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Moonlight Blade Guide: How to Activate the Key + Client Download

First of all, we would love to thank all the participants. And congratulations to those who won the key, and those who haven't got the key---the giveaway event hasn't ended, keep trying! As the international media partner of Tencent Games, we will be giving away more Moonlight Blade beta keys in June, so don't lose heart and good luck! Here's the guide on how to activate the beta key for Moonlight Blade.

1. Visit Moonlight Blade Official Website: http://wuxia.qq.com/cp/a20150413jhzh/

2. Log in with your QQ account

3. Enter the key, choose the second server "大地飞鹰", fill in the verification code, click the activate button. There will be two sub-servers in 大地飞鹰, we choose 凤凰集.

4. Activation Status Inquiry: http://wuxia.qq.com/cp/a20150413zhcx/index.shtml, enter the verification code

If you see this sentence below, it means your account has been acvtivated successfully.

5. Client Download: http://wuxia.qq.com/download.shtml
Update Time:2015-05-26
Client Size:10.8GB
Operating System:WindowsXP sp3, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8

Moonlight BladeBeta Key Giveaway Event:
http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/335/20150520/Event_MMOsite_Moonlight_Blade_Nonwipe_CBT_Key_Giveaway-555d56b81e4854313-1.html Moonlight BladeFeature Preview: http://feature.mmosite.com/moonlight-blade/feature_1.shtml