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Zenonia S: Rifts in Time Guide- How to Choose the Best Class for Your Playing Style

Are you starting to play the action MMO action rpg game Zenonia S? Are you trying to figure out how to pick a class that suit your game play style. In this basic Zenonia S class overview guide, we will list all all the classes that you can choose, and some basic ideas on how to use them during your game play.

We will not go into any specific character class skill or stats build with this basic Zenonia S class overview guide, but rather point you to the right direction of character classes if you are just starting the game.

Zenonia S currently offers 5 different playable classes: Slasher (Regret), Fighter (Daza), Assassin (Vishnu), Ranger (Ecne).

Beginner: Slasher (DPS Warrior / Sub-Tank)
Intermediate: Fighter (Tank)
Advanced: Magician (AoE DPS), Ranger (Single DPS), Assassin (Melee DPS)

If you are new to the game or the Zenonia series in general, we recommend you to start with either Slasher or Fighter as they are the easiest to play. As you get used to how the game mechanics and how certain monsters move and boss skills, consider switching to the advanced classes.

For the advanced DPS classes, you typically will have to be nimble and predictive of monster’s movements to stay alive throughout the game.

Slasher (Regret)
A melee character with strong DEF and speed. Charges towards nearby enemies with a sword. Slasher has good balance of ATK and DEF. It is easy to control and a great starting class for beginners of Zenonia S.

Slasher is a Balanced DPS/Tank who uses sword to fight.

Slasher Stats Growth:
STR 14/20
DEX 9/20
STA 12/20
INT 8/20

Fighter (Daza)
A melee character class that subdues enemies with continuous close-range attacks using a glove. Fighters have high survival rate and is a tank because of their higher HP. They are good for intermediate players.

The fighter is a tanker class who uses knuckles to fight.

Fighter Stats Growth:
STR 12/20
DEX 8/20
STA 11/20
INT 9/20

Assassin (Vishnu)
A melee class that conceals herself then instantly overpowers enemies with a chain scythe and poison. An assassin uses Scythe that deal good DPS melee damage. However, it is difficult continuous attacks and low survival rate and only suitable for advanced players.

Assassin is a melee combat DPS. Dex increases attack, evasion, and crit rate.

Assassin Stats Growth:
STR 7/20
DEX 16/20
STA 10/20
INT 10/20

Ranger (Ecne)
A ranged character optimized for speedy long-range attacks using twin pistols. The ranger has low DEF and hard skills to use. They are better to be used by intermediate to advanced players, since they have slightly better survival ability from Evasion compared to magician class.

The ranger focuses on Range DPS Crit using dual pistols.

Stats Growth:
STR 7/20
DEX 14/20
STA 10/20
INT 11/20

Magician (Neal)
A ranged character class uses magic gauntlets that attacks a large number of enemies via Area of Effect (AoE) with a variety of long-range magic attacks. Magicians have low HP and DEF and die easily. It is hard to use and more suitable for advanced players.

Massive Magical ATK

Stats Growth:
STR 8/20
DEX 9/20
STA 9/20
INT 16/20