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How to Get an Account & Play Moonlight Blade MMORPG

If you want to sign up on the foreign MMORPG named Moonlight Blade, then here's the guide on how to get an account and play the newest CN MMORPG.

This Guide is for those who can't read the Chinese Language. Here is the steps on how to sign up for a QQ account needed for Moonlight Blade. Of course you can use Google to translate the page if you don't have a translator on your browser. But there is a problem if you will use goolge chrome. I suggest use Firefox.

1. Go to the website: Moonlight Blade

2. Click the one highlighted for sign up. Fill up the form. The form has option for English in the upper right corner.

3. Once done it will verify through your mobile phone. Slect the Country/Region to change where you are. Click on Send Verification. You will receive an SMS, but this took like 3-5 mins from my experience. Place the code on the box then Click Sumbit.

4. If successful you will have this on screen.

5. Log in to your email and click the link to activate.

Credits: Moonlight Blade: How to sign up by xXMarkuzXx