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Dragon Blaze Sheperd Mage Build Guide (Android & iOs)

This is an alternative build for Mage players who wants to play an unusual skill path other than:

Traditional 1 fireball and a monster kisses the floor build or
Meteor bowling ball that hits a basket of eggs build

The build we gonna discuss today would be The Sheperd Mage.
You should read this guide IF:

1) You are bored of mages all those fireballs and damages build.

2) You love the cute lil sheeps in Dragon Blaze.

3) You are the haters against all the cash rich players in Dragon Blaze.
How you wish u can t(-_-t) them but you cant win them everytime. Here's your chance lol

4) With the release of Season 2 into English version very soon on 21st July, Ascension allies will be very overpowered.
Many players would be facing great difficulty against those cash rich players with Ultimate allies and Ascension Allies.
Sheperd Mage build is the only build in this game that is able to turn the tide over against these P2P(pay 2 play) players.
Yes, the summon rate from premium is crappy but p2p players are still able to spam and product multiple Ultimate or Ascension allies within short duration.

Youtube Video links: Due to restrictions to 1 video limitation per thread, i will archive them as url links below.

Dragon Blaze Legendary Mode Deus Deathcrown Boss Raid using Sheperd Mage Build

Dragon Blaze Myth Mode Daily Dungeon Wednesday Map using Sheperd Mage Build

Based on current level cap of Lv55, this should be the skill tree that you are looking at:

Do take note that there can be few variants based on players preference for the passives distribution.
For me, i do not neglect the fundamentals of Mage damaging spells and thus went 10/10 on Meteor.
This will help me in clearing mobs be it normal questing maps, raids, arena or guild battles.

Some may prefer to go 10/10 on Fireballs with 1/10 on Fire Seal or 5/10 on Fireballs and Fire Seal to secure 1 to 1 takedowns.

Priority of the 4 passive skills distribution in late game would be 3rd > 2nd > 4th > 1st (rest or balance with Fireball)

Some would question about mana consumption issue. This can be resolved by balancing up your 2nd & 3rd passive evenly spread. I chose not to do that as I still want to have more damage. I counteract this issue by using accessories with mana recovery and max mana increment stats.


Q) Why Sheperd aka Sheep Mage?
A) For newbie mage or free to play players, they tend to face stronger challenges against cash rich players who will reach advancement at faster pace and lose out during initial arena or guild battle stage. This build aims to counteract the problem faced by disabling opponents, while our allies takes down the non affected or core target enemies during the start of battle.
In late game, crowd control would play a much more important role as everyone advances to their final upgrades.
If you want to own in World Boss or loves damage, this is not the guide for you ya.

*Update 22/06/15: Apparently Labyrinth is about having control over the minions.
With 3 tanks and Priest Ranran, I'm able to reach Stage 29. Currently I'm doing gold farming at Labyrinth with ease and managed to upgrade all my allies with maxed gears.

Q) Why do i go more skill points on Weapon Use instead Intelligent increase?
A) This is because our Meteor spell damage benefits more from Weapon base attack than INT due to modifier.
The increment of 4 digit attack value by % is way much more compared to INT % from gears.
We do not neglect Intelligence increase as we need some mana for casting our ultimate consistently.

Q) What equipments should i aim for under this Sheperd build?
A) The theory of this build is to buy time and sustain throughout the battle.
So we have to stay undaunted and alive while our allies does the work for us.

For stats wise, we will be looking at unique aspects under this order:

Q) What kind of allies would be suitable for this build?
A) Allies with AOE skills disabling, AOE/Single sheep status, crowd control, atk speed down would help your team to take down enemies with superb efficiency. Of course, having a great tank like King Gram or Byron would be a nightmare for enemies.

My ideal lineup that i want to form would be:
Sheperd mage
King Gram/Byron/Tyran
Belle Snow
Captain Shabelle
Princess Mercedes

Fun build would be:
Sheperd mage
Queen Caberra
Hunter Toori/Belle Snow
King Gram/Byron/Tyran
Captain Shabelle

Q) Does accuracy affects the chances to cause enemies to turn into sheeps?
From my understanding with Chinese server, accuracy can only reduce the increased variables of enemies evasion % on hit or spells hits but not debuff efficiency % as they are considered as a separate entity.

And thus, this may not be applicable under debuff or buff accuracy as till date I have not yet seen enemies showing any 'MISS' indication at the top of their head when I cast Salamander's Curse.

Salamander's Curse with Accuracy only affects the probability to land the spells onto opponents.
The probability for Salamander's Curse to turns enemies into sheeps is yet another calculation.

In addition, this accuracy modifier does not reduce below the actual base variable, i.e, doesn't goes below 0.
I personally have SS Hunter Misty and SSS Hunter Toori where they have skill disable debuff against enemies.
The above mentioned symptom wasn't observed neither.

So this is what I believe that spells and Curse are counted separately and not affected by accuracy.

This is also part of the reason why in Season 2, many mages switched over to Sheperd build to counteract the stronger monsters, arenas and Guild battles as their defense armor variables are getting much higher, resulting a need for dev to improve and increase the modifier for Meteor.

The only problem which I faced would be immunity removal or debuff prevention that nullify my Curse effect.

Example my debuff chance rate is 55%.
Opponent enemy has an immunity of 15%.
What happens is that by mechanics, my 55% will be reduced by 15% and becomes 40% chance of success rate against this specific enemy.

This mechanic will be treated as individual on every single enemy. Example opponent main class has 20% immunity and their allies with 10%. The formula works separately as per their equipped immunity. This is the reason why allies with passive immune are a great asset to a successful and competitive play against de buffers.

Against a debuffing mage build, opponent have to stack their equipments with immunity or an ally with support passive.
As a debuffing mage, I have more options to build my lineup in my opinion.

But do update/correct us if you have findings or screenshot where we can take reference of, which would be greatly appreciated. =)

Q) Where are you from and who are you?
A) I'm a gamer from Singapore with experience on various types of games for as long as 20 years or more.
My interest in gaming is to play classes with alternative skill options that are unique compared to standard skill builds.

What attracts me in games too would be skill builds planning, MMO, stats distribution calculation & equipments hunting.
As such Dragon Blaze fits in my criteria where i started playing and currently am enjoying it

I had retired from PC MMORPGs and currently focusing more on mobile gamings due to work constraints and activities. Last played mobile game was Pet Alliance, Brave Frontier, Crusader Quest under ign: Kenoon.

Source: Guide by Kenoon