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Dragon Nest Ruina Class Guide (Skills Guide, Coefficient Calculation, Actual Damage Values & DPS)

Before anything else, I will point out a technical difficulty and the assumption that has been made for the actual damage calculation I will be adopting. If a skill ignores defence reduction, damage will be stated as appropriate in the form x1%+y1 + [(x2%+y2)/(1-%def reduction)]. The actual calculation for comparison will assume % def reduction as 23%, as has been standard for level cap bosses for some time.

Refer to skill description for Machina for basic skill information.

1. Overcharging

This skill is the core of Ruina’s damage, and it has all of one skill level. To understand this skill, we have to take a look at some of the other mechanics of Machina and Patrona.

- Machina’s left click before Charging Gear has a coefficient of 3.4, broken down into 0.667, 0.667, 0.667, 0.8, 0.6.
- After learning Charging Gear, the coefficient becomes 2.8 + 3 (I know the description says +200%, but it is possible to get 3 hits of 100% in currently), broken down into 0.667, 0.667, 0.667, 0.8, 1, 1, 1
- Machina’s left click inherits the skill BOARD damage (excluding coefficients) from SOME (not all) skills
- Overcharging removes the 3 hits with coefficient 1 from Charging Gear, replacing it with a 15 hits of 1/(1-%def reduction)
- Overcharging does not gain from Command Enhancement

Overcharging thus has a board damage of 2.8(x%+y) + 15[(x%+y)/(1-0.23)] = 22.28 (x%+y). For a normal attack, or any attack whose skill board damage is not inherited by Overcharging, the sequence will deal a total of 2228%, just by holding left click alone. That is to say against a level cap enemy with the standard 23% damage reduction, any skill with an inheritable board damage of 1000% alone will have the left click follow up deal an additional 22280% damage, out-damaging pretty much every ultimate (sans Ruina’s own Deus Ex Machina) in the game including full hits Dark Conviction.

As we will see later, this is not the maximum that Overcharging can dole out. Of course, power comes with its price. Overcharging has an absurd cast time… until we are in Overboost (Attack) Tier III that is.

The reason why we are starting with Overcharging should be obvious by now – efficient Ruina game play is primarily about landing the 45, on time on target.

2. Overboost

This system is about 3(4) related skills, which are Overclocking, Overboost (Attack and Defence), and Overflowing.

Before obtaining the 65 passives, Patrona’s only method of gaining Steam is to use Overclocking. This doubles as our MP Recovery skill, but is very inefficient for the purposes of Steam building. There is currently a bug as can be seen from my test video that Overclocking just stops generating Steam all of a sudden. It also renders the caster extremely vulnerable, as it is very slow to cancel out of. Even if this bug was fixed, Overclocking is at best a “gain Steam while recovering MP” skill. Currently, at Overboost Tier II, Overclocking gains a beneficial bug, instead of 2 Steam being generated per tick, we get 4 instead.

All Ruina should only pick Overboost (Attack). The effect of Overboost (Attack)’s Tier III bonus is to reduce the charging time of all charging skills. This includes Overcharging (and only Overcharging matters for our purpose). To go into Tier III, we will have to use Overflowing 3 times, meaning a total of 90 Steam consumed. This buff can be buff wiped. I cannot stress enough that Steam building is crucial to maximizing Ruina’s potential.

Now, we come to what could be the worst of Ruina’s bugs, the Overboost/Overflowing bug. I am not entirely sure if this is a bug, or a measure that was in built to prevent Ruina from becoming too overpowered. LOGICALLY (not that I would associate such a word with our dear devs), there should be a limit placed on Ruina. This might very well be it.

At the moment (at least), this is how the Overflowing + Overboost skills work together.

Overflowing ->Overboost Tier 1 -> Overflowing ->
Overboost Tier II -> Overflowing ->
Overboost Tier III -> Overflowing ->
Overboost Tier 1 + Tier III -> Overflowing ->
Overboost Tier II + Tier III -> Overflowing ->
Refreshes Overboost Tier III.

However, at Overboost Tier III, you do not get access to no CD Ducking from Tier II OCCASIONALLY. This means that in order to abuse the Tier II and Tier III bonuses together when this occurs, you will have to use Overflowing 5 times, 4 of which you will not have access to unlimited Gear Steps.

However, there is potential evidence that this is a bug. In PvP (combo practice at least), when going from Overboost Tier II to Tier III, both Overboost buffs are preserved. Whatever the design is supposed to be, the current implementation is extremely annoying.

Take note that the FD buff is bugged at the moment. Either that or it uses some arcane method of calculation that I am unable to figure out. It currently adds around 10% FD per tier up to 5 tiers. (Tier II + Tier III)

3. Gear Steps

Gear Steps is the fundamental basics of playing a Patrona. The Gear Steps system comprises of 10 skills, namely

A. The 3 basic Gear Steps
B. The left/right click follow up attack from each Gear Step
C. Ducking

Sequence 1 (Ruina)

Foot Stomping (OR Ducking + Left Click)
-> Left Click (Follow Up)
-> Right Click (Follow Through)

Sequence 2 (Defensio)

Step Up (OR Ducking + Spacebar)
-> Left Click (Beat Down)
-> Right Click (Leaping Over)

Sequence 3 (Ruina)

Rock Away (OR Ducking + Right Click)
-> Left Click (Flying Knee Kick)
-> Right Click (Kidney Blow)

After any of the 9 other skills in the Gear Steps system, you can press Spacebar to initiate Ducking (passive only), meaning that within the Gear Steps system itself, you need to press only one button (the initial Gear Step) to initiate a rotation, and use Left Click, Right Click, and Spacebar to continue a whole string of commands through the Gear Steps system. (Once your Ducking reaches Level 6 that is…)

The practice for mastery over the Gear Steps system is essential for Ruina, due to our 65 passive, building 2 Steam counters for every use of a Gear Step. In terms of mobility and practicality, the left/right clicks (Foot Stomping and Rock Away) are far more essential to be familiar with than Step Up. It should be noted that Step Up -> Beat Down can be used to avoid some attacks by launching your hitbox out of the vertical range of a boss. This air time can be further lengthened by the use of Beyond the Wall.

Gear Steps is used to position yourself and transit into a skill that can have its board damage inherited by Overcharging, aside from building Steam counters. Due to the heavy usage of Gear Steps for that purpose, it is possible to leave the base Gear Steps at level 1 to reduce the MP drain.

4. Coefficient Calculation

Well, you guys know it was bound to appear at some point in time… I will not cover every single skill, only those that I deem more important to be aware of.

As per previous practice, the videos used for calculating coefficients and board damage can be found on my YouTube channel.

Left Click
Coefficient: 3.4
Hits: 5
0.667, 0.667, 0.667, 0.8, 0.6

Charging Gear
Coefficient: 5.8
Hits: 7
0.667, 0.667, 0.667, 0.8, 1, 1, 1

Coefficient: 1
Hits: 10
0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1
* Lariat gets an upgrade at Level 6 *

Lariat EX (for lack of a better term)
Coefficient: 1.9
Hits: 10
0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 1
* At any point during the duration of the 9 hits of Lariat EX, you can press left click to initiate a final hit that has larger AoE with a coefficient of 1. The actual usage of this is to break Lariat so you can move on to more productive actions *

***Special Mentions ***

Fly By
This skill is airborne. You can activate Air Shoving and Beyond the Wall from it. You can also transition from this skill with Shift into Rolling Attack or with right click into Lariat (this passive method of activation DOUBLES the damage of Lariat), or activate Retro Charging -> Fly By with left click. Very versatile skill, which can get an additional effect from the next mentioned skill

Overlap Graze
Regardless of IFF, touching 3 units with Fly By grants a 15s buff that raises PDMG and PDEF. Currently bugged to not work beyond the first level. Even if the bug was resolved, I am not convinced that it is worth the SP, though others might debate on that. Make your own decision.

Foot Stomping
Coefficient: 1
Hits: 1
*The extra hits on the PvP dummy are too miniscule to bother counting with, and the main hit’s coefficient is 1 *

Step Up
Coefficient: 1
Hits: 3
0.1, 0.45, 0.45

Rock Away
Coefficient: 1
Hits: 3
0.33, 0.33, 0.33

Follow Up
Coefficient: 1
Hits: 1
*Bugged, does not receive damage increase from Command Enhancement *

Follow Through
Coefficient: 1/(1-%def)+1
Hits: 6
0.5/(1-%def), 0.25/(1-%def), 0.25/(1-%def), 0.33, 0.33, 0.33
*This skill is most likely bugged in implementation*

Beat Down
Coefficient: ~1 (Result hard to obtain in PvP)
0.05, 0.05, 0.05, 0.05, 0.05, 0.05, 0.05, 0.05, 0.2, 0.4
*It is possible to get less or more hits of the 0.05 hits. In PvP, it is hard to get the 0.2 hit *

Leaping Over
Coefficient: X
Hits: Up to 20
Every hit does a coefficient of 1 (Level 18 is 818%+27791, full hits is 16360%+555820)

Flying Knee Kick
Coefficient: 1
Hits: 5
0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2

Kidney Blow
Coefficient: 1
Hits: 12
~0.05 x 5 hits, ~0.1 x 7 hits, divide is around 26.5% / 73.5% from my tests

Deus Ex Machina
Coefficient: X
Hits: Highest limit tested so far is over 110 hits
Every hit is supposed to do a coefficient of 1 as per skill description. Currently a bug exists that causes some hits to have a coefficient of 0.1 and 0.2. (If the bug was fixed, 110 hits would equal to 571%+56340 * 110 = 62810%+6,197,400) *A tracing tornado is spawned when you use the ultimate. It will continuously chase you and ends either when the stated time is up or it catches you. *

Coefficient: 11
Hits: 17
1 x 4 hits, 0.5x 12 hits 1 x 1 hit
*In order to connect with the rapid flurry of hits, you must connect with the uppercut 4th hit when the skill is initiated *

Follow Up EX
Coefficient: 5/(1-%def) + 1.5
Hits: 7
1/(1-%def) x 5 hits, 0.68, 0.82
*Don’t ask me why there the EX adds hits that doesn’t ignore defence, it’s Eyedentity. It is possible that the intention was to separate the hits into 0.7 and 0.8 but I am going with my test results *

Follow Through EX
Coefficient: 3/(1-%def)
Hits: 15
0.5/(1-%def), 0.25/(1-%def) x 2 hits, 0.125/(1-%def) x 8 hits, 0.25/(1-%def) x 4 hits
* Don’t count on getting full hits on this skill. Occasionally, the 0.125/(1-%def) x 8 hits do not show up. Don’t ask me why, it’s Eyedentity. The EX adds -30% elemental resistance, which is its main attraction*

Flying Knee Kick EX
Coefficient: 1.5/(1-%def)
0.2/(1-%def) x 5 hits, 0.1/(1-%def) x 5 hits

Kidney Blow EX
Coefficient: 1.5/(1-%def)
Hits: 17
~0.05/(1-def%) x 5 hits, ~0.1/(1-def%) x 12 hits, divide is around 17.3% / 82.7%

Overheating EX
Coefficient: 4 + 9/(1-%def)
Hits: 21 (23) *I have obtained 23 on DDN Scorpion but it is not a practical measure to use *
1 x 4 hits, 0.5/(1-%def) x 16 hits 1/(1-%def)
*As per above, don’t ask me why the EX still retains non-defence ignoring hits, it’s Eyedentity *

5. The Real Overcharging

Okay, I lied. What is in Section 1 is just the introduction to the skill. I will now cover the important skills that link to Overcharging, as well as the actual coefficient calculation for these skills after chaining. We will let those clueless people remain clueless…

Follow Up EX + Overcharging
5/(1-%def) + 1.5 + 15(1-%def) = 20/(1-%def) + 1.5

Follow Through EX DOES NOT chain to Overcharging

Beat Down + Overcharging
1 + 0.67 + 0.67 + 0.805 + 15(1-%def) = 3.145 + 15(1-%def)

Leaping Over DOES NOT chain to Overcharging

Flying Knee Kick EX + Overcharging
1/(1-%def) + 0.5/(1-%def) + 0.2/(1-%def) + 0.12/(1-%def) + 15/(1-%def) = 16.82/(1-%def)

Kidney Blow EX + Overcharging
0.265/(1-def%) + 1.26/(1-def%) + 0.105/(1-%def) + 0.126/(1-%def)+ 15/(1-def%) = 16.756/(1-%def)

Deus Ex Machina DOES NOT chain to Overcharging (Retro Charging instead, which might have practical applications)

Overheating EX + Overcharging
4 + 9/(1-%def) + 1 + 0.8 + 0.667 + 15/(1-%def) = 6.467 + 24/(1-%def)

6. Actual Damage Values

Follow Up
Level 6: 667%+1318
Level 11: 789%+16408
Level 16: 911%+37497
Level 21: 1033%+68773
Level 22: 1048%+74863

Follow Through
Level 6: 721%+3933
Level 11: 934%+20233
Level 16: 1146%+40116
Level 20: 1238%+57298
Level 21: 1359%+72280

Beat Down
Level 6: 808%+2646
Level 11: 877%+11494
Level 16: 1045%+24957
Level 21: 1214%+47787
Level 22: 1228%+52018

Leaping Over
Level 6: 504%+4663
Level 11: 645%+11973
Level 16: 787%+23248
Level 18: 818%+27791
Level 19: 833%+30333

Flying Knee Kick
Level 6: 803%+7946
Level 11: 913%+19138
Level 16: 1023%+34646
Level 19: 1061%+44826
Level 20: 1074%+48819
Level 21: Unknown

Kidney Blow
Level 6: 1166%+7464
Level 11: 1449%+15935
Level 16: 1733%+29758
Level 17: 1764%+32513
Level 18: 1794%+35493

Deus Ex Machina
Level 1: 556%+13374
Level 2: 571%+56340

Level 6: 642%+12355
Level 11: 784%+24547
Level 12: 799%+26876

*** Command Enhancement is not additive to FD, it is similar to mode skills, however I do not know if those and it is part of the 50x cap ***

*** Keep in mind that values presented below assume that %def reduction is 23%, Ruina will be doing less relative board damage against lower levelled enemies and enemies who have had their defence reduced ***

Level 22 Follow Up EX(highest gain from EX to non-EX by the way)

(1048%+74863) * 5/(1-%def) + 1.5
= (5240%+374315)/(1-%def) + 1572%+112294.5
= 8733% + 598418

with Overcharging

Level 20 Follow Through EX

(1238%+57298) * 3/(1-%def)
= 4823% + 223239

with Command Enhancement
= 7235% + 334854

Level 21 Beat Down

(1214%+47787) * 1

with Command Enhancement
= 1821% + 71680

with Command Enhancement + Overcharging
= 28704% + 1,105,099

Level 21 Leaping Over(I would at least half the damage for practicality since 20 hits isn’t common)

(818%+27791) * 20
= 16360% + 555820

with Command Enhancement
= 24540% + 833730

Level 16 Flying Knee Kick EX(Don’t count on full hits)

(1023%+34646) * 1.5/(1-%def)
= 1992% + 67491

with Command Enhancement
= 2989% + 101238

with Command Enhancement + Overcharging
= 23343% + 790558

Level 18Kidney Blow EX

(1794%+35493) * 1.5/(1-%def)
= 3494% + 69142

with Command Enhancement
= 5242% + 103713

with Command Enhancement + Overcharging
= 32702% + 646986

Level 11 Overheating EX

(784%+24547) * 4 + 9/(1-%def)
= 12299% + 385101

with Overcharging
= 29506% + 923846
Best damage rotation sequence for Ruina is therefore
Foot Stomping -> Follow Through EX -> Ducking -> Rock Away -> Kidney Blow EX + Overcharging

6. Other Things

In terms of DPS, Tier being tier of Overboost buffs

Tier 0/1 Ruina = Second Tier
Tier 2 Ruina = Close to Top Tier (Probably below Crusader, Engineer, Dark Avenger)
Tier 3 Ruina = God

There are so many bugs with Ruina at the moment, all you can do is to laugh. Oh, if you die at Overboost Tier 2, you can keep no-CD Ducking for the rest of the gaming session. (Does bug out a little still occasionally).

Beyond the Wall is a godlike skill for Ruina, simply because it gives you extremely safe landing after any skills that end with you in the air of which there are quite a few. You can left click/space bar to land after Beyond the Wall instead of leaping backwards.

Even abusing the no-CD Ducking bug, it still takes me roughly around 30 seconds to get 120 Steam counters. If this bug is fixed, along with buff wipes, and if the bug where Tier 3 does not grant no-CD Ducking triggers, Ruina will be ineffective for a very long while. (Yea, as if 30 seconds isn’t long enough and there are no mechanics… Did I mention Overflowing/Overboost can be buff cleared?)

The concept of this class was entirely ruined by Overcharging. What’s the point of giving us all these action options and focus the class’ entire DPS output and playstyle around left click, I have no idea. If you want to maximize DPS, this class isn’t that much better than Shooting Star when it comes to play style ironically.

As Overcharging does not gain from Command Enhancement, the use of Gear Steps is nearly entirely relegated to building Steam counters and mobility. Of course, the SA buff (it’s incredible) is still very useful in pulling the damage off.

Absurd damage, absurd HP recovery, absurd SA, coupled with a near redundant action system, this pretty much sums up Ruina. For those struggling with mastering Gear Steps, or for those who bank entirely on the specialist nature of Ruina, one can opt to drop the Defensio Gear Step (Step Up, Beat Down, Leaping Over).

The best way to play this class is to build to Overboost Tier 3 each and every time before attacking. No ifs, whens or buts. People who find that tedious or just don’t want to deal with the passive Gear Steps system, I suggest staying away from the class.

Source: Guide by Sieg