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ASKER Online is an Upcoming Korean MMO that We Crave to Play!

We have played a lot of MMO games in the past and we think that we have a lot of knowledge on deciding whether a new MMO will become a top dog or just become a passer by. And, Asker Online is one MMO we think that will climb to the top.

Asker Online is the newest upcoming Korean MMO that has very detailed graphics that leaves your mouth watering! Not only that it is graphically awesome, it also has great PVE settings as the boss battles seems to be great as the bosses in each stage has their own unique skills, which makes it virtually challenging for us gamers!

If you want to know more or see a little sneek peek on Asker Online, just check out a few details below that we've gathered from various website and compiled here in our blog, just to show to you how awesome is Asker Online!

About Asker Online

Project Black Sheep is an upcoming action title of Neowiz, it's based on the middle age and Black Sheep is a religious organization belongs to pope, the organization tries to research and conceal some supernatural events. Players play as a new member of this organization, some big secrets will be surfaced with the game progressing. Project Black Sheep uses Vision Engine with special features that normal Vision Engine doesn't have to offer. With this kind of physics in play, players can use their imaginations to interact with the environment. Monsters now have different hit boxes like arms and legs.

Asker Online ended their 2nd Closed Beta in South Korea on June 28th. Meanwhile, Pmang released a large amount of pictures including the classes' poster, concept images and gaming screenshots, check them out.

Asker Online is an action MMORPG that the combat control is very similar to Vindictus Online. According to Steparu, dungeons gradually becomes much more challenging after players hit level 15. Players are able to revive a couple of times in a dungeon until they are out of lives to continue playing. Players are also able to revive players once they've become incapacitated in dungeons using the E key, this CPR reving skill has a lengthy 3-4 min cooldown and must be channeled.

ASKER 2nd CBT -Action report by cartoon girl