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How to Unlock All Playable Godzilla (Kaiju) in Godzilla the Game for PS3 & PS4 [Guide]

In this page, you will learn how to unlock and play all characters in the newest Godzilla the Game for PS3 and PS4. This page will serve as your guide on unlocking each Kaiju in the game.

How To Unlock All Godzilla: The Game Monsters

At the game’s worldwide launch on July 14th, 2015, 22 characters will be available in the roster; many of which you’ll have to unlock by playing the game or buying their Godzilla: The Game DLC pack (previously only available as a pre-order bonus). These DLC characters will become available in the PlayStation Store later in 2015.

Note: Once you have all the monsters unlocked in every mode, you’ll find there are 22 in total. — However, when going to Online VS an extra 3 slots appear below Godzilla and above Anguirus. These “????” slots are Godzilla’s other Automic Breathes, you get them when evolving Godzilla.


1. Anguirus (1968) *PS4-exclusive*

2. Battra (Imago) *PS4-exclusive*

3. Battra (Larva) *PS4-exclusive*

4. Biollante — How To Unlock: There’s a random encounter at Stage 17 following the hard route in the God of Destruction Mode, which allows you to unlock one of the well hidden extra characters. As the video guide shows, in this case Biollante gets unlocked.

5. Destoroyah — How To Unlock: Method #1) Choose Defend option in God of Destruction Mode and then in Stage 3 choose the “?” stage on normal/hard route. Can be completed in mere minutes when playing as Larva Mothra. Method #2) First unlock Burning Godzilla. Then get to the 25th stage in Invasion Mode while playing as Burning Godzilla, at which point you’ll have to fight and defeat Destoroyah to unlock it.

6. Gigan (Modified 2004)

7. Godzilla (1964) *PS4-exclusive*

8. Godzilla (1989)

9. Godzilla (1995) AKA Burning Godzilla — How To Unlock: Get at least 50% of the data collection to unlock the last branch of the story. To get this much data, do multiple runs of the game’s God of Destruction Mode and collect all of the data along the way. — To get the final story stage you need to be a 100m Godzilla. This unlocks the secret true ending on either Invasion or Defend option, where you turn into Burning Godzilla and have to fight the Super X3 and LegendaryGoji. — Win the final stage to get the true ending, which in turn will get you Burning Godzilla’s DNA cells and then you unlock him.

10. Godzilla (2014) AKA Hollywood Godzilla *DLC-exclusive* — How To Unlock: Pre-order bonus on PS3 & PS4. Will be available at a later time as a DLC character in the PlayStation Store.

11. Hedorah (1971)

12. Jet Jaguar — How To Unlock: First choose God of Destruction Mode and start from the beginning. Then destroy the scenery between 50-60%. Then destroy the generator as quick as possible and you’ll get a message and have to fight him. Once bested unlock him in the Evolution mode.

13. King Ghidorah (1991)

14. MechaGodzilla (1974) *PS4-exclusive*

15. MechaGodzilla (1975)

16. MechaGodzilla (1993)

17. MechaGodzilla (2003) AKA Kiryu — How To Unlock: Take the bottom path to the last stage of God of Destruction Mode (not counting the true ending) to find, fight & unlock Mecha Godzilla.

18. Mecha-King Ghidorah *PS4-exclusive*

19. Mothra (1992) AKA Larva Mothra

20. Rodan (1956) *PS4-exclusive*

21. SpaceGodzilla *PS4-exclusive* — How To Unlock: Space Godzilla is a random encounter. He can most often be found around Stage 15.

22. ???? (Future DLC-exclusive?)

Tip: How to unlock the rest of the monsters in Godzilla: The Game? Play Hard Mode and have a little luck, since any stage that doesn’t show you the enemy is a random encounter. — Then by playing Invade, the game sets the monsters you fight so you can know ahead of time. Playing the hard (bottom) path gives the best chance for those characters to show up.

You’ll know you’ve succeeded in unlocking everyone when you unlock this Bronze Trophy:
“Kaiju Collector — See and unlock all available Kaiju.”

The Godzilla: The Game launch trailer shows the main Godzilla: The Game monsters in action.

Credits: Guide by Namco Bandai Games, LukeStrife5, Hazmat963, SpiritSaiyan101 and RobertCram01