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Kritika: White Knights Guide- Things to Do After Reaching Max Level

So first off congratz on making it this far ( we all know those last few levels are a pain to increase )

You probably already got an idea for whats waiting for you but if you are still confused then this guide will help you out.( skip the next 2 para to get straight to the point )

So you have cleared all the stages ( maybe some are still left but lets just assume you have ) and slayed that evil boss Tajar and saved the world ( is that how the story goes...I lost track of the story after the opening video....something about a golem and an evil magician ) your blade/s or guns soaked in blood of your enemies...finally after all those days of grinding welcome to the world of even MORE GRINDING !

Basically the thing to do now is make your character as strong as possible,as to why...well everyone has a different motivations,some might be aiming for spots on CP or arena ladder,reaching top floor in tower,to help beat guild bosses or to win more karats from arena to collect those cool looking avatars etc

Anyway these are things you should focus on after reaching max level

1) Gear

So if you have been following any guides like this one http://m.gamevilusa.com/forums/showt...ps-for-Newbies or other peoples suggestions then you probably been saving gold keys and have your chests maxed out

Time to use up all those keys ( Don't forget to pray to the RNG Gods first )

Ok so I know you must be eager to get an ethereal item but first focus on getting a full legendary set,keep the duplicates with weaker affix for fusing ethereals.You will need the attack and defense from legendaries to farm the different modes otherwise getting more ethereals would become difficult.

Best affix for weapon/armor ( ATK,Crit and Def )
Best affix for acc ( Add dmg and Dmg red )

-Use R-tickets to reroll/reforge to save some karats
-You can get r-tickets by trading for lapiz and 50 karats

Use the enhancers to enhance your legendary weapon to +17 or above and rest to +10/11 would be fine until you can replace them with ethereals ( do enhance more if needed ).

Farming for Ethereals

-Do vojaca boss stage ( 7-12 ) at x1 as it gives the most sapphires and mats and sometimes a legendary gear drop
-Combine -fuse all the normal/rare/epic items you get
-Buy the 50 karat legend enhancer from shop to transmute
-Buy gold keys when on sale
-Open treasure box again for 7 karats if you see 2 epics

2) Turn into a super saiyan/Awaken your character

Break the limits and bring out the inner strength of your character

Tips for Awakening missions

-Do vojaca x1 for episode boss kills ,you will also get a lot of bronze keys and sapphires for other missions
-For champion monster kills Tower of tribulation will help clear it faster
-For just Boss kills 9-8/9-6 is good for getting more exp as well for exp point mission
-For getting fast bronze keys,have good friends that use you as striker,trade for gsp in guild shop and doing vojaca x 1 and mw x1,also check out trading center if there's a good trade for keys going on or not
-You should be able to get a good amount of silver and gold keys after completing the bronze key mission and if you still need more then check shop for sale or guild shop
-Do the stage mission( 9-3 stage 27 times ,9-6 stage 9 times ) at x1 to get more boss kills ( using x3 and x4 counts for stage number quests but not for boss kills )
-For dmg red or add dmg if you don't have enough then try to get that affix on pet since a high level pet will give a high value of those stats
-For arena quests try to keep your rank low and decreasing your cp below 400k before tryouts to get less points since finding DV and SM are difficult at higher ranks ( x2 and x3 bb counts for these missions ) other characters are pretty common and also you need to win in expert mode and not intermediate.

Awakening stone missions

-You can see the missions before cool down so you can collect sapphs, stam or bb needed to do those missions quicker after cool down.
-Do missions in such a way that more then one mission will progress together I.e doing episode/champion boss kills and hard mode stage missions.
-Character specific quests in arena can be done in easy and intermediate too unlike in pre-awakening quests, so don't pass up any DVs or SMs that you will find there.
-more Tips to be added soon

3)Master level

So, you reached max level....will all exp you now get go to waste ? nope it will now be used to unlock extra skills

A high master level can make your character pretty strong but I wouldn't really advice to make it a main focus right now as it goes above 2000 getting harder to level up after each level.

However most skills max at 50 points each so work on those skills first,then focus on attack,You can leave exp increase if your subs are at max or you aren't working on them.

resetting points only takes 100k so feel free to experiment or change them according to your needs.

Skills list and points to max them

Hp increase -50
Critical rate increase - 50
Skill cool down - 50
Critical damage increase - 50
Mana reduction - 50
Add dmg - 50
EE activation rate increase - 10
Sub character exp increase -100
Attack- 1500
Def- above 2000,limit uncertain

Master level farming

-Highest blue stage you can manage ( x3/x4 runs if you don't mind mats )
-Daily quests since all of them now give exp
-All max leveled characters you got contribute to master level

4)Sub Characters

Your main character gets 10% of the sub characters [ATK], [DEF], and [Critical] stats,other than that theres also season class effects and more characters will let you farm more resources.

-The sub character exp increase master skill will help you to level them up much faster
-Try to get the above 3 affixs on their gear since those are the only ones that help out your main
-Managing many characters is time consuming so to speed things up you could use x3/x4 stamina or just trade them for sapphires then use skip button to use up the sapphires.


Pets give you a lot of stats and useful skills so once you got decent enough gear and can get good enough kills in tesseract get working on that legendary/ethereal pet.

Follow this guide made by KaylaLaLa to make process faster

Best Pet affix combinations -

All about dat CP - ATK/Add dmg/Dmg red ( if you like high numbers )
Merrigan's love - ATK/Crit/Add Dmg ( for max attack power )
Swiss Army knife - ATK/Def/Add Dmg ( good for everything )
Trolling with Alice - Hp/Def/dmg red ( become a wall in arena )
The ABCs..I mean ADC - ATK/Def/Crit ( just 3 useful stats )

Well good luck getting the affix you want but if you don't want to spend too much karats then stick to any one of these which you get first.
Try to get attack affix always ,only use full def build if you got more than one pet and want a pure arena pet.

6)Meteorites and gems

The thing about mets is that they give stats that you don't get from your other gear which are Phy attk,Phy def,Mag attk and Mag def.These are important for facing arena and guild bosses so definately work on these 4 mets and rest it upto your playstyle.Good flares to aim for would be phy attk,magic attk and All stats flare.

ShadowPlay's guide on mets will help you save a lot of resources http://m.gamevilusa.com/forums/showt...de-for-Dummies

To get meteorites

1)Daily quest
2)Guild check in reward
3)blue/red stages ( again you just can do vojaca at x1 for best drops )
4)daily dungeon ( also for shards )
5)tower of tribulation

can only get flare from combine

Not going to say much about gems just good luck on getting them above +8


Guilds are fun ( though the chat system needs fixing ) and give some good stats.Keep being active and improving your characters CP and you will be able to join a strong guild or you could start your own guild.

8)Filling your avatar wardrobe

Avatars look cool or hot,who doesn't like avatars ?

And the more you got the more effects you get ( upto 14 atm )

A few tips

-Try to buy when theres a sale
-Karats are better used for reforge/rerolling,buying legendary enhancers/gold keys or refine so its upto you,but try to get ateast 1 set of body,weapon and wings for your main and subs
-It you got level 30 wings then you can buy some level 1 wings when on sale to get the extra effects and save karats.

Testing your characters abilities

So after all that improving gear,mets and pets you would want to see were your character stands,

World boss,Tower of tribulation,arena and comparing damage in guild towers with your guild mates is a good way to do that.

Hope this was helpful and good luck with rng ~

Credits: Guide by Microice