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Echo of Soul PvP Features Guide

The PvP system in Echo of Soul is spectacular, and today we will show you some major eatures in PvP battles.

PvP-oriented players can choose to level and gear up exclusively through PvP content. Press the attack in 15 vs. 15 battlefields or 5 vs. 5 arenas. Guilds can make war on each other in the open world or in a special guild vs. guild battlefield.

Guilds War

Guilds are the fundamental factions in EOS. Once you level up to 20, you can create a guild. There are two statuses for a guild in EOS “Declaring War” or “Peace” which is default. Guild leads can declare war on other guilds to unlock guilds war. If a guild has been declared wars on, they have to accept unconditionally and prepare for the battle. Duration for guilds war is a week.

Random PvP

Once your guild in “Declaring War” statue, you are available to fight against your enemies. Please note that the random PvP will never be the battles with same number for each group, so you had better take time to define your strategies.

Battlefields and Arenas

Apart from guilds war, EOS also allows players to join 15 vs. 15 battlefields or 5 vs. 5 arenas. In the trenches, forests, and plains of these instanced areas, players fight members of the opposite faction while completing a wide range of objectives. In order to increase the balance, players with low level will have attributes’ compensation.