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Marvel Heroes 2015 Pirate Deadpool Team-Up Achievement Guide


Right next to the hydra outpost in buccaneer beach type /listen with Deadpool don't be in a party i did it ten times and it gave me the achievement

Go around buccaneer beach destroying everything and in time you will get an achievement "message in a bottle"


People have been telling me in game that you can party up to get this one

Achievement light will flash when complete but you will not get the achievement unlock until you go back to a hub
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 1,
  • Darkness = defeat hand ninjas anywhere in game
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 2,
  • Undertow = Thugs in hoods hideout (better chance in story mode)
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 3,
  • Boreal = kill things in norway
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 4,
  • Meteor = vibranium mines one-shot (better chance inside mines)
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 5,
  • Volcano = Mutate Marsh
upon completion of fragment 5, you will get the "buried treasure" achievement and a purple pirate Deadpool team up achievement chest will be in your inventory, when u right click on it the Deadpool team up will DROP ON THE GROUND !!

make sure you pick it up.