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Marvel Heroes 2015 DPS/Control Storm Build Guide

This is a DPS/Control build for Storm, one of the starting characters for Marvel Heroes 2015. This build is fun to play, and has several good damage and support capabilities. If you enjoy dishing out major amounts of damage rather than tanking bosses, then this is the build for you!

Of course all images and names are TM by the original owners, so on and so forth.

Terminology and FYI

In all of my guides for builds I frequently refer to the early game, mid game, and end game. For my purposes, these references relate to specific levels...

Early Game = level 1 to 25

Mid Game = level 26 to 45

End Game = 46 to 60

Regarding powers...
I frequently mention the stats of certain powers in these builds. Be aware that usually I am referring to the max 20/20 points for a power, or at least the max points used in a particular power for this build. If you would like additional clarification about certain powers please ask me and I will add it to the guide.

Please let me know if there is additional terminology you would like clarified and I will add it to my guide.



At level 60 Storm has the following stats...

Durability - 3
Strength - 2
Fighting - 2
Speed - 5
Energy - 6
Intelligence - 3


This increases the hero's attack and movement speed. It's exactly what a hero needs to dish out damage while kiting bosses. Gear, enchantments, etc. that add a Speed stat bonus should be a serious consideration for Storm.

This increases damage for several of Storm's most important powers for this build. Gear, enchantments, etc. that add an Energy stat bonus should be a serious consideration for Storm.


Skybreaker - 41

Windrider - 43

Stormcrafter - 80

While leveling up Storm I suggest the following Power advancements so as not to waste too many retcon devices.

Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Spirited should be your only Powers for the early game. This means you will have levels that you dont use power points. SAVE THEM FOR LATER LEVELS!

When you unlock Windy Flight go ahead and put 1 point into it. You'll never need more than one point in this skill.

Eye of the Storm and Arcing Tempest are the next set of powers you'll need to advance. Keep putting points into these skills as much as possible. They will greatly increase your dps.

Put 1 point into Storm Surge when its unlocked. You'll need it vs Magneto when he uses his killer/CC power.

Lightning Rush and Healing Winds are the next set of powers to advance. Lightning Rush will be the main elite/boss killer until you unlock Electrocute.

Typhoon and Obscuring Fog are the next powers to advance. When using Obscuring Fog, bosses and mobs will move back to their original spawn point. Position yourself near this spawn point before activating Obscuring Fog so you can then drop Typhoon without the targets moving out of range.

When you unlock Electrocute you should now use a retcon device to reallocate your power points. The only major change is dropping all your points out of Lightning Rush, and putting them into Electrocute. This will replace Lightning Rush as your main dps until you find Storm's unique gear.


Storm's unique gear greatly increases certain powers and branches of her power tree. When you have some of these pieces, specifically Cape of the Storm Crafter, its time to use another retcon device, probably in the low 50s level range. This is when you should use the power points as shown in the image at the top of this section.

For the end game, you will use a combination of several powers to create massive burst damage that instantly kills huge hordes of trash mobs, quickly dispatches elites, and knocks huge chunks of health off of bosses. The play style to maximize Storm's dps burst powers is explained in the next section.

Play Style

After you have Storm's unique gear and have your end game power build, its time to drop the burst dps on your enemies. Here's how it works...

Thundering Maelstrom is the main attack power vs trash mobs, and is perfect for sustained dps vs elites & bosses while you are kiting.

When first encountering several elites or boss(es), use this power rotation...
  • Lightning Storm
  • Obscuring Fog
  • Typhoon
  • Lightning Storm
...then go back to sustained Thundering Maelstrom until the power timers are reset for another rotation of burst dps.

This power rotation combined with Storm's unique set of gear makes for incredible dps bursts. Against some elites you dont even need the full rotation. Just a few hits from Lightning Storm with a bit of Thundering Maelstrom is enough to do the job. Add Storm's ultimate power, Goddess of Weather, for an even greater dps burst vs really tough bosses.

While not totally a glass cannon build, it works best when you keep your distance and kite enemies. There's no reason for Storm to be toe-to-toe with elites & bosses. I like to keep Thundering Maelstrom active while I fly circles around mobs. Unless they are resistant to movement impairing effects, they'll basically stay in place thanks to the huge slow effect of Thundering Maelstrom. This technique also makes it easier to group elite mobs and bosses together before you activate the power rotation listed above.

Dont go too crazy with Lightning Storm, as it will suck up your spirit faster than you can regenerate it. Regardless, when you do run out of spirit, all you need to do is keep moving circles around your targets while Spirited refills your spirit in a matter of seconds. If possible, you can also stop moving to zap targets with Lightning Bolt. But in the end game that makes you a sitting duck and can also get you killed.

Artifacts, Relics, Blessings, etc.

There's really only one artifact you MUST have to maximize the dps power of Storm - SHIELD Motion Tracker. The meager ranged damage rating bonus is almost meaningless, whats important is the bonus % to damage based on your distance from mobs. 15% to ranged damage is the highest bonus you can get for this artifact. I still have mine from the early game when I was in my teen levels.

The other artifacts, gear, blessings, etc.depend on how you want to flesh out your Storm character. You can go with more dps, but I like to have something for crits and brutal strikes, something for spirit & health regen, and something to increase overall health.

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