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Moonlight Blade Open Beta Test (OBT) Registration Guide

The OBT for Moonlight Blade starts on 1st July 2015 and here are some tips on how to successfully participate on the Open Beta Test of the new MMORPG developed from China.

Q: Any IP block for players outside of China?
A: No. Most chinese games do not impose IP block.

Q: How to register for the game?
A: You can login with your existing QQ account (from Blade & Soul or Monster Hunter Online etc). If you don’t have an QQ account, register here. You can download the client here (or refer to the official site wuxia.qq.com)

Q: Which server are you (chaose5) in?
A: Region: 大地飞鹰 , Server: 凤凰市集. My IGN is as usual, 混沌飘渺. You can only add me buddy when i am online.

Q: Can I join Freedom guild there?
A: I will not form a Freedom guild there, mainly because i don’t expect the interest of English speaking community for this type of game (chinese martial art concept) will last for long. The game also apply chat ban for speaking in English and makes it very difficult to communicate with English in-game. The main focus & coverage for Freedomplays will still be Blade & Soul and Dragon Nest. I will post guides on Moonlight Blade occasionally though, if I have the time.

Q: Is there any English patch for the game?
A: Nope. Do join the QQ group for English speaking community by MMOSITE at 390093607. You will need to download QQ messenger on your PC or your phone.

Q: I am stuck on xx quest. Please help.
A: The best place to look for help would be the English community QQ group (as mentioned above, 390093607), where you can post screenshots and ask questions related to the game. Many Chinese and Chinese-speaking international players, like myself, are in the group.

Q: What are the classes available? Which one should i choose?
A: There are currently 7 classes, with no official English name yet. They are 太白 (Tai Bai), 神威 (Shen Wei), 天香 (Tian Xiang), 丐帮 (Gai Bang), 真武 (Zhen Wu), 唐门 (Tang Men) and 五毒 (Wu Du) . Most classes just play the role of DPS class in party, except for Tian Xiang, who is the sole healer for the game. She is apparently the most popular class and easiest to find party for end-game dungeons as well.

Shen Wei (Spear yielder) and Gai Bang (Beggar, drunken fist) are slightly more meaty, although they are not the real tanker (no dedicated tanker in this game yet). Tai Bai (Sword Master), Zhen Wu (Shadow Swordsman) and Wu Du (Venom user) are melee damage class. Tang Men (puppet master) is the only ranged DPS class.

*** Take note that Wu Du is only released in the test server for now.

Q: I can’t read Chinese. Is the game foreigner-friendly?
A: Unfortunately, it is not. One of the first few things which annoy you is the constant chat ban when you speak in English, during pm, party chat, guild chat or anywhere. You can only speak freely in this special private conversion chat window (will screenshot later, when the server re-open), which is very inconvenient.

The quest can be very confusing for non-chinese speaking players since you will be required to teleport during quest by choosing the location (chinese words all over) manually from NPC. The experience gained from the quest is also not sufficient for you to sail smooth up to max level. You are required to do daily quest for leveling up (refer to daily quest guide by Ludin) at some points.

Of course, it is not impossible for English speaker to do well in game, but it certainly requires a lot of patience and effort.

Q: Should i enchant my gear at early level? Would it be a waste as i change to new gear in the future?
A: Moonlight Blade Online allows player to inherit the enchantment level from older gears to new ones. Refer to a guide on Inheritance System by Brushy.

Source: Chaose5