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Marvel Heroes 2015 Cable Guide: Build, How to Play & Strategies

Skill Tree

Soldier Tree

20 into Energy Pulse - Basic attack, your bread and butter.

20 into Vortex Grenade - It's a grenade, can't go wrong here. Toss them as often and everywhere you need to.

1 into Plasma Barrage - Put a point into this for clearing easy trash in MM and Green terms. It will soak up Spirit really fast but you shouldn't really have that much of a spirit issue. I hardly ever use this but it does work wonders for trash clearing.

Tactician Tree

20 into Veteran Warrior - Dmg, Crit dmg, AND Crit rating. Can't go wrong here now.

1 into Eye for Weakness - Eye is kinda eh at this point, but 10% more dmg is 10% more dmg. Drop a point, cast, and have at the bad guys. Anything more than 1 point is a waste though.

1 into Power (previously Bold) Aura - Auras are one-point wonders now for ALL heroes. At max you only save 40 spirit, and you do NOT want to max it.

1 into Quick Bodyslide - Teleportation! Don't leave home without it.

Psion Tree

20 into Psychic Haze - Small AoE, small stun, good dmg.

20 into Kinetic Repulsion - Hard to use properly but it packs a great punch. If you can survive being in melee range, use this.

20 into Psychokinetic Barrier - Toss out a few of these to block most enemy attacks. Not only does it deflect projectiles, but it also does a damn fine bit of dmg.

20 into Telekinetic Mastery - Projectile deflection and a nice bit of dodge.

20 into Techo-Organic Reconstruction - Not a great skill but it does help. Great for when you teleport into that one wrong area.


Drop points from TOR if you want any of the following -

1 into Mental Resilience (I personally never ever need to use this though. By the time i remember i have it, the Stun is already over. So unless there is something in the Raid i don't know about yet, i wouldn't bother with this)

1 into Endurance Aura - just in case. For raids and the like.

1 into Toughness Aura - just in case. For raids and the like.


Use the alts if you don't have your gear at 66 or don't have well rolled first choice uniques. Also the alts are better if you have a hard time managing your rotation and keeping DoTs up and timed perfectly. The first choice uniques only really come out ahead if you are on the ball with timing.

SLOT 1: Fragment of Twilight (Raiding unique).

SLOT 1 ALT1: Dragonfang. (It's a sword)

SLOT 1 ALT2: HVB, his personal slot 1.

SLOT 2: Mechanical Arms of Doctor Octopus.

SLOT 2 ALT: Askani'son Bodysuit

SLOT 3: Forge's Arm

SLOT 3 ALT: Get Forge's Arm... there really isn't a 2nd best.

SLOT 4: Taskers Treads

SLOT 4 ALT: Cosmic... Probably not. Get the Treads, it's just as needed as the Arm.

SLOT 5: Techno-Organic Virus Inhibitor.

SLOT 5 ALT: TOVI or Xorn - TOVI will be 1000 times easier to get though and i don't think Xorn pulls ahead much anymore.

ARTIFACT 1: Gem of the Kursed

ARTIFACT 2: Doop Ectoplasm. We gain 2 bonuses from this - More dmg to bosses and flat dmg. It's amazing for Cable.

ARTIFACT 3: Advanced Metasensory Array. Gives the only real AS boost Cable needs, as well as a decent bonus dmg and +1 to skills.

ARTIFACT 4: Anti-Reality Grenade, his area skills do a lot more of his total dmg now.

ARTIFACT ALTS: Hand of Doom, Hand of Nimrod, ESP Box, Guide... some others but if you get this far you can probably figure out what works best for you.

MEDAL: Doom is probably your best bet, but Sauron or Wiz (in that order) work well too. A high roll Doom will be the best choice. Cosmic of course.

URU: Ranged Uru. 200 dmg to ranged attacks. There is no other option.

RUNE WORD: The Power Doop. Not much of a choice anymore.

RUNE WORD ALT: Bowazon. 300 crit and dmg rating are the best parts. When you crit you also gain Brut chance, which is just icing on the cake. The 60 extra XP per kill - is just worth saying it.

LEGENDARY: The Power Cosmic. We gain 2 of the bonuses for a huge dmg boost, we also gain 2 more stats from the rank 5. The health is pretty nice too. No real choice here.

LEGENDARY ALT: If you can't or don't want PC, get Gungnir.

RING: Midtown Guardian Signet, with a high roll (at least 25%) - as long as you keep teleporting this is amazing. Ranged IC ring works well too, but i would save that for someone who doesn't benefit from a movement skill (Teleport for Cable).

RELIC: Lemuria if you need the health on hit but i personally don't need it anymore and use Atlantis for crit dmg.

INSIGNIA: Eric O'Grady. The main proc is the real boost, the two bonus affixs you would want would be ranged dmg, crit chance, and/or crit dmg in any order. But take whatever you can get here. Honestly use whatever you want here as long as it benefits you in SOME way.

COSTUME CORE: 2 sec invul with 25% health/100 spirit. Probably the best thing you can do is get this specific core. It lets you tank Surtur and just tough out most big boss attacks... since you know, you're invulnerable for 2 seconds.

COSTUME AFFIXS: Crit dmg rating on everything again.

BLESSINGS: Hela - 20% brut chance just can't be passed up.

Pet Affixs

Green - 8% health. But it's nothing ground breaking. If you get any of the health bonuses and don't want to keep rolling, that's fine.

Blue - 2 or 3 spirit on basic hit. But the 30-50 pure spirit works nice too if you want to settle.

Purple - 3% ranged dmg. 2% if is fine too but make sure you get ranged dmg for this one.

Cosmic - +2 to ranged skills. No choice at all.

Unique - 3 fighting or 3 energy. Fighting might be technically better, but i don't think the difference is worth rerolling if you can pull off a 3 to energy. But you want one or the other.


I use Domino, but Falcon is a good choice as well.

Synergy Choices


Ms. Marvel

Squirrel Girl

Scarlet Witch

Jean Grey

Iron Man

Human Torch


Doctor Strange

Star Lord

These are what i use based on what heroes i have leveled. Honestly, you only get minor boosts overall so it's not a HUGE deal to go after a specific hero for their synergy only. It will only come down to you killing that boss in 35 second or 33 seconds... and at that point, is it really even a point...?

Skill Rotation

Left Mouse = EP

A= Barrier

S= Eye

D= Teleport


G= Haze

H= Aura

Right Mouse= VG

NOTE - I have G bound to a side button on my mouse. Hitting G will cast Haze still, but using a side mouse button for Haze just makes life easier since it has to be recast so often.

The actual rotation used is Eye, VG, Barrier, Haze, KR and then EP for X seconds until i need to recast KR and Haze, EP again for X seconds and start the rotation from Eye. (This is assuming you are in melee range - obviously leave KR out if you are not in melee range) Omega

Order doesn't REALLY matter, the kill times wont change drastically based on when you choose most of these.

There are some adjustments that might need to be made here... but i only have 2800 omegas so i tend to rely on others for hard info and this seems as good as one can get.

10 spintech (this one you should definitely get first though)

10 warpath

10 xerogensis

5 antigenesis

2 sabretooth

10 psi charge

3 psi overload

12 melt face

10 skp


So i just re-leveled Cable and i have to say... use the main Cable build for leveling. Getting to 30 should be super quick and by then you can use everything we have anyway. I found the normal Build to be the best build - but if you want to toss points into Plasma Barrage instead of say... Barrier, that would be cool for leveling too. It helps with trash mobs a lot, but it's not really necessary.

For anyone having issues with spirit, at level 35 you can get a Mark of the Odinborn. Get that and your spirit issues will be no more. I don't level any hero without a Mark on them, it's essentially an infinite spirit cheat. Other than that though, gear up whatever has the most dmg and life. I wouldn't put too much thought into any of the items your using for leveling other then getting Bowazon and Gungnir as soon as you can, as well as a Moleman Medal and Mark of the Odinborn at 35.

Credits: Guide by speaker4thedead- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=387277551