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Blade & Soul Online Black Dragon Prison Complete Walkthrough Guide

Here's a complete walkthrough guide on the newest dungeon on Blade and Soul Online, The Black Dragon Prison.

Credits: This guide is made by Chaose5.

Stage 1 : Buka

HP: 13, 000, 000

The first boss of Black Dragon Prison, Buka will start with some normal attack skills, see video below for the normal attack sequence.

After that, he will summon a Lightning Circle on the ground. The Lightning Circle will deal continuous damage and stay on the field through the whole battle.

If there are a total of 10 x Lightning Circles on the field, he will go berserk, resulting in party wipe. Typically, he will follow up with a whole field AOE burst attack (cannot be blocked) after the Lightning Circle.

Subsequently, he will use one of the 3 special skills which need to be disabled with specific type of status, either weaken (groggy), stun or knockdown.

1. Neck Skill: Raise his right arm with weapons and swing in the air to summon 3 mobs. After that, he will spin 1 time. Your party need to double stun him before he finishes the spinning action. Otherwise, he will summon 2 more groups of mobs and leave 2 more Lightning Circles on the ground.

2. Shoulder Skill: Curl up its body, unleash whole field AOE burst attack with knock back effect, followed by with a spin. Similarly, you will need to double weaken him before he finish his spinning animation. Otherwise he will use 2 x burst and leave 2 more Lightning Circles on the ground.

3. Leg Skill: Charge towards the aggro holder, and knock back the target. After hitting the wall, he will use a spinning attack.. The party need to double knockdown AFTER Buka hits the wall, but before he finishes his spinning attack. If you fail, he will charge 2 more times and generate 2 more Lightning Circles.

The order for the 3 skills is random. If you disable the boss correctly, the corresponding debuff will be applied on the boss: broken legs, cracked throat, dislodged shoulder. When all the 3 debuffs are applied, the boss cannot use these special skills for a while, until the debuffs expire.

Typical Skill Sequence: Lightning Circle > 1 to 3 times of Special Skills (need disable accordingly) > Lightning Circle > repeat.

Destroyer or Lyn Blade Master can try to disable and grab/lift the boss before he generates the Lightning Circle and move it to the same place. Doing so will minimize the coverage area of the circles.

Stage 2: Magolka

HP: 9, 600, 000

The normal attack sequence for the second boss is shown in the video below:

Summon Mobs

At 90%, 50% &10% HP, the boss raises his staff high, summons 2 Adds (A and B) and inflicts everybody with the corruption debuff. He can be disabled at this moment.

Add A (Warrior): When the word “Protect the boss” appear on the screen, he will beat his chest and cast a whole field AOE skill to stun every one. This is can be avoided with double disable.

Add B (Frog): He will throw 4 x poison balls, which can be resisted with ranged resist skills (Force Master’s dome, Summoner’s Pollen etc). After that, he will jump to the member who is attacking the boss; he should be double-disabled when he tries to jump.

These 2 adds need to be attacked immediately when they appear so that they won’t jump to the destroyer/lyn blade master who is lifting the boss.

After summon the 2 adds, the boss will use Laser Beam at the aggro holder and throw 4 x balls at random members (can be blocked). Subsequently, he will use 5 x AOE attack, which deals very high damage if the Corruption debuff is still on your party (in this case, you can’t move at all).

Killing the 2 adds will dispel the Corruption debuff. The boss can be disabled immediately after he finishes his 5 x AOE attack.

Therefore, it is very important to kill the 2 adds BEFORE the boss uses the 5 x AOE attack. Destroyer or Lyn Blade Master should disable the boss or even flipping it up in the air, with Kung Fu master pinning it back down to the ground to buy more times for the other party members to kill them.

If the party still fail to kill the 2 adds after the 5x AOE, Magolka will absorb them to heal 500k HP each and gain an attack buff.

Corrupted Sphere

He will go into Corrupted Sphere attack mode at 70% & 30% HP and summon a Corrupted Sphere on the field. This attack mode is split into 2 phases.

Triple Jump-Charging phase

The boss will jump to the furthest member from him, followed by a whole field AOE attack. Disable him after the jump, before he use the AOE attack.

If the disabling fail, he will jump again and generate 1 more Corrupted Sphere.

If you manage to disable him, he will charge at a random party member. Someone need to block /counter the charging, right in front of him. Also, make sure that all party members are in line with the blocker and boss so facilitate the blocking.

He will repeat this attack sequence for 2 more times. Take note that the charging speed increases from the 1st one to the 3rd one.

During the triple jump-charging phase, do not lift or grab the boss at all. Otherwise, the boss will do the jump one more time.

Moving sphere phase

After the triple jump-charging phase, he will go into moving sphere phase, and jump to the middle of the room.

The corrupted spheres on the field will start moving around and need to be blocked/countered within 15sec. Anyone who block the balls will be frozen. At the same time, he will throw 8 x balls at random party members (use ranged resist skill again).

If you fail to block the corrupted spheres, the spheres will explode (high damage & knock back), heal the boss and buff his attack.

Stage 3: Zaikan

HP: 39, 000, 000

Before you start the battle, there are a few things to take note & prepare:
- all members spec their TAB escape skill to induce Weaken (groggy) effect

- your party must have a summoner or assassin which can use party invisible skill

- Known bug: currently, the aggro of the boss is screwed up; for some reason, the 1st person who touches the boss will be the aggro holder for the rest of the battle (even if there is a party wipe); and sometimes, the cat will draw aggro for no reason as well. 2 suggestions to solve this problem: either make the cat become the T OR if blade master / kung fu master is tanking, only summon the cat AFTER the battle start (yes, kill the cat first).

Normal attack mode: HP 100 % – 90%

The attack speed of the boss is pretty fast. There are a few skills where Zaikan can be disabled but the time frame is very short.

Frontal Slash (long rectangular AOE): can be blocked; induce knockdown

Left/Right Swing: can be disabled.

Horizontal Slash: cannot be blocked.

Teleport > Vertical Slash: Long AOE, induce float, very high damage. The vertical slash can be disabled.

Teleport > Horizontal Slash: Cannot be disable.

Spinning Air Slash : often use after teleport.

Special Attack Mode 1: HP 90%

The boss will teleport to a random location; everyone in the party need to stay in front of him, except for 1 designated guy who will be the marker.

The boss will mark the furthest member from him (shown to be glowing). After being marked, the marker need to move towards the rest of the party member.

The boss raises his arm and cast a skill with 5m circular AOE on the marked member. All party members MUST be inside of the circle. The summoner or assassin need to use party invisible skills at this moment and make everybody invisible.

For convenience, i shall name these 2 guys:
M: Marker
PI: Member who has party invisible skill

*** Although the marker is often the person who cast the party invisibility skill, it is not necessary at all. Anyone can be the marker, typically a ranged character.

M need to keep attacking the boss and get out of the invisibility status, while other members must stop attacking to stay invisible.

Subsequently, the boss unleashes a flurry of shots on the sole visible person on the field. The marker should be the only one who is visible to the boss at this moment, because he has been given the mark which grant him damage resist to this skill.

The other party members should only start attacking when the boss finish this attack and raise his arm again. However, you should still stay near to M so that you can gain a Demonic Buff and rooted to the ground, which grant damage resist the subsequent AOE attack.

**** The rooted status grant continuous MP recovery. The Demonic Buff last for 2 minute and gives 20% attack increase. However, when the buff finish, you will be weaken for 8sec and your HP is drained continuously. Therefore, you will need to refresh this buff with subsequent boss skill.

Among the potential mistakes which can result in party wipe during Special Attack mode 1 are:
- PI does not use party invisible skill during the 5m AOE skill
- M does not dispel his invisible status immediately.
- M dispels his invisible status correctly; however, one or more party members attack the boss, thus dispelling his invisible status before the boss raises his arm for the 2nd time.
- someone Q,E, SS away from M ( > 5m ) and does not receive the Demonic buff and Rooted status before the AOE skill.


After this special attack, Zaikan continues with his usual normal attack, with a few new skills:

Black Circle > Demonic Prison > Black Circle > Grab > …
[ boss will use normal attack in between these skills ]

Black Circle: Summon black circle (knock back, high damage), which can be avoided easily due to the 3 sec delay in skill animation.

Demonic Prison: Suck everyone towards himself. All members should use TAB escape to weaken the boss and cancel the skills. Failure to do so, will result in AOE Burst attack and party wipe. The suction cannot be resisted with i-frame skills. Therefore, TAB escape must be saved for this skill.

Grab: After that, M should move further away from the group. Zaikan will grab the furthest guy (marker). Although Zaikan can be disabled at this time, DO NOT disable him. This will allow the Demonic buff to be transferred to the boss, which will deal ~ 5,000,000 damage to him after 1 minute countdown.

At this moment, party damage resist skill (Force Master freeze for example) should be use to keep the one being grabbed alive. Without it, M will be thrown and damaged in the process.

Subsequently, when the countdown timer of Demonic buff on the boss reaches 20 s, he will teleport to the middle and use Demonic Prison again, followed by another Grab. Here, PI (not M, since he no longer has the Demonic buff on him) should stand far away so that the boss will absorb the buff from him. This 2nd grab is sometimes skipped if the party dps is high enough to get him down to 70% to trigger another round of special attack.

This attack pattern is repeated in between Special Attack modes.

Special Attack Mode 1: HP 70%

Zaikan will perform another round of special attack mode 1 again, when his HP reaches 70%. However, take note that it is likely that the Demonic buff on all party members might expire by this time. You will be weaken for 8sec and cannot do anything. Therefore, all members should just stay together before this happen, in preparation for the party invisible skill.

The member without the Demonic buff is M and/or anyone who has been grabbed by the boss just now, since the buff has been transferred to the boss.

If M = PI (same person), then only 1 Grab is sufficient before the boss HP reaches this phase.

If M is not the same as PI , then your party will have to make sure that the DPS is sufficient to trigger the Special Attack mode before the Demonic buff on all party members expire. Another way would be to allow the boss to perform 2 x Grab (1 on M, and 1 on PI) before 70% HP.

Special Attack Mode 2: HP 50%

Here, the boss will mark 2 members (instead of 1) further from him. The furthest mark is the ‘fake’ marking while the 2nd furthest is the ‘real’ marking. Normally, the assignment would be:

Fake marking > furthest > PI
Real marking > 2nd furthest > M

As usual, the boss will grab the furthest member (PI) first. Take note that PI should NOT stand near to or in-line with M (at least 60 degree apart), because the grab is AOE and it is possible for both to be grabbed together. If this happen, the buff on real marker, M will disappear and result in party wipe during incoming the Special Attack.

Other party members should gather and stand behind the boss during the grabbing process.

After grabbing and throwing PI, the boss will aim M (the one with the real marking) and use the 5m AOE skill. PI has to regroup with M and the other party members quickly, and cast the party invisible skill. Similarly, M has to dispel the invisible status asap. If this is successful, the demonic buff on all party members should be refreshed again.

Special Attack Mode X: HP 30% & 10%

When the HP reaches 30%, and 10%, the boss can either use Mode 1 or Mode 2. Therefore, PI and M will need to react fast and perform their roles accordingly, based on the 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1:
Fake marking - furthest,
Real marking – 2nd furthest
Grab - Furthest
>>>> 2nd furthest = Real marking

Scenario 2:
Real marking - furthest,
Fake marking – 2nd furthest
Grab - 2nd furthest
>>>> Furthest = Real marking

Scenario 3:
Real marking - furthest,
Fake marking - None
Grab - Furthest
>>>> Furthest = Real marking

Take note that, you can’t visually tell which is the real or fake marking. You will only know which is real or fake AFTER he grab someone , or no grab at all (scenario 3).