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Blade & Soul Online Forgotten Tomb Complete Walkthrough Guide

Forgotten Tomb is the new level 50 dungeon to be updated in Blade & Soul CN on 30th Jun 2015. The bosses and setting of Forgotten Tomb are designed based on the Level 36 Red Lotus Tomb dungeon. The stage mechanics is probably the most complicated one among all the dungeons in Blade & Soul Online so far.

Stage 1: Zhang Qi Fu

The main boss of the stage is a force master, 张起副 (Zhang Qi Fu, i will just call him Zhang), and his 2 Destroyer wives, 明月 & 武月 (Ming Yue and Wu Yue).

Zhang normal attack consists most of Force Master skills, with ice and fire elements.

Phase 1: HP 100% – 70%

Attack mode 1: Attack Wives
Zhang started with a shield which reduces 90% of the damage you deal to him. You can’t deal much damage to him at this time. Just send a tanker to hold the aggro, while the other party members go to attack his two wives, until their HP is < 70%.

Attack mode 2: Transfer of Shield
When the 2 wives HP are below 70%, Zhang will transfer his defend buff to both the wives. This will cause anyone within 5m from the wives to be push backed.

Without his defensive shield, the party can deal damage to Zhang as per normal. Therefore, just leave someone, preferable the summoners’ cat to tank the 2 wives while the other party members attack Zhang.

*** Do NOT kill the wives or else Zhang will go berserk and cause party wipe.

Phase 2: HP 70% – 40%

Attack mode 3: Mass Freeze + Love Attack
When Zhang HP reaches 70%, he will jump to the middle of the room and prepare to cast the wide AOE Mass Freeze. The 2 wives will then jump to his sides. As soon as the 2 wives land, the Mass Freeze is triggered.

To prevent being frozen, party i-frame skills, such as dandelion of Summoner should be used. The frozen status on party members can also be dispel if you have a Force Master in the party.

The fast 3-hit Love AOE Attack follows after 3sec. Blade Master should be using the sword protection, which can resist 3 x of the attack. The Love AOE Attack also heals the two wives (who are dancing at the sides)

Subsequently, Zhang will unleash another 3-hit AOE Attack and this time, the 2 wives will be casting Fire Spin and travel across the room. Here, it is best to have Force Master freezing the whole group for protection.

Take note that Zhang can be damaged through Mode 3, but do take care NOT to bring his HP below 40%, because it will trigger the Phase 3 AOE attack immediately. If the CD of the party resist skills are not yet finished, this will likely cause party wipe.

The boss will gain back his shield after Attack Mode 3. The Attack Mode 1 (bring down the wives’ HP) and Mode 2 (force Zhang to transfer his shield) are repeated until his HP reaches 40%.

Phase 3: 40% – 20%

At 40% HP, he will perform attack mode 3 (a.k.a mass freeze > 3 x AOE > 3 x AOE) again. However, before he jump back to the middle, he will freeze the member which is further away from him and use ice fraction (and most likely kill that person). To prevent this, one can disable/CC the boss immediately or Force Master can dispel the frozen status on the member.

After the Love Attack, do NOT bring the boss HP down below 20%, as it will trigger another rounds of AOE attacks immediately. Do give some time to recover the CD of all party resist skills.

Phase 4: 20% – 0%

When Zhang’s HP reaches 20%, he will use Attack Mode 4

Attack Mode 4: Mass Freeze + Love Attack
He will transfer his shield permanent to the two wives. After that, he will cast Mass Freeze (without jumping to the middle) and use 3 x Love Attack AOE. The two wives will use Fire Spin around the room as well.

Spiritualism buff of Warlock should be used when the boss is at 30% HP, provided that the party resist skills have finished CD.

After Zhang is dead, the two wives will be weaken for a long time and can be killed easily.

Stage 2: Steel

HP: 13, 500, 000

Forgotten Tomb stage 2

Steel’s normal attack pattern is similar to the robot in Mushin Tower Floor 14.

Normal Attack:
Swipe x 2 > Poke x 2 (Knock down) > Laser / Machine Gun (Knock back) > AOE push back (can be disable/cc, but cannot be lifted/grabbed, can be seized)

*** If the tanker is > 5m away, the boss will pull the tanker in and weaken him, followed by AOE knockback (if you never wake up immediately). This will be repeated indefinitely. So, if you are the aggro holder, make sure you are within 5m from the boss. Use Resist skill or freeze the tanker to avoid this endless cycle.

After casting 1 round of normal attack, Steel will use Attack Mode 1.

Attack Mode 1: Summon Blue Robots
Boss will summon 3 recovery Blue Robots at 12, 7, 4 o’clock relative to him. They will heal the boss’s HP ; except for the tanker, all other party members should kill these machines quickly.

After this, he will use another AOE push back and go in Attack Mode 2.

Attack Mode 2: Summon Red Robots
He will summon 3 red robots near him. Everybody should stop attack and let the tanker aggro the robots. Subsequently, the robots will jump to the tanker (who should be using resist skill now).

At this time, station a long range damage dealer to stay near the edge of the room (to lure the missiles later)

When the 3 Red Robots gather, everyone should use high damage AOE attack to kill them instantly. If successful, the 3 Red Robots should drop 3 shields.

If the party does not manage to kill the 3 Red Robots fast enough, they will self-destruct and will not leave the shields behind. The self-destruction of Red Robots can be delayed slightly with double cc/disable.

3 party members should pick up the shields and move to the edge of the rooms, the one who have no shield stay at the middle.

Attack Mode 3: Missiles > Lightning Balls
The boss will be floating up in the air at this time, and start launching 3 rounds of missiles at the further member from him. The member who is luring the missile normally does not hold the shield, and should make sure that at the end of the missiles bombardment, he is not the furthest person from the boss (move slightly towards the middle of the room). The missiles leave fire pits on the grounds.

After the 3 x missiles, Steel will mark the furthest person from him. One of the guy holding the shield should be the one being marked by moving to the edge of the room. Steel will then launch 3 lightning balls to the marked person, and the person holding the shield should press “1″ to absorb the shield (similar to the Stage 2 of Snow Jade Palace, except that the block timer is only 0.8sec).

While doing this, the shield bearer slowly moves towards the middle and after the 3rd lightning balls, throws the shield at the boss to deal 750k of damage.

Attack Mode 4: Summon Blue Robot > Laser > Lightning Balls
The boss will again summon one blue robot near him; and it should be destroyed immediately by members who are not holding shields.

Subsequently, Steel shoots 2 x laser (inducing knock back) at the further person in the group. The shield holder should move accordingly to avoid being hit.

After this, the boss will mark the furthest member from him again, and the party again has to make sure it is one of the remaining the shield holders.

Similarly, absorb the 3 lightning balls and throw the shield back at the boss to deal very high damage.

Attack Mode 5: Summon Blue Robot > Missiles > Lightning Balls
The boss will again summon one blue robot near him to heal his HP, and launch 2 x missiles at the further person in the group. The last shield holder again has to move to evade the missiles.

*** avoid moving to 12, 7, 4 o’clock directly (relative to boss) as the missiles will leave fit pit on the ground and make the killing of Blue Robots in Attack Mode 1 harder.

Similarly, he will mark the furthest guy, and launch 3 lightning balls. Subsequently, he will cast an 3-hit AOE attack, which can be interrupted by throwing the shield at him.

Steel will drop down from the air and stay down for about 8sec. Towards the end of the 8sec, kungfu master or summoner’s cat can sit/seize the boss to further extend the down time (cannot be lifted or grabbed by destroyer/lyn blade master).

**** If the shield throw is < 3, the boss will be shot down from the air and 3-hit AOE attack will be cast. I-frame skills or party resist skills should be used in this case.

Regardless, the boss will still land in the middle of the room again, and repeat Attack Mode 1. Attack Mode 1 > 5 is repeated until the boss is dead.

Stage 3: Berserk Emperor

Forgotten Tomb Final Boss

The Flame Emperor of Red Lotus Tomb has now gained the power of Lightning, along with his original Fire elemental attack.

Normal Attack

Frontal Swipe > Frontal/Back Swipe > 360 degree Spin (can be cc/disable) > Fire Breath.

Almost all normal attack skills have knock back effect. If the aggro holder is too far from the boss, he will throw 2 x fireballs at him. These fire balls cannot be blocked and induce knock back. After that, the boss will generate lava pit on the ground.

This should be avoided by making sure that the tanker stays close to the boss.

Flame Attack Mode

Berserk Emperor jumps towards to the further member in the group (should be avoided with SS).

After that, he will generate 3 time-bombs (countdown 5sec) on 3 party members (the first 3 who attack him ). When the timer reaches 1, the party members with the bombs use i-frame skills to avoid being damage.

*** Decide at the start of the battle, the 3 persons who hit the boss first will be the 3 targets for the time bombs.

Take note that the AOE of the explosion is very large, ~6m. Make sure that there are no party members or summoned units in the vicinity. Otherwise, the damage will be multiplied by the number of targets within the AOE.

After the time-bomb attacks, the boss will throw lava at the 3 members who got the time-bomb just now, in that same order. Lava pits are formed on the floor and will stay on the field for some times. So the members who become the target for the time bomb should stay away from the boss until the lava pit aiming at him appears.

After the 3 x Lava pit, Berserk Emperor will roar and ignite the ember (which most likely kills the anyone with it). The ignition can be avoided with party resist skills.

Lightning Attack Mode

To facilitate explanation, party members with different roles are assigned numbers as follows:
1: Main Tanker, role: 2-man lightning conductor, typical class: Kung Fu Master / Blade Master
2: Marker, role: to be marked by the boss, typical class: long range damage dealer, or melee
3: Lifter, role: absorb lightning balls, typical class: destroyer, lyn blade master
4/5: Damage dealer, role: 3-man lightning conductor
6: Any, role: absorb lightning balls.

Important points & the reason for such distribution of roles:
a) The members acting as lightning conductors will gain 50% attack buff. Therefore, they should be allocated for the Main Tanker and the main damage dealers.
b) You will die immediately if you are being touched by lightning balls twice or become one of the lightning conductor. Lifter only needs to absorb 1 of the lightning balls and make sure that they are not hit by other lightning balls while lifting.
c) If there are no lifter (destroyer/lyn blade master), one can assign the role to Kung Fu Master (seize), or Summoner (cat sit), or Blade Master (continuously flipping the boss up in the air).
d) Summoned units will interrupt with the mechanics of the boss; for beginners, try to kill the summoner’s cat before the battle. Warlock’s familiar should not be brought out unless it will be sacrificed for Spiritualism buff.
e) Boss HP is 23,200,000 but most of the damage is dealt through the electric debuff x 8

Lightning Attack Mode will be used when the boss HP is 90%, 60%, and 30%.

90% HP Lightning Mode: 2-3-2 Conductor
Boss jumps to the middle of the room. He will mark the further person (#2) from him. The positions of all members are shown in the figure below:

#2 is the marker and should be standing at 6 o’clock and furthest among all party members.
#1 Main T stand within 3m in front of the boss, while #4 & #5 stand behind the boss within 3m.
#3 & #6 flank the boss and absorb/eat the 2 lightning balls which appears. After that, they should move behind the boss and deal damage as well. The lightning balls gives #3 & #6 an electric buff but it does not increase their attack.

#2 moves towards the boss and stand right next to #1. The boss will use Chain Lightning on #2 (marked). They will be safe if there are EXACTLY 2 persons within the AOE to act as the lightning conductor (which is #1 & #2).

The Chain Lightning grants electric buffs to #1 and #2 and increases their attacks.

After the chain lightning, #2 get very close to the boss and make sure that he is the closest, among all party members. Berserk Emperor will then grab the nearest person (#2) and thus the electric buff is transferred to the boss.

Subsequently, the boss will throw #2 and then jump on #1 (main aggro). #1 should stand at the middle and use i-frame skills to dodge it.

After being thrown, #2 will be the further person from the boss and will be marked again. Two lightning balls will again be generated at the left and right of the boss. They will moves towards #2.

#1, #3 & #6 should still have electric buff and should not touch the lightning balls. #2, #4 & #5 will soon be the 3-man conductor and should not touch the lightning balls as well.

#2 should move towards the boss and stand together with #4 & #5, avoiding the 2 lightning balls in the process.

The boss unleashes Chain Lightning on #2 and this time, a 3-man conductor is required for them to be safe. #2, #4 & #5 are the 3-man conductor and gain electric buff.

#2 need to get to the closest position again after the chain lightning so that the boss will grab him. The electric buff is passed on to the buff and #2 will be thrown away again.

After that, the boss will use the triple stomp, which should be disabled and lifted by #3. Take note that, at this time, the 2 free moving lightning balls are still on the field and should be avoided.

After 6sec, put the boss down at the middle of the room, and the boss will again mark #2 (furthest guy) for the third time. After being marked, move towards the boss along with #1 in front of the boss, to become the 2-man conductor for the next chain lightning.

Everybody else can just go behind the boss and deal damage. Similarly, #2 move up close, so that the boss can grab him, and transfer the 3rd electric buff to him. After throwing #2, Berserk Emperor will roar (should be resisted with skills). At this time, #3 and #6 should go chase and absorb the 2 roaming lightning balls.

In summary, for the 1st Lightning Attack Mode,
Conductor sequence: 2-3-2
Boss Marker: Furthest member

60% HP Lightning Mode: 3-2-3 Conductor
The boss will start by jumping to the middle. The 2nd Lightning Attack mode is significantly different from the 1st one.

Conductor sequence: 3-2-3
Boss Marker: Closest member

Therefore, #2 has to stand very near to the boss at the start, while other members stay away first. After seeing #2 being marked, other members stand in the allocated positions (see Figure below).

#3 and #6 absorb the 2 lightning balls which appears at the left and right. #1 goes behind the boss. #4 and #5 stands in front of the boss, along with #2.

The boss will unleash the 4th chain lightning, and this time, you need a 3-man conductor (#2,#4,#5). Subsequently, the boss will grab the closest person (#2 move close to the boss) and throw him again, transfer the 4th electric buff.

The boss will then jump to #1 (main T). At this moment, #2 has to make sure that he moves back to the boss and become the closest person again.

After gaining the mark, #2 has to quickly SS to the 6 o’clock direction since the 2 lightning balls will be moving towards him (see Figure below).

After the lightning balls moves, #2 should quickly approach #1 who is standing in front of the boss by now, to be the 2-man conductor. After chain lightning, #2 move up to be grabbed by the boss and transfer the 5th electric buff.

After that, the boss will use triple stomp, which should be cc and lifted by #3. Everybody else should stay at least 5m away from the boss at this moment. #4 or #5 get closer so that they can be marked next.

#2 will not be the marked for this round because the 2 roaming lightning balls are aiming at him.

Before the 6th chain lightning, the boss will not release 2 lightning balls (similar to the 3rd one). He will use chain lightning right away after marking either #4 or #5.

#2, #4, #5 will need to gather quickly and become the 3-man conductor. Use a party resist skills immediately to prevent boss from grabbing anyone.

Boss will roar (should be resisted with skills) and end the lightning attack mode, with 5 layers of electric buff on him now.

The reason for preventing boss grabbing here, is to avoid the triggering of the 3rd Lightning Attack mode. If the boss get the 6th layers of electric buff at this juncture, his HP will drop below 30% and he will go into the 3rd Lightning Attack mode. He will generate additional 2 lightning balls (2+2 on the fields) and can be quite messy to handle.

30% HP Lightning Mode: 2-3-2 Conductor

Conductor sequence: 2-3-2
Boss Marker: Furthest member

This is exactly the same as the 1st (90% HP) lightning attack mode. When the boss grab the 9th time, and gain the 8th layer of electric buff, he would be half dead already. Use Spiritualism buff here to end the battle.

Summary of Battle Flow

100% – 95% Normal Attack:
Front swipe > Front / Back swipe > 360 degree Spin (cc) > Fire breath

95% – 90% Fire Attack Mode
Jump to furthest > 3 x Time tomb > 3 x Lava pit > Roar

90% – 70% 1st Lightning Attack Mode (Mark Furthest)
* Jump to middle > 2 Lightning balls > Mark furthest > 2-man conductor > Grab closest
* Jump to main T > 2 Lightning Balls > Mark furthest > 3-man conductor > Grab closest > Triple stomp (cc)
* Mark furthest > 2-man conductor > Grab closest > Roar

70% – 60% Normal Attack (with random Time Bomb) + Fire Attack Mode.

60% – 3x % 2nd Lightning Attack Mode (Mark Closest)
* Jump to middle > 2 Lightning balls > Mark closest > 3-man conductor > Grab closest
* Jump to main T > 2 Lightning Balls > Mark closest > 2-man conductor > Grab closest > Triple stomp (cc)
* Mark closest > 3-man conductor > Grab closest (resist here) > Roar

3x% – 30% Normal Attack (with random Time Bomb) + Fire Attack Mode.

30%- 0% 3rd Lightning Attack Mode (Mark Furthest)
2-3-2 conductor, similar to the 1st Lightning Attack Mode.

Stage Mechanics Details : Q & A

What does Mark do?
The boss will unleash chain lightning on the marked target. It requires additional 1 or 2 more members around him to share the lightning. If there are nobody around to share it or the number of person required is not correct, the marked person and whoever around it will die.

What is the requirement for proper conducting/sharing of lightning?

1st Lightning Mode: 90% HP
* 1st mark > requires 2 man to share the lightning
* 2nd mark > requires 3 man to share the lightning
* 3rd mark > requires 2 man to share the lightning

2nd Lightning Mode: 60% HP
* 1st mark > requires 3 man to share the lightning
* 2nd mark > requires 2 man to share the lightning
* 3rd mark > requires 3 man to share the lightning

3rd Lightning Mode: 30% HP
* 1st mark > requires 2 man to share the lightning
* 2nd mark > requires 3 man to share the lightning
* 3rd mark > requires 2 man to share the lightning

Remember: 2-3-2 | 3-2-3 | 2-3-2

What is difference in the rule of Marking for the 3 rounds of Lightning Attack mode?
1st and 3rd ones are exactly the same: the boss will mark the furthest guy from him. For the 2nd one, the boss will mark the closest member instead.

What is Lightning Ball?
At the 1st and 2nd mark of EACH round of lightning attack mode, 2 lightning balls will be generated at 3 and 6 o’clock (absolute position, not relative to the boss). In other words, 4 lightning balls will be generated each round.

After touching and absorbing the lightning, an electric buff will be applied to you. If you have a layer of electric buff on you, you will die the moment you touch the ball again. Furthermore, the electric buff will be passed on to any one within 3m from you, likely killing him as well.

Will our DPS be sufficient to take down the high HP of the boss?
Every time the boss grab the marked person, the electric buff on him will be transfer to the boss. Each time the boss gain 2 layers of electric buff, his HP will be dropped by ~8% HP. The boss will take up to a maximum of 8 x electric buff, which is translated to 32% of HP drop.

Furthermore, the person who have become the conductor for the chain lighting will gain attack increasing electric buff (+50% attack + 50% crit damage). However, the one absorbing the lightning balls will not have the attack buff, despite having the electric buff.

How to obtain electric buff?
The marked person and the members who are sharing the chain lightning with him will gain an attack increasing electric buff.

The person who have absorbed the lightning balls or stand nearby to someone who have absorbed the lightning balls will gain non-attack increasing lightning buff as well.

What if the boss grab the person who is not the marker?
When the boss grab someone, the electric buff on him will be transferred to the boss. The one being grabbed will not have the electric buff anymore. Therefore, the assigned marker (#2) need to be grabbed so that he can become the marker + conductor again in the next round.

If somehow the boss grabs a non-marker, the original marker cannot be the marker + conductor next since the electric buff is still on him (he will die instantly). Someone else without electric buff should become the ad hoc marker instead. However, this will cause much confusion and should be avoided altogether.

What should a marker do?
The preferred candidate for marker is force master, warlock or summoner (ranged classes). Melee class can function as a marker too but he will not be contributing much in terms of dps.

Furthest Marker : HP 90% and 30%
Before the boss start his marking animation, you will need to stand at 6 o’clock and at the edge of the room. The position of the 2 lightning balls are at 3 and 9 o’clock (fixed). These balls will be moving towards you after the marking.

Once you start the balls start moving, you should start moving towards the boss as well, to share the chain lightning with 1 or 2 members there.

Closest Marker: HP 60%
For the 1st marking in this round, you will need to stand by at the middle of the map, as the boss jump to the middle to start the 2nd Lightning Attack mode. All other members should stay further away from the boss, until the marking is on you.

Once you got the marking, SS immediately in the 6 o’clock direction. This is to make sure that the lightning balls will not be moving into the crowd. After the lightning balls move, quickly run towards the boss so that you can share the chain lightning with others waiting there.

For the 2nd marking in this round, the boss will jump to main T instead, who should be at the middle of the room. The main T should quickly SS away while the marker moves into to the middle. Similarly, the marker should SS away to the 6 o’clock direction after being marked.

To be continue..

Videos to be added when the dungeon is released in Blade & Soul CN. In the mean time, refer to the link at the reference for some videos.

What should a Main T do?
Main T need to ensure that the boss is fixed at the center of the room, such as the lightning balls can be directed away from the crowd properly. The facing of the boss should be fixed as well, preferable towards the 6 o’clock direction throughout the battle.

The Time Bomb during Normal Attack mode can be randomly targeted at anyone in the party, including the main T. This is different from the Time Bomb in the Flame Attack mode which always target the 1st 3 person who hit the boss initially.

If the random Time Bomb is aimed at Main T, you should SS away when the count down reaches 2 and then charge back into the boss immediately. If you stay at > 8m away from the boss, he will start using his ranged attack (8 x fire balls, and lava pits etc).

How to eat/absorb the lightning balls?
When the ball appears, move forward slightly to make sure that the lightning balls touches you. After absorbing the ball, move to the bac k of the boss to deal damage before the 1st chaining lightning of the phase.

When the lightning balls are released for the second time, your electric buff should still be on. DO NOT eat the lightning balls now or you will die.

Only goes after the lightning balls (normally at the 3rd marking of the round) when your electric buff expires.

Should I grab the boss after cancelling the triple stomp?
Grabbing or seizing is important after the disabling the triple stomp at the 2nd marking for any phase. This is because, the members who have shared the chaining lightning (2/3-man conductor) during the 1st marking still have electric buffs on them by the time 3rd marking appears.

Grabbing , seizing or other form of delay is required to buy some time for the expiry of the electric buff on the previous conductor.

What happen if the boss absorbs 9 x electric buff ?
The boss will grab up to 9 times through the whole lightning attack mode. The 5th grab is evaded on purposed, so that there will only be 8 x electric buff on him.

If somehow he ends up with 9 x electric buff, he will go berserk, causing party wipe.

When should Blade Master use triple sword protection ?
* After 3 x lava pits, it should be used to ward against the Roar ignition
* After the 3rd throw for each lightning attack mode, it should be used to ward against the ending Roar.

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