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Godzilla: The Game Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Unlockables on PS3/PS4

Here are the known cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables for Godzilla: The Game for PS3 and PS4.

Godzilla: The Game Cheats

Unlockable Secret Routes & True Ending

How to get to the Secret Routes?

You need to get at least 50% of the data collection to unlock the last branch of the story. To get this, do multiple runs of the game’s God of Destruction Mode and collect all of the data along the way. — To get the final story stage you need to be a 100m Godzilla.

How to get the Secret Ending?

Do all the above to play in the last branch of the story with a 100m tall Godzilla. — This unlocks the secret true ending where you turn into Burning Godzilla and have to fight the Super X3 and LegendaryGoji.

Completing Hard Mode

How to beat the Hard Mode story stages?

You need to upgrade/level up in Evolution Mode to get better, as this will allow you to do more ranged attacks and take more hits. Especially since the final 3 stages are the toughest in the game.

Build your Fury/Combo counter as much as you can while destroying buildings throughout all stages, the multiplier will allow you to grow much faster, so you’ll be able to match or exceed the Kaiju you encounter.

If you end up being smaller than the Kaiju you’re fighting, you’ll need to be very evasive and use lots of finger missile attacks & shield defense to survive.

Godzilla: The Game Move List


• Left Analog Stick/D-Pad – Move forward/back.
• Left Analog Stick/D-Pad – Strafe left/right.
• Right Analog Stick – Move camera.
• L1/R1 – Turn left/right.
• Square – Basic attack.
• Triangle – Strong attack.
• Circle – Energy attack. Drains a section of temperature gauge.
• X – Charge attack.
• R2 – Secondary energy attack.
• R3 – Enable cinematic camera placement that collect’s data about the monster (when monster is placed correctly and prompted).


• Square, Square, Square – Basic three hit combo.
• Square (Hold) + LAS/D-Pad – 90 degree quick turn.
• Square (Hold) + LAS/D-Pad – Rear attack.
• R2 + Square (Hold) – Kick attack.
• Circle (Light Tap) – Quick energy blast.
• Circle (Hold) – Longer, sweeping energy blast.
• Circle, Square – Light grapple combo.
• Circle, Circle – Moderate grapple combo.
• Circle, Triangle – Grapple with energy blast attack.
• X, Square – Press square at the end of a charge attack to do extra damage.
• L1 + R1 – Roar which buffs character and opens up special attacks.

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Credits: Guide by Chris, Hazmat963, Slackerchan and HF92