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Preview of Companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire

You won’t miss the information about Companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire when enjoy the game with swtor credits. Here you can see that a recent interview to swtor creative director, Jesse Sky was posted by EA, showing some information about the companions. However, it is too vague to know clearly what players can exactly get, which leads to many wild interpretations.

Preview of companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire with Jesse Sky

1. Choice matters: Your choice will directly bring impact on your consequence. You will be the main character in Knights of the Fallen Empire. As the Outlander, you have a chance to take control of your destiny and reshape who you are, meaning that what you have done will decide what you eventually become. Besides, when the new expansion comes, your companions won’t be fully controlled by yourself. Instead, they will have minds and may leave you if they don’t like your behavior. In a word, the choices matter.

2. Companion overhauls: Jesse Sky told in the interview to bring a new cast of characters joining players for the main storyline, and bring back many fan favorite companions as major characters in post-release story chapters. Besides, players are allowed to recruit more companions after completing the story chapters at launch. In addition, they will overhaul the companion system to make it more interesting. “You’ll see older companions returning as major characters, more shocks and twists, and the consequences of your choices will really start coming into play. We’ll be building towards a season finale late next year”.

Wild interpretations arise due to the vague information on companions

As a vital part, companions and character in Knights of the Fallen Empire are always the most popular concern. There is no exception for Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, Bioware insists to avoid spoiler as usual, so what players can get are almost unclear information, which leads to some interpretation and speculation. For example, some players doubt that old companions won’t come back in the expansion as it was said “bringing back many fan favorite companions as major characters”, and character is not equal to companions. Another example is “overhauling the companion system”, someone guessed it means that “companions will now be able to toggle 3 stances (DPS, Healing and Tanking). So no more will players feel restricted with using certain companions over others”, while another player regarded it as “You can choose a discipline tree for your companions and also choose utilities for them that you find useful. Outfit designer for companions are also probably likely”.

There is still some confusion about companions. It seems that concrete details won’t be revealed until the release date comes closely. So in order to know if old crew of companions and former romance characters are allowed, you may need to wait and stay tuned. However, you can buy cheap swtor credits with up to $10 cash coupon on Sw-tor-credits during the waiting time!

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