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Dungeon Striker: Pet System Guide

Credits: Dungeon Striker: Pet System by BlackSuperSaiyan

Hey guys and gals! :D BlackSuperSaiyan here with another long overdue guide. This time I’ll be covering Dungeon Striker’s pet system. Please note that there are a few things I am not completely sure about but I will do the best I can for you guys to understand or at least get the gist of what’s going on ok.

This is my pet Yukidaruma. Say Hi Yuki!!!

Ok so first of all there are 4 basic types of pets you can get in the game. Each of them basically help out a specific class in terms of stat boosts.

-This cat gives agility boost. For the Archers.

-This sheep gives…um…the website says “faith” so I guess willpower? Lol But it’s for the Cleric.

-This fox gives intelligence boost, so Mages should get this guy.

-No idea what this is but I will just call it a Yeti. He gives a strength boost so Warriors this is for you.


So there are 2 ways to get a pet. You can either find out how to top up in-game cash and buy a pet from the Cash Shop, OR you can go here on the map…

There is something called “Leisure Leisure Tower” here (according to google translate). It has up to 20 floors and each floor has a different mini-game challenge of increasing difficulty and lag. You can do 1 floor each day. After you complete a floor you can get gems, exp buff, item drop buff and a Tower Coin as I will call it.

Collect 10 of these coins, and go to Indiana Jones

And you can see that he has the pet eggs for 10 coins each. NB: You can also get the scrolls to unlock another class on the same character from him for the same price. So yes that means you can get one of these every 10 days. Grueling but worth it.

Now that you have your Pokemon...I mean pet... you will want to feed it so it grows and is less useless in dungeons. Yes pets are virtually useless prior to becoming adults. They don't loot items or anything.

In order to get your pet to its final stage you will need to buy pet food. You can visit this NPC here in town for her overpriced pet snacks.

See what I mean by overpriced

Now open the pet window by pressing ‘O’ and selecting the 2ndto last tab.

Before getting to the adult stage at level 30 that section in the pet window that says "Food" (wrong translation I think feel free to correct me) there will be a number under it that says 0/10, each pet food gives 2 points there and u can fill that meter once each day. That is how you level the pet, sadly it doesn't gain exp from completing dungeons with it. So every day you visit that female NPC in town and buy at least 5 of those overpriced snacks each day to feed your pet so it levels up. NB: The amount you need to feed a pet will vary, that Wolf that I have in the pet window requires 10 pet food each day compared to the Yeti's 5.

A pet has 3 initial stages of maturity, Baby->Teenager->Adult and typically the more it grows the more exp it needs to level up and of course there's an increase in the amount of stat boosts that it gives. Babies turn to teenagers at level 12 and teenagers are fully grown at level 30. Here are the stages of each of the basic pets:

*This section will be updated at a later time...I need sleep
But for now I hope this guide was helpful to you somehow. See you around*