you're given an attack that is EXCELLENT for relieving ground-based, close-range pressure from your ally. The attack has a decently-sized AoE and a lingering hitbox, meaning foes can still be hit by it even if you miss the initial detonation.
Another neat thing about it is that a clean hit with this attack will guarantee a follow up with his ranged attack at any distance.
Throws three grenades at once while awakened.

Ability - Transform
Fenrir unleashes the beast inside of him and changes into his Wolf form.
L/R Branch Damage: 64 | F Branch Damage: 80
If the player is pressing forward, Fenrir lunges towards the target with a cross-claw attack.
If the player is pressing left/right, Fenrir moves to the side and swipes at the foe with his claw.
If the player is pressing back, Fenrir does a backflip when transforming.

Neutral Melee
Fenrir pummels the foe with a series of punches.
Damage: 154 | Hits: 3
Can be back-branched on the second and third hits (max damage: 184).

Side Melee
Fenrir moves to the side and punches the foe before elbowing them away.
Damage: 120 | Hits: 2
Can be back-branched on the second hit (max damage: 163)

Forward Melee
Fenrir slashes at the foe with his knife, sending them up in the air on the second hit.
Damage: 110 | Hits: 2 | Properties: Tag Launch
Can be back-branched on the second hit (max damage: 161)

Back Melee
Fenrir deploys an energy shield and takes cover behind it. Press the button again to vault Fenrir over it.
Will absorb any single projectile whose's down-value would result in a flinch or higher. In the case of rapid-fire attacks like Slayer's machine gun, will absorb the equivalent number of bullets.
If used in the air, will immediately cancel Fenrir's upward momentum and send him down to the ground before deploying.
Increases the firing rate of his Ranged attack at the cost of introducing a limited cone of fire.
Can be canceled into Side, Neutral and Forward melee attacks, however, damage dealt by all three will be greatly reduced.
If used to block a melee attack, Fenrir is given a frame advantage and can counter with his own melee.

Fenrir shoulder-charges the foe before wrapping them in a chain and shocking them.
Properties: Tag Launch
One of the few branches that can actually result in higher damage than the original combo.

Melee Tag
Fenrir tosses the foe towards the ground and bombards them with arrows.
Damage: 90 (Normal), 115 (Awakened)

Ranged Tag
Fenrir shoots the foe with a piercing arrow.
Damage: 88 (Normal), 118 (Awakened) | Properties: Graze

Fenrir - Part 2
Wolf Form - Moves

Ranged Attack - Howl
Fenrir fires a stun-blast at his foe.
Damage: 70 | Ammo Count: 1 | Properties: Stun
While a pretty standard attack in retrospect. This attack feels weak (and rightfully so) for reasons I can't quite explain why.

SP1 - Chain Summon
Fenrir summons multiple chains to spear his foe.
Damage: 16-20 | Projectiles: 5 | Properties: Stun, Chained
Leaves Fenrir very vulnerable. Best use, if any, is to attack foes from behind terrain with it.

SP2 - Chain Grab
Fenrir grabs the foe with chains and follows up with an attack.
Damage: Varies | Properties: Chained, Pick-up
Fenrir can perform one of three follow ups.
Pressing the melee button again will cause him to flip backwards and slam the foe into the ground.
Pressing the forward melee input will make him tackle the foe, tag-launching them
Pressing the back directional input will pull the foe close towards him; cancellable into any melee attack.

Ability - Transform
Fenrir supresses the beast inside of him and transforms back into human form
Fenrir will roll in the direction held. Uses no action gauge.

Neutral Melee
Fenrir bites and claws the foe before knocking them upwards.
Damage: 199 | Hits; 4
Has unusually low ending lag. Best course of action is to follow it up with another neutral hit or a ranged attack.
Can be back-branched (max damage: 205

Side Melee
Fenrir moves to the side before spining his chains rapidly.
Damage: 164 | Hits: 1
An incredibly useful attack as it's nearly impossible to dodge in close-quarters.
However, targets are likely to be knocked away by the first two hits, resulting in only 94 damage.

Forward Melee
Fenrir knocks the foe upwards while tackling them multiple times.
Damage: 137 (Normal), 142 (Awakened) | Properties: Tag Launch | HIts: 3
Becomes stronger while Awakened.
Can be back-branched (max damage: 158 (Normal), 164 (Awakened)

Back Melee
Fenrir pounces on the foe and starts biting chunks out of them before throwing them upwards.
Damage: 131-191 | HIts: 1 | Properties: Pick-up
Leaves Fenrir vulnerable while biting the foe, so avoid this if their partner is currently or will be capable of covering them. Can be pressed repeatedly to increase the number of bites.

Back Branch
Fenrir tackles the foe, sending them flying
Will immediately place the foe in the KO'd state no matter where it's used in the combo. Knocks them quite far away as well.

Melee tag
Fenrir grabs the foe and then somersaults as he slams them into the ground.
Damage: 100

Melee tag (Awakened)
Fenrir grabs the foe and then forward-somersaults as he slams them into the ground, then picks them up with his chains and slams them into the ground again.
Damage: 135

Ranged Tag
Fenrir fires a super-charged blast of energy at the foe.
Damage: 80

Ranged Tag (Awakened)
Fenrir fires a beam of energy at the foe.
Damage: 115

Health: 670
Cost: 3
Dash Type: Run (Strike), Step (Assault)
Daimones Class: Transformer
Awakening: Increases homing of attacks and reduces reload/cooldown times for himself and his ally.

The cripple wielding the weapon to surpass Metal Gear, Odin holds the title of the game's functionally largest character (the aesthetically largest goes to Zeus! but his hitbox is pretty normal).
Odin is a ranged character through-and-through. He has the largest arsenal of ranged attacks in the game at the moment, and because of that, he's unparalleled at laying down consistent ranged pressure on his foes.
Odin is unique in the ranged combat field as he is the only character currently who has a 360-degree horizontal firing cone, meaning he can always fire on foes without stopping (typically, characters will automatically come to a stop when firing at targets behind them). This makes it hard to approach him from any angle
Being a transformer, Odin's "Ability" allows him to shift between two distinct forms, each with their own ways of dishing out punishment at a distance, so Odin's "consistent ranged pressure" comes form him being able to swap to the other form when one form's ammo is depleted. This is a very good habit to get into as him.
However, all this ranged prowess comes at a cost. Odin is pitifully weak damage-wise in close-quarters combat despite being a 3-stock, boasting the weakest side-melee in the game and an average melee damage output comparable to Lilith. He's not defenseless in close-quarters, but he just doesn't deal much damage there.
He also has a very low action gauge, similar to that of Fenrir's. You won't find any success dash-spamming with him.
Another considerable downside is that, while Odin can fire large numbers of ranged attacks, individually they're all rather low on the priority scale. This makes it harder for him to win direct-ranged trades, as he instead must rely on wearing down the opponent through heavy presuring instead of breaking through attacks with sheer force.

When fighting an Odin, rule of thumb is to make sure at least one person is keeping tabs on him at all times. If he's allowed to move freely, then have fun getting shot in the back by a myraid of projectiles due to his higher lock-on distance and expansive arsenal of ranged attacks.
Due to his larger size, Odin is an easier target to hit with ranged attack than most. Just because you're playing a melee-focused playstyle, doesn't mean you should forefeit shooting at him. Also, he abo♥♥♥♥ely HATES sweeps (Ares/Fenrir SP1) and anti-ground moves (Grim's dogs).
Speaking of melee, do not ever, ever run directly at (or away) from your target. This is made especially apparent for Odin, whose wide twin-beam attack leaves you less room for error when dodging. If you must get close, move diagonally and shoot, preferably using any flinches or knockdowns to close the gap.
Although Odin is a ranged-character, that doesn't mean that damaging him through melee is always the best option. Because none of his ranged attacks have priority that exceeds a standard BR, he can be rivaled in ranged trades more than you'd think. The problem comes with keeping up those trades, because when he runs out of ammo for his Sweep form, he can just switch to Assault and keep up the pressure. Ironically, Assault form makes him an easier target even though it moves faster, due to the long ending animation on his dashes making landings predictable, and the fact that he can only dash in four directions in relation to his foe (forward, back, left and right). It's also easier to close the gap on an Assault form Odin since his chainguns aren't as wide as his beams, enabling you to move forward without getting hit as much.
If you get hit by his chainguns and can't IMMEDIATELY dash or are not already in the middle of dashing, block them and don't stop blocking until he stops shooting.

Strike Form - Moves
Odin is a ground-based character in Strike Form, be wary of sweeps.
Interestingly, Odin can briefly gain a HUGE speed boost to his next dash when transforming back from Assault form. While inconsistent, it seems to happen most often when you dash at a certain time frame after the transformation.
This speed boost causes his drones to lag, meaning if you press the firing button, the shot will originate from where you were rather than where you are.

Ranged Attack - Twin Beam Shot
Odin's drones each fire a beam of energy at the target.
Damage: 60 | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 10 | Projectile Count: 2
Perhaps the best ranged attack in the game. Basically an economy-size version of Ra's Falcon SP1, minus the priority (although two shots means that one will always get through when challenging regular ranged attacks)
Be warned though, occasionally enemy attacks will pass right between the two beams.
Can be cancelled into his melee attack.

SP1 - Barage
Odin bombards the foe with a mixture of missiles, chaingun fire, beam fire and cannon fire - All at once!
Damage: 15-200+ | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 2 | Projectile Count: TOO HIGH TO COUNT
If left/right is held, Odin will move in that direction slightly before unleashing a shorter barage on the foe.
Strangely enough, every projectile in this attack has some kind of ethereal priority, and doesn't seem to compete with other attacks.
Inconsistent damage output due to the large number of projectiles, their differing homing capabilties and their differing down values.
Extremely risky, best used at the far edges of yellow-lock.

SP2 - Orbital Strike
Odin laser-guides a ahot from an orbital satelite. Press the ranged, melee or ability buttons to fire early.
Damage: 252 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1
If the target is not hit by the inital laser (which is pretty much guaranteed), they'll take 192 damage instead.
Leaves Odin extremely vulnerable,
Friendly fire possible, albeit at significantly reduced damage.

Ability - Transform
Odin changes to Assault Form.
Moves Odin forward, to the side, or back depending on the direction held.

Melee Attack Odin fires a round from his main cannon.
Damage: 60, 30 (AoE) | Properties: Tag Launch
Literally infinite range due to it being fired in an arc. But pretty much impossible to hit non-static targets with.
Can be fired immediately after Odin's ranged attack. Will tag launch the foe provided the window between the attacks landing wasn't too long.
One of the two attacks that make Odin will turn to face his foe when used.

Odin - Part 2
Assault Form - Moves
While in Assault Form, Odin becomes a much more aerial character and a faster character in general, boasting the fastest float in the game and a Hop dash instead of a Run dash.
In fact, Odin pretty much becomes the fastest character in the game. But he's limited to moving perpendicular to the foe, and only in extremely short bursts due to his tiny action gauge.
Be sure to adjust your movement patterns accordingly.

Ranged Attack - Chaingun

Damage: 7 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 100
Fires bullets in twos, and expends ammo in twos.
Basically doesn't exist on the priority scale, so don't use it to challenge shots.
Can be held until all ammo is expended.
If held down while Odin switches targets, aim will remain on the other foe until you let go or run out of ammo.
Can be cancelled into any melee attack.

SP1 - Missiles
Odin unleashes a volley of missiles.
Damage: 45 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 20 | Projectile Count: 2
Has a hard range cap, but makes up for it by covering a very wise area in front of Odin.
Missile AoE deals less damage than direct hits.
Can be held until 10 units of ammo are expended.

SP2 - Tether
Odin turns to face the foe and fires a short-range tether at them, which he can then use to throw them or shock them. Damage: Varies | Properties: Tag Launch (third option)
Upon successfully tethering a foe, you can do three things.
First, you can shock the foe by pressing the ranged button. This can be used to pile on a bit more damage to your combo, be careful not to shock the foe too much else they'll be automatically dropped from the tether.
Second, you can press the melee button to swing the foe above your head, then throw them while launching missiles at them.
Third, you can press the ability button to slash the foe multiple times with beam sabers, launch them into the air, shoot them with your cannon (which will tag launch them provided their down meter isn't too high) and then transform back into Strike Mode.
My prefered option.

Ability - Transform
Odin changes to Strike Form.
Moves Odin forward, to the side, or back depending on the direction held.

Neutral Melee
Odin cross-slashes the foe twice with two beam sabers.
Damage: 147 | Hits: 2
Can be range-branched on the second hit (max damage: 135)
Can be cancelled and comboed into his SP2 (which is basically the only real way you're gonna land it anyway)

Side Melee
Odin darts to the side and bats the foe away with a beam saber.
Damage: 63 | Hits: 1
Can also be comboed into his SP2.
Abysmal damage-wise. Hits multiple times so has the potential to whiff, resulting in even worse damage.

Forward Melee
Odin rams the foe and then launches two missiles into them.
Damage: 83 | Properties: Tag Launch
Little reason to use this when the tether combo exists.

Back Melee
Odin jumps backwards while deploying a floating mine that explodes shortly after.
Damage: 75 | Properties: Tag Launch
Requires prediction due to the mine being on a fuse.
Has a small AoE.

Range Branch
Odin shoots the foe with his cannon before switching to Strike Form.

Melee tag
Odin grabs the foe with the suit's legs and then smashes them into the ground.
Damage: 95
If you're in a situation where you can actually use this, then you're either playing Odin wrong or your foe is fighting Odin right.

Melee Tag (Awakened)
Odin grabs the foe with the suit's legs, smashes them into the ground, then bombards them with weapons fire.
Damage: 128

Ranged Tag
Odin marks the foe for a pinpoint orbital strike.
Damage: 90 (Normal), 130 (Awakened)
This is the best ranged tag in the game, no question. It has infinite range, can hit multiple targets, does not need to consider terrain, and has no travel time either. When fighitng alongside an Odin, make sure to toss him lots of tag attacks.
Comes out faster while awakened.

Health: 570
Cost: 2
Dash Type: Step
Daimones Class: Enhancer
Awakening: Increases priority of melee attacks (untested), reduces action gauge constumption for user and ally.

Brynhildir, the biker valkyrie with a face only a mother could love, and a body only... well, a lot of guys could love. Brynhildr holds the title of the game's most mobile character currently, which makes sense considering her daimones is a freakin' motorcycle.
A natrual-harasser, Brynhildr can use her speed to completely control the pace of the fight, the space between her and her target, and effortlessly exude a certain kind of pressure that other characters such as Mephistopheles and Slayer must work extra-hard to achieve, the kind that causes ranged characters to stay the hell away.
Bryinhildr's ranged attacks come out from the lance she wields in her left hand. Because her other hand is grasping the handlebars of her daimones.(no "look ma, no hands" here!), her firing cone is predominantly on her left side. To add to that, Brynhildir cannot automatically orient herself when she attacks foes outside her cone of fire like most characters, thus you must take care to keep your foe on your left side as much as possible.
Her melee attacks are also on the higher end in the priority scale.
All this speed and harassing ability must come with more downsides than just a limited cone of fire, right? Definitely.
Brynhildr is the only character currently who requires action gauge to simply move, so take care and watch that action gauge! She is also not capable of consistenly dealing large amounts of damage by herself, with her most damaging combo being near-impossible unless the terrain is appopriate.
Adding to the "action-gauge to move" downside, the way she turns is also vastly different from other characters as well. Bryn slides across the ground as she turns, with sharper turns lowering her speed further and causing her to slide more. However, this can be circumvented through her dash, which massively increases her traction for the duration of it.
Unlike most characters, her "rise" is actually a very high jump, this limits her aerial mobility quite a bit, meaing she can't really do anything to help an ally who is getting melee'd to kingdom come, high in the sky. The fast rising speed is very useful for evasive purposes though.


Ranged Attack - Lance Shot
Bryn fires an energy blast from the tip of her lance.
Damage: 45 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 3
If one hit lands, all following shots are guaranteed to land.
Can be cancelled into her SP1 and SP2
Shots have little homing, so patience is neccessary.
Always fire this in threes. Even if the shots miss.

SP1 - Stun Blast
Bryn spins in a circle then shoots a stunning blast.
Damage: 70 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1 | Properties: Stun
Rather coreographed, so beware of blocks.
Attack has little homing, so patience is neccessary.

SP2 - Lance Impale
Bryn impales the opponent with her lance, drives for a bit, then tosses them away.
Damage: 140 (Normal), 167 (Overdrive) | AMmo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1
Similar in funcation to Mephistopheles' SP2, but doesn't leave the user as vulnerable due to the constant movement.

Ability - Overdrive
Brynhildr enters her "overdrive" state.
Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 1
While in overdrive, a number of aspects change about Bryn.
She gains dash-level traction.
She gains dash-level movement speed and cannot stop. Acceleration also skyrockets too.
She can no longer dash (however, she can still dash-cancel).
She is invulnerable against ranged attacks from her front.
Her front deals damage to foes (damage: 50).
Her jump retains more momentum.
Her action gauge does not deplete, nor do any of her attacks require action gauge.
She has no landing lag.
SP2 and Down Melee are increased in power.
Be careful when meleeing foes as it exposes parts of Bryn that are not covered by her shield.
While Grim Reaper's zombies are technically counted as melee attacks, the humanoid zombies can still be blocked by the shield, and so can his character ability power. Dogs will always bypass it though.
Can be used as an extension of her action gauge, making her that much harder to catch.
If the Overdrive state ends while Bryn is in mid-air, she will not be subject to the pause, her action gauge will refill, and she'll have no landing lag upon touching the ground.

Ability (Overdrive) - Flame Trail
Bryn drags her lance across the ground as she moves, leaving a high-rising walll of fire in her wake.
Damage: 18 | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 1
Her turning capabilities are reduced significantly while laying the trail. Her frontal shield also disappears.

Neutral/Forward Melee
Bryn jabs the foe with her lance, then knocks the foe upwards.
Damage: 133 | Properties: Tag Launch | Hits: 2
Can be back-branched on the second hit (max damage: 126)
Can be cancelled into SP2.

Side Melee
Bryn slashes the foe with her lance, then knocks them away with her back wheel.
Damage: 136 | Hits: 2
Can be back-branched on the second hit (max damage: 117)
Has an unusually long-lasting and wide-reaching hitbox, so be careful when attempting to punish with your own melee.
Can be cancelled into SP2.

Back Melee
Bryn pounches on the target and jams them in the ground while spnning her back wheel on them.
Damage: 108 (Normal), 118 (Overdrive)
One of the few attacks in the games that can hit downed foes.
Can be cancelled into SP2 (but there's literally no reason to do as the foe will already be downed when you cancel)..

Brynhildr repeatedly cartwheels while grazing the foe with her wheels.
Leaves Bryn less vulnerable due to the increased movement.

Melee tag
Brynhildr tackles the foe with her front wheel and spins it.
Damage: 100

Melee tag (Awakened)
Bryn impales the foe in a corkscrewing fashion.
Damage: 133

Ranged Tag
Brynhildr launches an energy-based projection of a bike at the target.
Damage: 75 (Normal), 100 (Awakened)
Hits multiple times while awakened.
Perhaps the worst ranged tag in the game. Travels slow, has literally zero homing and has unremarkable damage.

Health: 650
Cost: 2
Dash Type: Glide
Daimones Class: Enhancer
Awakening: Enters Obese mode, calorie gauge naturally regenerates, extends super armour to every frame of every attack animation for him and his ally.

Large-and-in-charge, Loki is the game's current "king of melee", boasting an absolutely scary consistent melee damage output of over 220, on top of having the biggest health pool in the game (and the highest health:stock ratio currently).
With Loki came the introduction of a new mechanic: "super armor". Like in other fighitng games, super armor prevents flinching when struck by attacks. Loki boasts super armor on every single one of his moves, which means that other characters can seldom win any attempt to challenge his melee.
Being the king in one area means you've gotta sacrifice potency in other areas, however, and oh boy Loki has done just so. To compensate for his vicious melee potential and mondo-high health, Loki has among the least ranged presence of every single character and the slowest horizontal movement in the game. If the enemy doesn't want you to be near them, then you're really out of luck.
While his long-dashes are a stereotypical glide, his short-dashes actually send him upwards diagonally. Careful not to overuse short-dashes, lest you find yourself far above your opponent and unable to reach them with your attacks.
Loki performs best when paired with a character who can compensate for his pathetic ranged presence, and who he can act as a sort of melee guard for, such as Odin, Ares or Fenrir.

Loki's attacks are affected by a unique mechanic known as the calorie gauge. When the calorie gauge passes certain thresholds, the properties of certain attacks change (some attacks even transform into others entirely). Loki has four states: Slim, Normal, Fat (daimones-mode) and Obese (daimones-mode).
Performing attacks depletes the calorie gauge, and the calorie gauge empties gradually when you're Fat or Obese.
When you become Obese, depending on the attack that put you there, the meter will be overcharged to some extent.
The higher the calorie gauge is, the longer the super armour on his attacks will last for.
Be careful when refilling the gauge, if you perform an action that would increase the gauge while Loki is Obese (except for Tag Melee), Loki will take minor damage and automatically down himself.
If Loki empties his calorie gauge, he'll be unable to do anything but move for a short period of time.


Ranged Attack - Lava Throw
Loki throws a ball of flaming rock at the target.
Damage; 60 (Slim, Normal) 63 (Fat, Obese) | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1 | Properties: Stun, Super Armour
Travels quick and comes out quick, but has a short range and weak homing.

SP1 - Vaccum
Loki inhales and pulls enemies towards him, then spits them out encased in lava. Also nullfies ranged attacks from the front.
Damage: 110 | Properties: Super Armour, Burn(L)
Absorbs all ranged attacks!
Eating foes restores calorie gauge, as does attacks.
Does not absorb attacks from behind.
Pulling effect is increased while Awakened.

SP2 - Calorie Bomb
Loki converts his calories into a gigantic, explosive ball of fire, then throws it at foes. The more calories used, the stronger the attack.
Damage: 100-200 | Ammo Type: Special | Ammo Count: Special | Properties: Super Armour
Creates a lasting explosion upon impact that deals less damage than a direct hit.
Loki can move slowly while charging this move, but will only slightly adjust his aim towards the target upon release.
Third stage is enhanced while awakened (damage: 250)

Ability - Eat
Loki constumes food/drink to restore a portion of his calorie gauge.
Type of food has no effect on gauge recovery.

Neutral Melee (Slim/Normal)
Loki belly-bumps the foe, punches them, then unleashes a flurry of punches.
Damage: 174-230 | Hits: 2
Mash the attack button during the second hit to increase the number of punches and do more damage.
Can be down-branched on the second and third hit (max damage: 169)
Can be cancelled into SP1/SP2.

Neutral Melee (Fat/Obese)
Loki belly-bumps the foe, then unleashes a flurry of punches before striking the ground and launching the foe upwards.
Damage: 209-260 | Hits: 3 | Properties: Burn
Mash the attack button during the third hit to increase the number of punches and do more damage.
Can be down-branched on the second and third hit (max damage: 203)
Second hit is the first two punches.
Can be cancelled into SP1/SP2.

Side Melee (Slim/Normal)
Loki smashes the foe with his forearm before hitting them so hard they bounce off the ground
Damage: 153 | Properties: Super Armour | Hits: 2 | Properties: Bounce

Side Melee (Fat/Obese)
Loki smashes the foe with his forearm, grabs them, then jumps into the air and slams them into the ground.
Damage: 184 | Properties: Super Armour, Bounce

Forward Melee
Loki grabs the foe, imprisons them in lava, then throws them forwards.
Damage: 133 | Properties: Super Armour, Tag Launch, Burn(L)
One of the better tag launches, as the low-to-the-ground nature and long duration makes it easier for attacks to hit.

Back Melee (Slim)
Loki jumps into the air and comes crashing back down with a belly-flop.
Damage: 90 | Properties: Super Armour
Can be canceled into SP1/SP2 pre-first-bounce, can be canceled into any attack post-first-bounce.
All Back Melees can be canceled into themselves and other attacks for as long as Loki has calorie gauge remaining.

Back Melee (Normal/Fat)
Loki jumps into the air and comes crashing back down with a belly-flop.
Damage: 60 (Shockwave), 90 (Body) 138 (Body+Shockwave) | Properties: Super Armour
Can be canceled into SP1/SP2 pre-first-bounce, can be canceled into any attack post-first-bounce.

Back Melee (Obese)
Loki jumps into the air and comes crashing back down with a belly-flop.
Damage: 70 (shockwave) 146 (Body+Shockwave)
Can be canceled into SP1/SP2 pre-first-bounce, can be canceled into any attack post-first-bounce.

Loki rolls into the foe, sending them up in the air.
Properties: Tag Launch

Melee Tag (Slim/Normal)
Loki transforms the foe into pizza, eats them, then spits them out.
Damage: 110
Restores the calorie gauge by a huge amount.
Depletes the foe's awakening gauge.

Melee Tag (Fat/Obese)
Loki transforms the foe into pizza, eats them, then spits them out.
Damage: 120 | Properties: Super Armour Restores the calorie gauge by a huge amount Depletes the foe's awakening gauge. Melee Tag (Awakened) Loki transforms the foe into pizza, eats them, then spits them out. Damage: ??? | Properties: Super Armour
Restores the calorie gauge by a huge amount.

Ranged Tag (Slim/Normal)
Loki hurls a giant ball of lava at the target.
Damage: 80

Ranged Tag (Fat/Obese)
Loki hurls a giant ball of lava at the target.
Damage: 90

Ranged Tag (Awakened)
Loki hurls a giant ball of lava at the target that encases them in lava.
Damage: 115 | Properties: Burn(L)

Health: 640
Cost: 3-stock
Dash Type: Glide
Daimoness Class: Transformer
Awakening: Enters Vengance mode, increases defense for you and your ally.

Ra holds the distinction of being the most difficult character to play well currently, as he's the only Transformer-class with three forms to swap between: Falcon (his ranged form), Scarab (his bomb-laying form) and Ram (his melee form). To use Ra well, you must understand what his different forms do, and how their attacks interact with each-other. Too often do I see Ra's who haven't even learned how to switch between forms, and end up stuck in Scarab mode, or Ra's that switch to melee immediately and spam SP2.
As a ranged character, Ra has a basic but delightfully solid toolkit. His Ranged Attack and SP1 function-wise are the same as Mephistopheles' ones. While his SP2 is a slightly risky but effective wide-range damaging tool.
As a melee character, Ra is very solid too, having access to a pre-baked feint attack as his SP1, and a super-wide-range slash as his SP2. Not to mention having access to one of the best anti-melee tools in the game.
What REALLY makes Ra stand out though amongst the crowd is his bombs. The bombs that scarab form drops persist for as long as their lifetime dictates, Ra spawns six of them (eight when powered-up). These bombs are normally static and don't move. But when any attack of Ra's collides with them, they will immediately travel towards his locked on target. This effectively makes many of his attacks "two-staged", if the base attack misses the, perhaps the bomb will land. Seriously, if you're not going to use bombs at all, then you might as well go play Mephistopheles or something.
Ra's Falcon and Ram forms really are polar opposites. Falcon form lacks a melee attack of any kind, while Falcon form's ranged attack has a range barely further than his melee lunge distance. His Scarab form is just pathetic by itself and should only be stayed in for short periods of time.
Ra has a unique mechanic that I like to call his "Vengance" state, triggred by either his Awakening or the death of his partner. While in this state, his movement speed and action gauge are increased slightly, and a few of his attacks become stronger of have additional things added to them.

Weaknesses? When looked at as a whole, Ra really doesn't have any, as a good Ra will CONSTANTLY be switching between forms as the situation dictates. Sorta a solid 7/10 in every area. He also has to remember to switch forms constantly, which can be taxing mentally. You need to play to his weaknesses just as much as he constantly adapts. In Falcon form? Close the gap. In Ram form? Widen the gap (unless you're Loki). Scarab form? Charge because he's nearly defenseless.
It also helps if you keep away from his bombs, or lure him away from them. If you find that Ra's playing keepaway around the bombs, you can't seem to land a hit and your ally has the enemy preoccupied somewhere else, simply disengage and go help your ally because Ra doesn't really have anything to force distant foes to pay attention to him like a sweep (Ares, Fenrir) or a high-homing attack (Odin, Grim Reaper). When Ra follows, then attack him.

Moves - Falcon
Falcon is a basic but extremely solid ranged-combat form. Capable of delivering the ol' one-two punch if needed, or instead spacing out its attacks to lay down a more constant sense of pressure on the target.

Ranged Attack - Energy Sphere
Ra fires a ball of energy at the target.
Damage: 70 | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 5
Can be cancelled into SP1 and SP2

SP1 - Twin Beam
Ra fires two beams of energy at the target.
Damage: 60 (Normal), 70 (Vengance) | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo: | Projectile Count: 2
Has high priority.
Does more damage and travels faster in vengance mode.

SP2 - Laser Sweep
Ra rotates on a single axis while firing two concentrated beams of energy in opposite direcitons.
Damage: 90 (Normal), 120 (Vengance) | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1
While the beams are high enough in priority that they'll destroy everything that touches them, Ra can still be hit by attacks that don't contact them and be knocked out of the attack early.
Can be ended prematurely by switching forms.
Does more damage in Vengance mode.

Ability - Form Change
Ra switches to either Ram or Scarab form.
Hold Left/Right + Ability to swap to Scarab.
Hold Forward/Back + Ability to swap to Ram.

Melee - Laser Clamp
Ra sweeps two short-range lasers from his sides to his front.
Damage: 55 | Properties: Stun, Tag Launch
Stuns the foe long enough for Ra to switch to Ram and get in a melee combo.

Melee Tag
Ra flies towards the foe and tackles them.
Damage: 85 (Normal), 125 (Awakened)

Ranged Tag
Ra fires a laser at the foe.
Damage: 90

Ranged Tag (Awakened)
Ra fires six lasers at the foe.
Damage: 124

Moves - Scarab
The most defenseless of Ra's three forms. Try not to spend too much time in this one.

Ranged Attack - Energy Sphere
Ra fires a ball of energy at the target.
Damage: 70 | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 5
Projectile is noticably smaller than other forms' ones. Unsure if this affects the hitbox.
Can be cancelled into SP1 and SP2

SP1 - Deploy
Ra deploys a multitude of bombs onto the field.
Damage: 54 | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 2 | Projectile Count: 3 (Normal), 4 (Vengance) | Properties: Tag Launch
Bombs take a second to become active.
When struck with any attack other than an SP2, bombs will move towards Ra's target.
When struck with any melee attack in Ram form, bombs will become primed and have a larger explosion radius upon detonation. Will bounce off of one-another upon collision.
Deployment pattern can be manipulated by directional input. Neutral for an equal spread, forward/back for a distant/close straight line, left/right for arcs in their respective directions.
Bombs can be destroyed by enemy attacks, both melee and ranged.

SP2 - Detonate
Ra detonates all bombs on the field.
Use this if there's only one or two bombs left but they're too far away to consider moving.

Melee - Manipulation
Ra fires a purple sphere of energy that moves the bombs across the field when it detonates.
Effect varies with directional input.
Neutral will push all bombs away from the point of detonation.
Left/Right fires the sphere to the side and pulls all bombs toward it.
Back detonates the sphere right in front of you and pulls all bombs toward it.
Forward fires the sphere far away and pulls all bombs toward it.

Ranged Tag
Ra creates an explosion underneath the target.
Damage: 70 (Normal), 100 (Awakened)
Has a hard range cap, but cannot miss due to no travel time.

Melee Tag
Ra clamps down on the foe and causes an explosion.
Damage: 95 (Normal), 130 (Awakened)

Ra - Part 2
Moves - Ram
Ra gets a noticable speed boost while in Ram form. Useful for chasing down foes, running away or just positioning yourself.

Ranged Attack - Energy Sphere
Ra fires a ball of energy at the target.
Damage: 70 | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count:
Has an EXTREMELY short range.

SP1 - Lance Feint
Ra moves to the side before charging at the foe with an extended horn.
Damage: 100 (Normal), 184 (Vengance) | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1 | Hits: 1 (Normal), 2 (Vengance) | Properties: Stun
A pre-baked side-melee. Useful for when you're out of action gauge but still want to strike the opponent..

SP2 - Giant's Blade
Ra wields a giant blade and slashes at the foe.
Damage: 110 (Normal), 194 (Vengance) | Hits: 1 (Normal), 2 (Vengance) | Properties: Stun (1st hit w/ Vengance)
Performs a vertical slash normally. Performs a horizontal slash THEN a vertical slash while in Vengance mode.
Not particularly dangerous unless Ra is in Vengance mode.

Neutral Melee
Ra jabs the foe with one horn, launches them into the air with the other, then spears them with both.
Damage: 172 | Hits: 3
Can be branched by pressing the ranged attack for the second or third hit (max damage: 121 | Properties: Tag Launch)

Side Melee
Ra moves to the side, then slashes the foe thrice, sending them skyward.
Damage: 142 | Hits: 3
Can be branched by pressing the ranged attack button on the second or third hit (max damage: 121 | Properties: Tag Launch

Forward Melee
Ra jabs the foe, then sends them skyward with an upward strike.
Damage: 104 | Properties: Tag Launch
Can be branched by pressing the ranged attack button on the second hit (Max Damage: 72 | Properties: Tag Launch)

Back Melee
Ra spins his horns rapidly, then performs one big slash.
Damage: 96 | Hits: 1
Will only perform the slash if at least one hit of the spin connects.
One of, if not the best anti-melee tool(s) in the game currently. It comes out quick, has a lasting hitbox, and covers Ra from all sides. Damage-wise it's not spectacular though.

Melee Tag
Ra repeatedly impales the foe.
Damage: 105

Melee Tag (Awakened)
Ra repeatedly impales the foe, then repeatedly slashes them.
Damage: 129

Ranged Tag
Ra shoots the foe with a laser
Damage: 70 (Normal), 107 (Awakened)

Health: 580
Cost: 2
Dash Type: Glide
Daimoness Class: Enhancer (while technically a transformer, the moveset changes aren't drastic enough to really classify him as one)
Awakening: Enters Transformed state, increases action gauge, increases damage of all attacks for both user and partner.

The edglord with an attitude that'd make Dante (from the remake) blush, Mephistopheles takes the role of the game's "jack of all trades" character. Boasting no real strengths or weaknesses in any specific areas, however, he does lean towards the melee side of things.
As a ranged character, he's decent. Having a standard beam ranged attack and a high-priority SP1 which is good for fake-outs due to it being cancellable from a number of different moves.
As a Melee character, Meph is pretty good too, with attacks mobile-enough so that you're not basically a sitting duck like Ares, and not so low-damaging that a single string is easily brushed-off like Lilith.
However, being so well-rounded is a double-edged sword, as it is in most games. Meph struggles trying to compete at range against characters like Odin, while he's also outclassed in melee to some degree against characters like Ram-form Ra or Slayer.
However, he can use that well-roundedness to his advantage, and captialize on the weaknesses of pretty much any target to moderate effectiveness (Loki giving you melee-troubles? Just don't get close and shoot him!).
Being an Enhancer-class, Meph can enter a powered-up state temporarily that increases the potency of all his attacks. His Ranged attack gains homing, his SP1 becomes split into two projectiles and charges quicker. His SP2 gains a tag launch, he becomes faster all-around, and his melee becomes the single-scariest melee attack in the game, whom only Loki doesn't have to fear entirely.
Another interesting thing about Meph is that he's often never completely defenseless thanks to the rapid-cancelling nature of his SP1/SP2. Be wary when you think "I've got you now" because you might just be met to a face-full of SP1

If you see a Meph transform, do not get close to him. 9.5/10 times he's gonna try to close the gap. If he does, then say goodbye to 200 health.

Mephistopheles - Moves
Ranged Attack - Shot
Meph fires a a round from his gunblade.
Damage: 70 (normal), 72 (Transformed) | Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 7
The most basic ranged attack in the game. Average damage, average homing. Nothing really remarkable.
Can be cancelled into SP1/SP2.
Gains an all-around boost while transformed, most notably a large homing increase.

SP1 - Flame Blade
Mep charges his gunblade and unleashes a burning slash.
Damage: 100-140 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 2 | Properties: Guard-break (Charged)
Has high priority.
Can be charged to increase damage, priority, and gain the guard-break property.
Can be cancelled into SP2.
Premier punishing tool.

SP1 - Dark Flame Blade
Mep charges his gunblade and unleshes two consecutive burning slashes.
Damage: 55+63-60+64 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 2 | Projectile Count: 2 | Properties: Guard-break (Charged)
Has high priority.
Can be charged to increase damage, priority, and gain the guard-break property.
Can be cancelled into SP2.
Unusually, the second hit does more damage than the first.

SP2 - Impale
Meph sticks his gunblade out, charges into the foe, and unloads multiple rounds into them point-blank before punching them off the blade. Will shoot them upwards instead if transformed.
Damage: 93-149 (Normal), 98-154 (Transformed) | Properties: Tag Launch (Transformed)
Uses a lot of action gauge.
Damage can be increased by repeatedly pressing the melee button.
Best used when the target is nearly KO'd, as it ignores the down-meter after a succesful impale (however, the damage reduction still remains).
Can be cancelled into SP1 (yes, even after being cancelled FROM the SP1, as long as there's ammo remaining).
Leaves Meph extremely vulnerable to retaliation from another enemy upon a successful hit as he cannot dash-cancel out of it.
Very easy to dodge in most cases. Do not ever use it if it would empty your gauge because you'll be a sitting duck unless you have some SP1's loaded.

Ability - Transform
Meph gives in to his Daimones and undergoes a temporary demonic transformation.
Ammo Type: Charge | Ammo Count: 1
Meph's attacks will recieve buffs/complete changes, and he'll also recieve a speed boost; useful for closing the gap to delivier that vicious melee. Howeever, upon exiting the state he'll be frozen in place for a short time.

Ability (Transformed) - Demon Claw
Meph moves to the side before unleashing a claw-like strike with his wings.
Damage: 80 | Properties: Tag Launch
Since Meph has no real "side-melee" while transformed, this can be treated as a substitute.
Also has a wide reach for a melee attack.

Neutral Melee
Meph slashes the foe twice, kicks them up, then slashes them away.
Damage: 186
Can be range-branched on the second, third and fourth hits (max damage: 168)
Can be forward-branched on the second, third and fourth hits (max damage
Can be cancelled into SP1/SP2 at any time.

Side Melee
Meph moves to the side and slashes the foe thrice, knocking them away.
Damage: 153
Can be range-branched on the second and third hits (max damage: 132)
Can be forward-branched on the second and third hits (max damage: 137)
Can be cancelled into SP1/SP2 at any time.

Forward Melee
Meph slashes the foe thrice, knocking them in the air.
Damage:109 | Hits: 2

Back Melee
Meph jumps up and delivers a diving kick towards his target.
Damage: 75 | Properties: Bounce
A hugely underrated move. Excellent for evasive and mobility purposes, much like Loki's Bellyflop.
Knocks foes forward and upward, so if you dash cancel at the right time, you can follow up with another attack such as a melee or SP1.

Back Melee (Transformed)
Meph leaps up and delivers a crushing blow from above
Damage: 40 (shockwave), 83 (blade + shockwave) | Properties: Bounce
Trades the seperate vertical > diagonal movement for increased speed and a small AoE. So it becomes more of an offensive tool rather than a mixed evasive/offensive tool.

Melee (Transformed)
Meph slashes the foe while darting back and forth before unleashing one of two finishers.
Damage: 208 (Back/Down/Side), 164 (Forward) | Properties: Tag Launch (Forward) | Hits: 6
Rapid movement means Meph is near impossible to interrupt unless you position yourself appropriately well or use wide-reaching (not just horizontally) attacks such as Odin's SP1
Can be cancelled into SP1/SP2 at any time.
Don't attempt to interrupt using melee, as you can get caught up in the attack easily.
Holding forward on the sixth hit will knock the foe upwards. Do anything else and Meph will slam them back down to the ground.

Range Branch
Meph jumps back and fires a shot from his gunblade.
Does NOT consume ammo.

Forward Branch
Meph knocks the foe skywards with an upward slash. Is also the last hit in the forward-melee combo.
Properties: Tag Launch

Melee tag
Meph grabs the foe and slams them into the ground.
Damage: 90 (Normal), 95 (Transformed)

Melee tag (Awakened)
Meph grabs the foe and slams them into the ground, then blasts them with a beam of energy.
Damage: 127

Ranged Tag
Meph fires a charged shot at the foe.
Damage: 75 (Normal), 80 (Transformed)
Gains a homing and speed boost while transformed.

Ranged Tag (Awakened)
Meph fires a beam of energy at the foe.
Damage: 98

Grim Reaper
Health: 570
Cost: 2
Daimones Class: Summoner
Dash Type: Glide
Awakening: Extends the duration of status effects (Poison, Burn, etc.) and increase the reload speed/cooldown time of attacks.

RoI's resident French "crazy doctor", Grim Reaper is one of the most technical characters in the game currently, and is not reccomended for newbies at all due to his non-standard way of dealing the bulk of his damage.
To begin with, Grim is a character whom is built entirely around his SP1 - the zombie summon - and his ability to modify the properties of those summons using other attacks in his arsenal. Grim can realistically utilize up to 12 types of zombies currently, and understanding when each type is appropriate is the key to doing well as him.
Grim's summons have an extrordinarily long lifetime compared to other attacks in the game when you take into account their movement speed, meaning Grim is a character whom can "fire and forget" to some degree and use his free time to keep tabs on his ally's status
While Grim himself is not a ground-based character, most of his attacks have either a short range, slow travel speed, or are incapable of hitting airborne targets. To counter grim, simply don't touch the ground, don't stand still, keep an eye (and an ear - listen for the summoning sounds!) on his dog summons and he'll have a heap of trouble doing damage to you.


Ranged Attack - Flamethrower
Grim shoots a stream of flames from the hilt of his chainscythe.
Damage: 10 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 100 | Properties: Burn
Horrible horrible horrible, only use is to enflame zombies. Needs multiple hits to down a foe.
Can be manually aimed to some degree by pushing the movement stick left/right.
When shot at a target who is behind Grim, transforms into a fireball that does 60 damage and consumes 33 ammo. Fireball is more useful than the flamethrower, and can also quickly enflame all three summons at once.

SP1 - Needle Burst
Grim lets loose a volley of poisonous syringes from the plate on his left arm.
Damage: 10 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1 | Projectiles: Lots! | Properties: Stun, Poison
Essentially a stunning shotgun, all it takes is one syringe out of the many present to give Grim or his ally a free melee combo on the target.
Can be used to poison summons.
Needle spread is randomized.

SP2 - Summon Zombie
Grim summons three zombies to attack his target.
Damage: varies | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 3 | Properties: varies
Ranged attack will imbue zombies with the "enflamed" trait.
SP1 will imbue zombies with the "poisoned" trait.
Back-melee will imbue zombies with the "thrown" trait.
See next section for more details on zombie types.

Ability - Zombie Wave
Grim continuously summons zombies from the ground and "surfs" on top of their bodies, damaging all those who come in contact with him.
Damage: 130 | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1
While surfing, Grim is incredibly hard to hit with attacks due to his movement speed, but one hit will knock him out of hit pre-maturely, so try not to move in straight lines towards your foe.
Periodically summons Normal Jet zombies.
While surfing, Grim can fire his ranged attack.
Changes while awakened.

Ability Awakened - Zombie Ball
Grim summons a ball made of zombies around himself and begins rolling about the field.
Damage: 45 (Regular), 55 (Burning), 30 (Discarded) | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1
Damage per-hit is lower than the Wave, but the ball can hit multiple times, even against downed foes, so the potential damage output is greater.
Grim is less vulnerable to ranged attacks in this form since the ball shape stops most attacks.
Hold the ranged attack button to ignite the ball, increasing its movement speed and damage at the cost of shortening its lifetime and widening its turning circle.

Neutral Melee
Grim slashes his target twice, then slashes them repeatedly while pirouetting.
Damage: 150-207 | Hits: 3
Can be down-branched on the second and third hits (max damage: 135)
Mash the melee button repeatedly during the pirouette to extend it and deal more damage.

Side Melee
Grim moves to the side before slashing and kicking his target.
Damage: 150
Can be down-branched on the second and third hits (max damage: 116)

Forward Melee
Grim rams his target with the top of his scythe before sending them in the air with an upward slash.
Damage: 111 | Properties: Tag Launch
Can be branched on the second hit (max damage: 92)

Grim holds out his scythe while a zombie spins him around by the ankles, and then throws him backwards.
Damage: 30 (body), 70 (scythe), 95 (body + scythe)
Can be used to throw zombies.
Has high priority.

Down Branch
Grim is carried forward by two zombies while he slashes his foe with his scythe.

Ranged Tag
Grim fires a precise cluster of poisonous syringes at the target.
Damage: 65 | Properties: Poison
Must be quick to fire it, otherwise it's likely to miss at longer distances.

Ranged Tag - Awakened
Grim fires a precise cluster of poisonous syringes at the target, then summons a giant zombie head that blasts the target with a beam of energy.
Damage: 102
Laser will fire at the target, even if the syringes miss.

Melee Tag
Grim hooks the foe with his scythe, repeatedly cuts them with the spinning blade, then finishes them off with a fireball from his scythe's hilt.
Damage: 97

Melee tag - Awakened
Grim bashes the target upwards with the hilt of his scythe, then summons a gigantic fist made of zombies to uppercut the foe. Damage: 145

Grim Reaper - Zombies
SP2 - Variations
Interestingly, all of Grim's summons deal melee damage instead of ranged damage like you'd expect. Be sure to slot the appropriate cubes.

Normal - Human
A humanoid zombie that chases targets across the ground and grabs them.
Damage: 35 | Properties: Tag Launch
Not particularly dangerous unless ignored. Slow movement can cause people to subconciously register them as less of a threat, but then BAM you get hugged when you least expect it.
Will not start homing in on the target unless it enters the zombie's field of view

Normal - Jet
A humanoid zombie with a jet engine strapped to its back that chases targets through the air and grabs them.
Damage: 35 | Properties: Tag Launch
Pretty much identical to the ground-based one.
Moves slightly slower and has slightly weaker homing than the ground-based version in exchange for the ability to chase the target in three dimensions instead of two.

Normal - Dog
A zombie dog that chases targets across the ground and tackles them..
Damage: 53
Small size makes them harder to see amidst busy backgrounds. Keep an eye out.

Thrown - Human/Jet
A humanoid zombie that flies quickly towards its target and grabs it.
Damage: 35 | Properties: Tag Launch
Thrown zombies behave more like traditional projectiles

Thrown - Dog
A zombie dog that flies quickly towards its target and body-slams it.
Damage: 53
Grim's best tool against aerial targets at longer distances.

Enflamed - Human
A burning humanoid zombie that chases its target across the ground and tackles it.
Damage: 84 (8+7 +7+7+55)
Moves significantly faster than normal zombies.
Will home in on target regardless of distance.

Enflamed - Jet
A burning, humanoid zombie with a jet strapped to its back that corkscrews towards its target and tackles it.
Damage: 84 (8+7 +7+7+55)
Pretty much identical to the ground-based one.
Moves slightly slower and has slightly weaker homing than the ground-based version in exchange for the ability to chase the target in three dimensions instead of two.
While thrown dogs are used at longer distances, enflamed jet zombies are better at mid-range due to their stronger chasing capabilities.

Enflamed - Dog
A burning zombie dog that runs in circles.
Damage: 50
Has a deceptively larger range than you'd think. Also lasts a while too. Grim's premier anti-melee tool.
Can enflame other summons via contact with them.

Poisoned - Human
A super-sized human that chases its target across the ground and punches it thrice, sending it flying on the third hit.
Damage: 137 (40 + 36 + 61) | Properties: Poison, Tag Launch
Has an extremely long lifetime.
Has strong homing capabilities once it detects the target.

Poisoned: Jet
A humanoid zombie with a jet strapped to its back that chases the target through the air and punches it thrice, sending it flying on the third hit.
Damage: 137 (40 + 36 + 61) | Properties: Poison, Tag Launch
Pretty much identical to the ground-based one.
Moves slightly slower and has slightly weaker homing than the ground-based version in exchange for the ability to chase the target in three dimensions instead of two.

Poisoned - Dog
A super-sized dog that speeds towards its target and tackles it.
Damage: 120 | Properties: Poison
Poisoned dogs are Grim's most potent and scary tool in his arsenal. Boasting a high speed, excellent tracking and decent damage, poison dogs are the bane of ground based characters and those who don't fight Grim from high alititudes.

Poisenflamed - Human
A burning, super-sized zombie that chases its foe across the ground for a one-two-three punch combo.
Damage: 164 (50 + 45 + 69)
Incredibly impractical and seldom worth it to perform in an actual match.

Poisenflamed - Jet
A burning, super-sized zombie with a jet strapped to its back that chases its foe through the air for a one-two-three punch combo.

Damage: 164 (50 + 45 + 69)
Pretty much identical to the ground-based one.
Moves slightly slower and has slightly weaker homing than the ground-based version in exchange for the ability to chase the target in three dimensions instead of two.

Poisenflamed - Dog
A burning, super-sized zombie dog that runs in circles
Damage: 135
Even more impractical and difficult to pull off than the humanoid Poisenflamed zombies. Exists as a proof of concept more than anything.

Thrown/Enflamed - Dog
A burning dog that flies quickly towards its target.
Damage: 90
Just as impractical as the Poisenflamed dog.

Thrown/Poisenflamed - Dog
Dog dissappears upon contact with Grim's down-melee. rest in peace doggy
I shouldn't have to tell you how impractical this is.

Cost: 1
Health: 280
Movement Type: Glide
Daimoness Class: Enhancer
Awakening: Transforms into daimones mode, movement speed is increased, health regenerates over-time for you and your ally.

Lilith, the saucy succubus with a penchant for draining the... uh, "life force" from her foes. Lilith is an oddball currently in her role on the battlefield. She's not blazingly fast as her in-game descriptions may indicate, but instead her mobility comes from the speed of her attacks, their multi-hit nature and her high turning ability in mid-air.
Lilith is the only character currently who boasts very high aerial traction, meaning she can make much tighter turns than others while long dashing; it's comparable to Slayer's traction on the ground, really.
Damage-wise, she's really not strong at all. Her attacks hit a lot, but they do low damage each hit. She can't string stuff together like Slayer for extra damage either. I'd have to say her best melee asset is the fact that she moves about so much during it, making it harder to knock her out of comboes with ranged attacks. She also has the ability to initate a tag combo at any point in her melee attacks, much like Human-form Fenrir and Mephistopheles.
Her SP2 has to be her most intersting tool, it's essentially an "emergency dash", sending her a fixed distance and being cancellable into any attack. This makes Lilith a bit harder to perform "GOTCHA's" on than most, because if her reflexes are good enough she'll be able to get out of the way just in time.
Lilith's ability is a dashing attack much like Slayer's ability. Only instead of sealing an opponent's moves, she siphons health from them and then enters a powered-up state in a similar fashion to meph. While in this state, all her moves are beefed up very slightly in power. Use it whenever possible, but be wary of retaliation fire from your target's partner.

Ranged Attack - Twin Pistols
Lilith fires a round from each of her pistols.
Damage: 12 (Normal), 18 (Transformed) | Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 30
Becomes stronger while transformed. Gains weak homing too.
Expends ammo in twos. Can fire a maximum of six shots consecutively.
Takes four shots to flinch a foe. Takes six shots to down a foe while transformed.
If fired while the target is behind Lilith, she'll jump back a little bit and fire two slightly stronger shots (14/20 instead of 12/18).
Weak, but you should use it anyway because chip damage is still damage.

SP1 - Cupid's Arrow
Lilith creates a bow of energy using her leg-blades, then fires piercing arrows at her target.
Damage: 33 (Normal), 42 (Transformed) | Ammo Count: 1 | Ammo Type: Charge | Projectile Count: 3 (Normal), 5 (Transformed)
Becomes stronger while transformed.
A strange move. Does low damage but doesn't stun targets either.
Has strong homing, but due to Lilith's short lock-on range, they often don't get a chance to really track the foe unless the target is moving away from Lilith. Use it at the far-edge of yellow-lock.
Hits multiple times, so the arrows can graze the foe for less damage.

SP2 - Evasive Step
Lilith quickly darts in one of four horizontal directions: left, right, forward or backwards
Ammo Type: Reload | Ammo Count: 1 (Normal), 2 (Transformed)
Can be cancelled into any one of Lilith's attacks.
If cancelled into her ranged attack, she retains the momentum from the dash. Very useful.
When transformed, press the dash button to perform an addtional step at no extra ammo cost.

Ability - Draining Kiss
Lilith grabs onto the foe and locks lips with them, siphoning their health and transforming her into daimones-mode.
Damage: 32-59 | Properties: Life Steal
Can be mashed repeatedly to increase the number of hits, dealing more damage and draining more life.
If used while already transformed, will extend the transformed duration.

Neutral Melee
Lilith unleashes a flurry of kicks and pistol rounds at the foe.
Damage: 139 (Normal), 148 (Transformed) | Hits: 4
Can be range-branched (max damage: 115 (Normal), 120 (Transformed))

Side Melee
Lilith performs a slashing kick from the side, knocks the foe into the air, then kicks them away.
Damage: 136 (Normal), 143 (Transformed) | Hits: 3
Can be range-branched (max damage: 96 (Normal), 103 (Transformed))

Forward Melee
Lilith delivers a sliding tackle before kicking the foe upwards.
Damage: 102 (Normal), 104 (Transformed) | Hits: 2 | Properties: Tag Launch
Can be range-branched (max damage: 66 (Normal), 68 (Transformed)
Has an EXTRORDINARILY long lunging distance

Back Melee
Lilith jumps up into the air and rapidly spins her leg-blades while dive-kicking the foe
Damage: 88
Hits multiple times and doesn't need to confirm a hit before becomming active, so damage is inconsistent.
Pretty much the same as Meph's back-melee.

Range Branch
Lilith launches a kiss of energy at the foe, stunning them.
Properties: Tag Launch

Melee tag
Grabs the foe, slams them into the ground and siphons their health.
Damage: 75 (Normal), 80 (Transformed) | Properties: Life Drain

Melee tag (Awakened)
Grabs the foe and siphons their health.
Damage: 108 | Properties: Life Steal

Ranged Tag
Lilith kicks two blades of energy at the foe in rapid succession
Damage: 70 (Normal), 75 (Transformed) | Properties: Life Steal

Ranged Tag (Awakened)
Lilith kicks four blades of energy at the foe in rapid succession
Damage: 100

Cost: 1
Health: 330
Dash Type: Run + ???
Daimones Class: N/A
Awakening: Seals both foes' Awakenings for the duration of his own. Reduces Slayer's action gauge consumption.

While Meph may be the game's "edgelord", Slayer's the one people REALLY flock to. So far the most popular of the post-release characters, Slayer requires patience and a basic understanding of every character's attacks in order to be truly fearsome.

The second most melee-oriented character in the game, Slayer is most comfortable when he's allowed to close in on the enemy, which he can do with surprising ease due to his SP2, or "Cloak". Through the use of his Cloak, he gains unparalled "anti-everything" capibilities, and becomes one of the most intimidating characters on the field should he be left unchecked. His melee damage output is outstanding for a 1-stock, easily capable of rivalling or exceeding the damage output of 2, or even 3-stock characters. His melee kit as a whole doesn't have any real "stand-out" features though other than the raw damage. It doesn't have notically high priority of reach like some other characters have.
At long range, he's not a threat. At mid-short range, watch out! Since his stunning blast is rather discrete in and of itself, and can catch you off guard should you stop at an inappropriate time.

Like with a few other characters Slayer too does have a move that he can forefeit using entirely and still perform well, and that move is his Ability. Due to the long arming time and the fact that it gets cancelled if the target is hit by your partner before it ends, in higher-skill environments it becomes a risky move to pull off since you're highly likely to be hit with covering fire from the target's ally. It's also pointless if you can't grasp how your foe is playing their character, since you might just end up sealing a move that they're not using anyway (i.e., sealing SP2 on an Odin is a complete waste).

Slayer has a very unique Rise. He tethers onto a drone, and if the button is held, he'll hitch a ride from it a s it slowly moves forward. If let go of prematurely, he'll retain his momentum and keep traveling. Not really worth holding due to the lack of evasive properties. As for his movement on the ground, he has incredibly high dash traction, boasting the tightest turning circle of all characters.

Do not get into Slayer unless you want to play in the front 24/7, he has absolutely no tools to support his ally from the back, unlike his fellow 1-stock Lilith, whom can provide a modicum of ranged support with her SP1.

He also benefits hugely from Combo Boost cubes, as they allow him to launch a deadly 200-damage-into-tag-launch combo.

Ranged Attack - Machine Gun
Slayer fires one of his two handheld machine guns at the foe.
Damage: 8 | Ammo: 48 | Ammo Type: Reload
Perhaps the worst ranged attack in the game due to non-existant priority, low flinching potential and lack of homing. But should still be used, since chip damage is still damage at the end of the day. Never worth choosing over melee in close quarters though.
If fired out-of-angle, Slayer jumps backwards, and will be subject to landing lag should he not dash cancel immediately. Can be cancelled into everything.

SP1 - Stun Blast
Fenrir fires an electrifying blast at the target, stunning them briefly.
Damage: 50 | Ammo: 1 | Ammo Type: Reload | Properties: Stun
A rather self-explanatory move. Requires adequete prediction due to very low, if not nonexistent homing capibilities.

SP2 - Cloak
Slayer cloaks himself temporarily, disabling the foe's ability to track him with attacks
Ammo: 100 | Ammo Type: Reload
While active, all moves will cease to home in on you, effectively making you invulnerable provided you don't move in predictable ways. Also disables melee tracking.
Can be countered through wide-reaching attacks or attacks that don't require tracking to hit foes. So Fenrir pretty much hard-counters this move.

Ability - Seal
Slayer lunges forward and jumps onto the foe's shoulders, before sealing one of the foe's moves away temporarily.
Damage: 19 | Properties: Seal
Use with discrection, as you're very vulnerable during it's use.

Neutral Melee
Slayer repeatedly slashes the foe before knocking them away.
Damage: 156 | Hits 4

Side Melee
Slayer darts to the side before knocking the foe diagonally upwards with an uppercut slash.
Damage: 122

Forward Melee
Slayerhist the foe with an overhead axe kick before kicking them upwards.
Damage: 97 | Properties: Tag Launch
Has light vertical evasive properties during the lunge

Back Melee
Slayer fires two tethers at his target simultaneously.
Damage: 20 (Neutral/Back), 119 (Forward) | Properties: Pick Up, Tag Launch (Forward)
Will overpower pretty much all melee attacks, but is very tricky to land due to a small hitbox and lack of lunge.

Down Branch
Slayer cloaks himself before slamming the foe into the ground.
Does siginficantly more damage than regular combo finishers, always aim to end any melee attacks with it. The cloak also diverts retaliation fire from the target's ally as well.

Melee tag
Slayer tethers the foe before unleashing a brutal flurry of sword attacks, then slams them intot he ground
Damage: 96
Unique in that Slayer doesn't have to travel to the target before confirming the tag, he instead fires a tether at the foe.

Melee tag (Awakened)
Slayer tethers the foe before unleashing a brutal flurry of sword attacks, before temporarily sealing a move of the user's choice away.
Damage: 116 | Properties: Seal

Ranged Tag
Slayer fires three energy blasts in rapid succession at the foe
Damage: 70 (20 + 22 + 28) | Projectiles: 3
Second-worst ranged tag after Brynhildr, very easy to miss at least one of the blasts.

Ranged Tag (Awakened)
Slayer fires four energy blasts in rapid succession at the foe
Damage: 108 (20 + 25 + 27 + 36) | Projectiles: 4
Still hard to land

Health: 690
Dash Type: Glide
Daimones Class: Enhancer
Awakening: Zeus becomes invulnerable to all attacks when he's not already in an attack animation of his own.


At long last! The gigantic VS Bot boss is now playable! Wielding the power of lighting in many forms, Zeus smites foes in a manner similar to that of swatting flies.

Zeus is a character who is heavily focused around predicting and punishing your foe's movements and actions. Befitting of the "chess" theme he has going on.
Every single one of his tools does high damage, but come out very slowly (or have hitbox issues which I'll mention in a moment.

At Range, Zeus is better than he might initiially appear. While his ranged attack can easily miss targets, it's the fastest moving attack in the game, making it excellent for punishing foes during landing frames/ending lag. It even has exists on the priority scale, and will over-power regular attacks and continue going due to it's multi-hit nature. His ranged attack is NOT something you can fire brainlessly though. As the downtime in between shots is very high, and it lacks homing so there's no chance of it hitting moving foes at longer distances. When he activates his Ability, he can literally walk forward towards ranged foes with no fear, as it grants him outright invulnerability to all ranged attacks (shooting him will reduce the timer though, so it's not a complete waste to do so with basic attacks).

Now for his melee...
While you might think "oh man he has these giant swords so he's gotta be the melee king", that's really far from true. While it IS correct that his size grants him borderline-disgusting reach with his melee attacks, it's surprisingly easy for them to miss. Zeus's daimones aids him by floating above him and attacking his foes. Because of this, his Ranged attack and Melee attacks all have hurtboxes that originate above Zeus's own hitbox. This means that his attacks will go over the heads of his foes with surprising frequency.
This becomes especially aparent with his side-melee. While it has the objectively most brutal hurtbox in the game, if your foe decides to move forwards/diagonally towards you, the attack will likely go over his head. Zeus can even miss punishes simply because the foe is too close for the hurtbox to reach them. So I can't stress enough that you should keep your foes close, but not TOO close.
Zeus is also the only character who doesn't "lunge" at foes to melee them, this contributes to his problems with hitting people right in his face.
On another note, his melee attacks all come out very slowly in comparison to other characters. With some conditioning, higher-skilled players might become capable of reflex-guarding.

Zeus is a character for the patient players who like to aggressively space themselves in relation to their foes. If you spam inputs then you have absolutely no chance of success with him.

Ranged Attack - Electro Laser
Zeus fires a piercing laser beam from one of his hands.
Damage: 131 | Ammo Count: 1 | Ammo Type: Charge
Travels very quickly, but has virturally no homing. So it's hard to hit for people inexperienced with predicting movements. Has multiple tiny hitboxes instead of one large one.

SP1 - Checkmate
Zeus summons multiple chess pieces in a left/right arc in front of him, then strikes each one with lightning consecutively.
Damage: 85 | Ammo Count: 1 | Ammo Type: Charge | Properties: Stun
Direction of arc is dependent on directional input.
Lightning lasts for quite a while, so it's useful for creating artifical corners against your foes.
Can also be used to encourage foes to move in your desired direction.

SP2 - Hyper Charge
Zeus rapidly gathers electrical energy, before unleashing it in in either the form of a gigantic laser, or an expanding pulse .
Damage: 288 (Laser), 231 (Pulse) | Ammo Count: 1 | Ammo Type: Charge
Input any direction alongside SP2 to transform the laser into a pulse of energy that slowly expands from Zeus.
Both moves have an incredibly long arming time and leave Zeus vulnerable for the entirety of their duration, so it's not reccomended to use this without activating his ability first.
Both moves deal their damage over a multitude of hits.

Ability - Shock Ward
Zeus channels an electrical ward around himself. Making him immune to ranged attacks for its duration.
Ammo: 1
You read that right. Outright immunity to ALL ranged attacks.
Lasts about 9 seconds. Lifetime is reduced for each shot blocked.
Pressing the button again will teleport Zeus a short distance towards his foe in exchange for ability lifetime. Zeus is ethereal during this, and will ignroe all attacks. Teleportation does not go through obstacles.

Neutral Melee
Zeus cuts the foe vertically before knocking them upwards and batting them away with two strikes.
Damage: 230 | Hits: 3
Has extrordinary vertical reach alongside Zeus's already long melee reach. But has little in the way of horizontal hitboxes, making it easy to miss against strafing targets.

Side Melee
Zeus performs a horizontal slash before slamming the foe into the ground.
Damage: 159 | Hits: 2 | Properties: Bounce
Has absolutely monsterous horizontal reach. But due to the hurtbox moving in a downward sweeping motion, the attack misses foes that are close to Zeus's sides with alarming regularity.

Forward Melee
Zeus impales the foe before sending a jolt of electricity down the sword.
Damage: 136 | Properties: Guard Break, Tag Launch
Has even longer reach than his side or forward melee. But doesn't have much in the way of horizontal or vertical reach.

Back Melee
Zeus channels a glyph of electricity in front of him. If this glyph is struck with a melee attack, Zeus ignores the damage, teleports towards the foe (if necessary) and retaliates with an uppercut.
Damage: ??? (Haven't tested yet)
It's a counter. Plain and simple. Leaves you vulnerable if you mis-read the opponent.

Ranged Branch
Zeus transforms himself into lightning and strikes the foe himself.
Properties: Tag Launch
The transofrmation isn't just for show! Zeus will actually evade all attacks for that split second he disappears.

Melee tag
Zeus cross-impales the foe before chucking them at their ally.
Damage: ??? (Display is bugged like Loki's)

Ranged Tag
Zeus fires a large beam of electricity at the foe.
Damage: 100

Ranged Tag
Zeus summons multiple pillars of lightning from the sky to strike the target.
Damage: 130
Strikes the target equally regardless of distance, like Odin's Ranged Tag. Can also hit the target's partner with relative ease.

i have no idea why i haven't bothered with ares yet
its been 4 months
one day i'll do it


Characters can generally split into three classes based on how their Daimones functions on the field.

A character whose Daimones enables them to enter a temporary powered-up state, or who uses their Daimones as their primary means of directly attacking.

A character whose Daimones enables the summoning of minions onto the field, or whose Daimones aids them as a seperate entity.

A character who can shift freely between two or more states.

Movement Terminology

Ascending due to holding the "dash" button.

A burst of speed achieved by double-tapping the "dash" button.
Can usually be extended by holding the button on the second press.

A dash that remains at a fixed altitude, and will only rise according to the terrain.

A dash that will naturally descend until it touches the ground, where it will then gain increased traction (turning capability). Will rise and lower automatically as the terrain dictates.

A dash that travels a fixed distance.

A rise that ascends a fixed distance.

The act of pressing the dash button once towards the the end of a dash in order to preserve horizontal momentum and rise slightly.

Pressing and holding any direction while in the air to retain altitude at the cost of action gauge.

Many attacks in the game have addtional effects beyond dealing damage. Here's what each one does.

Forcefully extends the duration of a character's downed state (but not KO'd state).

Forcefully extends the duration of a character's downed state. Lasts longer than a regular burn and can also place foes at the brink of KO without actually KOing them. Unique to Loki currently

Steadily drains the HP of a character.

Slows the movement speed of a character.

Tag Launch
Enables the character to be hit by the tag attack of a partner.

Super Armor
Prevents a character from flinching when hit by attacks. Slightly negates the down-value of opposing attacks

Cancels all momentum and prevents the character from performing any actions for a short-time.

Pierces and shatters a character's blocking state.

Will ignore the downed state.

Will hit a target with such force that they'll rebound off the ground, allowing them to be hit with more attacks without incurring the down-value penalty.

Life Steal
Transforms part of the damage dealt into HP for the user.

Prevents usage of a move temporarily.

General Terminology
Some terms I use throughout the guide. Names may be different or not "important" enough to note in official material.

Down-meter (can also be referred to as: KO-meter)
A hidden gauge that dictates how many more hits a character can take before they enter a KO'd state.
The down-meter automatically empties after roughly three seconds of not taking damage.

A character who has been knocked over and must mash buttons to recover.
When touching the ground, massively reduces the damage that character takes from most attacks, and also amplies the down value of most attacks that hit them so that they'll be KO'd after one or two hits from anything.
Downed characters will automatically enter a KO'd state after a short period of time.

A character whose down-meter has been maxed out and can no longer be damaged until they recover. Recovery can be sped up by mashing the dash button.

Down-value (can also be referred to as: KO-value)
How much an attack contributes to a character's KO-meter.

IPS (Infinte Prevention System)
A hidden system that reduces the amount of damage taken form consecutive hits.
A character's IPS state changes at the same times as their down-meter.

A micro-stun that occurs each time a character's down-meter passes a certain threshold.
Attacks with a low down-value may need to hit multiple times before they flinch a target.

To harass a foe (either through attacks or simply being near them) and exert an undeniable presence.

A brief state that every character enters just before they recover their action gauge.

A state after a mutual deadlock wherin one character can execute their command earlier than the other.

A hidden value that determines if an attack will cancel out/be canceled by an opposing attack.

When opposing attacks cancel one-another out.

An attack characterized by it's abormally wide horizontal range.

An attack that locks the enemy into an animation while dealing damage.
Can be used to deal addtional damage where normally the down-meter would've maxed out and KO'd the target.

A character (or form) with the "Run" dash type.

Clean hit
An attack that lands when the foe's down-meter is completely empty.

Pressing the ranged attack button during a melee combo.

Pressing the respective directional button alongside the melee button.

All characters have a cone of fire. When an attack is fired at a target ouside of that cone horizontally, an alternative animation will be played that costs addtional action gauge, has ending lag and will cause grounded targets to leave the ground temporarily. May also do addtional damage depending on the character.

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