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Dragon Blaze Equipment's Stats Guide (Android/iOs)

As you all know, equipment comes with randomly rolled stats. This makes equipment looting very exciting, but it could also be frustrating at times. There are so many possible stats, and when you consider the class of the recipient, set bonus and min-maxing, things are gonna get ugly.

Here's where I come in. I'll discuss all the possible stats, and give you guidelines on how to gauge whether a selected item is good or not. If you haven't, read this guide for starters: https://gamelytic.com/dragon-blaze-c...uipment-guide/ . I'm going to continue from there since some things are still not discussed yet, and include some departure from there.


INT/DEX/STR: The three main stats. This are the only offensive stats on armor, as every other stats for armor are for defensive purposes only. Therefore, for optimal DPS/healing, you'll want one of these corresponding stats sprinkled on your gloves, boots, etc. However, for your allies, I wouldn't prioritize this as high as on your main hero, since they typically need more survivability.

Note: STR on tanks is a bonus only, and thus its priority is much lower down the ladder. You don't want to go a long way just to secure STR stats for them. This is the only exception, as every other class benefits more from the added damage. Healers heal more, DPS dps more, but tanks have negligible dps anyway, and you're much better off with the defensive stats below, especially considering their role as your wall.

STA/HP: I lump these together because they're so similar. 1 STA = 32 HP, so get your calculator out and compare. Most gear with same level requirement to wear has similar STA-HP conversion though, so it's quite a safe bet. The power of these stats is that both can be rolled in the same item, so you'll have double the boost. A level-appropriate gear with both STA and HP is insanely good, especially on allies, and I value them highly. Because allies cannot yet equip gloves, hats, etc, their HP is going to be much lower than your main hero, and so they need more padding.

Note: The STA+HP combo is especially important for 2 roles: tanks and rezzers. The former because they need substantial HP pool to soak damage safely on dangerous environment, the latter because rezzers (Priest Ranran, etc) should ideally be the last to die. What's the use of a rezzer who always dies first?

All/fire/holy/etc resist: This stat reduces the elemental damage received. This may look good, but in practice it's seldom encountered and worth it compared to physical damage, as critical multiplier and most major skills are physical-based. I'll go as far as to say that it's a "bad stat", and you might as well ignore it. A piece of armor with 3 stats and 1 of them being all resist is just 2-stat armor in my eyes.

EVA: A very strong defensive stat. It's important to realize that evasion stat is increasing returns. That is, going from 50% to 60% is much better mathematically than from 0% to 10%. To give you an example, going from 0% to 50% evasion will double your effective HP, while going from 50% to 99% is 50x the effective HP. Granted, immunity (as with many stats) are hit with reduced improvement on higher %, but it's nevertheless good to know. Tanks need this stat in abundance, above DEF and could even be ranked higher than HP. Never underestimate the power of "miss".

Immunity: Reduces the effect of disables. This is important for all classes. Atk debuff, stun, silence(skills blocked), etc are debilitating in this game. DPS can't use their skill / doing reduced damage, healers can't heal / heal much less (have you see them heal for literally 1 point? I have), tanks can't taunt to save their teammates, the list goes on. It is especially important for healers. 15+% for those allies and 40% for priests would lessen your frustration a lot.

Note: There is a separate category of healers that has even bigger benefit to get/stack immunity. This is the cleanser. Mercedes, Priest Nian, Dark Breath, etc, they all can remove debuffs every few seconds. Imagine the scenario of iguanas in the junglefury zone. With immunity, they won't be silenced, then can remove the silence of your team every few seconds. Compare that to 0% immunity case where they get silenced and become sitting duck along with everyone else.

DEF: I do not like to view this as a separate stats. Rather, I lump it together with the main defense of the armor, then compare. For example, I don't compare a 250 DEF shield with 3 stats(one of them being DEF) with 300 DEF shield with 3 stats, but rather as 320 DEF shield with 2 stats vs 300 DEF shield with 3 stats. This makes it easier to compare the two. As for relative usefulness, it's a good stats, but it's usually of minor benefit, so view it as a bonus, not something you need to go out of your way for. Evasion trumps this as well.


Accuracy: Counters EVA. There are 2 categories of DPS stat, enhancers and stabilizers. Enhancer stat is critical hits, as they enhance your DPS with multipliers. Stabilizers are ACC and DEF pen, as they make sure that the enemy stays "honest" by nullifying their EVA and DEF, therefore stabilizing your damage. Same principle as DEF pen, useful but on diminishing returns. Rating: A- until around 15-25%, then B- afterwards.

Note: Thanks to the community's understanding of the OP-ness of EVA, you'll need a lot more ACC to counter their EVA on PVP scenarios (Guild Battles, Arena). Around 40% is a good point to aim for, and more is still useful, unlike the PVE counterparts.

Boss Damage: Add listed damage whenever you hit bosses (those with crowns, raid bosses and world boss). This is very niche, and I usually opt for more universally useful stats overall, but it's still useful at times. This is a bit less useful on allies as you can't bring them for raid bosses, but there's one exception (see below). I'm not 100% sure, but this shouldn't be multiplied on critical hits. Rating: D

Note: There's one specific use of this stat: WB. Use Karang, Ranger Disty, or any other allies with passive for boss damage, then kit them with this stat + other DPS modifiers. Boss damage values are generous once you take its specificity into account. They'll be your WB killer, specifically designed to kill WB. Note that this is straying into the luxury category though, so this is not for new players.

Crit Damage: Literally useless without critical rate stats, as by then you'll only crit ~5% of the time, with proper crit rate though (and rogues!), this is the key to sky-high DPS numbers, both burst and sustained. Only consider this once you have 20%+ critical rate. Rating: D if on base crit rate, A if with crit rate bonus

Note: Heals can crit, so it's not a dead stat for priests and healers as many other DPS stats are.

Crit Rate: This is much better than crit damage by itself, because crit rate bonus + base crit damage > base crit rate + crit damage bonus (try some math to prove this!). Still not as powerful as others though, but it certainly isn't a bad stat. Rating: C+ or B- if on base crit damage, A if with crit damage bonus

Note: Heals can crit, so it's not a dead stat for priests and healers as many other DPS stats are.

Defense Penetration: This stat has diminishing returns, since the more you stack this, the less often you'll benefit from it. To convince yourself, 20% DEF pen is useful for literally any monsters, but 60% DEF pen is much less so, because on squishy targets (20-30% DEF), 20% DEF pen works nearly as well, and that's 40% that could go to other DPS stats. Very useful vs tankers. Rating: A- until around 15-25%, then B- afterwards.

Random/Fire/Holy/etc damage: This is a "bad stat" the way all resist on armor is. It may look big, but it isn't multiplied by DEF pen, nor calculated into critical hits, so it's value is static and minor. Holy damage doesn't improve priest heals (where do people get these strange notions anyway?), and this is the stat you don't want to see on your Mythical Blazing gears. Pray hard guys. Rating: E for random damage, E- for all other damage because the value is smaller

Weapon ATK/Max Weapon ATK: Same principle as DEF above. Lump main damage with these 2 stats, then compare. To make calculations easier, add the min and max damage of the weapon together and add max weapon ATK (if any), then divide by 2, then add the weapon ATK (if any). You'll get the average damage then. This stat is very important for healers. Since they don't need DEF pen or ACC, you'll want to aim for high damage numbers for high healing numbers. This is even more important than INT stats, because INT only offers 2/stat, while weapon ATK is often worth more. Rating: A+ for healers, B+ for all others

INT/DEX/STR: Found on off-hands (magic orb, quiver, shield). Same principle as armor, but this time it's valued much less because on armors, this is the only choice for offensive uses while on weapon slot, many other stats are much more powerful offensively. Still useful, don't get me wrong, but just don't get overboard with it. Rating: around B-

Mana/Mana regen: (And to a small extent INT). Okay stats for lengthy fights. Running out of mana to heal as a priest must be avoided at all costs, and this can help. However, once you level up further, you'll find that you'll need less and less mana items, because mana costs stay constant while your stats and INT gears keep getting better and better. At level cap, you'll generally not need this as much. Before then, it depends. For mage, if you only max 1 active skill then you won't need this, but if you max 2 (eg: meteor + sheep both level 10), then you'll need some aid to keep you afloat.Rating: Conditional, ranging from B to E

Note: Look to accessories for your mana needs. 1 ring or amulet could easily be 400-800 mana each, not to mention the added mana regen. Granted, you'll move away from these in favor of crit rate accessories, etc, but by that time, you shouldn't need the extra mana anymore.

STA/HP: Again, same principle. Also on another similarity, whereas INT/DEX/STR is valued on armor because it's the only offensive stat, STA/HP on off-hand is useful because it's the only defensive stat in weapon slot. Look for this if your rezzers need additional meat on them.

Attack speed: Technically not a separate stat, but I want to cover this aspect nevertheless. Higher level requirement weapon will give higher attack speed, which is useful for general DPS (not skill DPS though). A factor to consider if you're relying on fierce auto-attack setups.

P.S: For shields, follow the armor guideline. Defensive shield >>>> offensive shield unless it's for your main hero (warrior) and you want some damage on him.

General build

For healers: Weapon ATK and INT, then pad up their HP because they're the pillar of your team. Make sure to include at least 1 source of immunity, and get some evasion if you can, but do have decent HP pool before you even think of EVA. STA+HP+immunity armor (even S ranked!) on healer allies is my ideal armor. For weapon, weapon ATK is the most important, then INT, then crit rate as last, last resort (I don't like mana because they're useless when passed to allies = less flexible). DEF pen and ACC are mostly useless for you (more on this later).

For tanks: Go big or go home. Do not be tempted by offensive stats; I'd rather get 1 defensive stat than 3 offensive ones, unless you have a specific lineup in mind. EVA, EVA, EVA, make it 40%+ if possible, then pad up those HP and DEF. EVA > HP > DEF. As the gamelytic guide says, you can't afford to slot for critical hits, so go for ACC and DEF pen (and weapon ATK) as the cheaper alternatives. My ideal weapon for tank is weapon ATK + ACC + DEF pen, then for shield and armor it's EVA + DEF + HP (STR is a less efficient source of DEF), and immunity if your tank can taunt so he won't get disturbed by stuns/whatever.

For DPS: Balance is the key. Treat those elemental damage bonus as a dead stat, then gear up for critical hits. There exists a DPS calculator here: https://gamelytic.com/dragon-blaze-dps-calculator/ , but what I strive for is 1 source of ACC (2 if for PVP), 1 source of DEF pen, then all the crit rate and damage you can afford. Weapon ATK is still important, but not as much as the others.

For allies: Because they unfortunately can only have 4 gears on them, you'll typically be more defensive-minded on them. Higher difficulties (especially Myth) likes to pop you for 10k+ a shot, and unless you spoil your allies with defensive stats, you will be having trouble with revival scroll expenses.

Set Bonus

I'll only include the 2-set bonus, as your allies can only get max 2-set bonus. This applies to all difficulties

Komodo set: ATK speed is quite good, especially on rogues

Tyrant set: STA good for everyone, but especially tanks and healers

Jungle set: Crit damage is good, but you need another source of crit rate or this is passable

Shadowcrag set: Some DEF is nice, but I prefer Tyrant's STA bonus

DC set: Weapon ATK is useful for anybody, even healers


Most weapons: Spec them as per the "for DPS" category above, except:

Wands: You'll want two kinds. Mage wands are identical to the above, but priest wands are Weapon ATK + INT based. I'll hunt you down if you kit your Ranran with crit + DEF pen wand.

Sword: You'll want two kinds as well. DPS warrior has the usual complement (crit, DEF pen, etc), but tank warrior swords is typically Weapon ATK + ACC + DEF pen. Crit rate and crit damage feeds on each other, so unless you have each of those, just ignore them. I would sometimes even go for a relatively meh sword to claim the set bonus (37 STA bonus from Tyrant set says hello )

Small tips: Myth gears are far better than even SSS legend gears, and easier to enhance to boot. Consider jumping to Storm Tyrant or at least Komodo myth before you consider SSS maxing your weapons out.

P.S: Do be flexible. Some priests are DPS-esque (eg: Healer Unity), while some tanks are DPS-esque (eg: Ger), so do be open-minded on the builds. Source: Guide by Abs01ut3