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Uberstrike Complete Guide For Newbie Players [Beginners Handbook]


Uberstrike is a fast paced first person shooter created by Cmune. It was created as a widget under the name of Paradise Paintball in 2008 and was then renamed Uberstrike in 2010. It was available as a facebook game but also as a portal game in a web browser. Last year it went through a Steam Greenlight process which lead to the release a few days ago.

Being a beginner in Uberstrike can be quite tough, you only have a machinegun and a splatbat and you'll find yourself playing against players with armor and offensive weapons. Reading this guide will allow you to acquire the basics of the game and therefore not be too lost when you find yourself in-game.

This is a temporary guide, a team of players is working on a more complete set of tutorials.

Creating your account
Here a few steps to create your Uberstrike account.
First, download Uberstrike.
If the download button isn't available, use this link: steam://run/291210

If you don't have an account, simply click on "No". If you do you should click on "yes" and type in your old info. People having technical problems should head to uberstrike.com, there's more info on your account and its migration.

Remember, NEVER share your email adress with other people or your password in any way, there are a lot of scams, players trying to get your account.

Currencies and shop

There are two types of currencies in Uberstrike: points and credits.


Points can be earned in-game and can be used to buy any item in the shop. You can buy permanently or rent for s certain period of time your items (weapons, clothing, functional items...).
You get a certain amount of points everytime you kill someone:
Normal kill: 10 points
Multiple kill: 2 points bonus
Smackdowns, headshots and nutshots: 5 points bonus


Credits can be purchased thanks to real money. Now that the game is on steam, using your steam money will allow you to obtain credits to use in-game. Credits have the same function as points, they allow you to buy or rent shop items. Credits can also be won when participating in official Uberstrike tournaments or competitions.


In the shop you can access your inventory which has all the items you purchased: gear, weapons and functional items. You can equip your player with any items you own. Scrolling the mouse over the various items also shows the stats.
In the shop you can tryout clothing, weapons can't be tried out anymore though.

Weapons and gear


There are 7 different categories of weapons. You can only equip one weapon of each category to your loadout (3 slots+melee slot).
Melee: Weapons used for close combat only, they have a high damage and can be very deadly.
Machine Gun: Automatic and rapid-firing guns, ideal for most distances, when used with high accuracy they can be very efficient. Rifle: Used for long distance combat, they are precise and deadly. They usually have a high damage and offer the use of a scope. Shotgun: They fire several bullets at once, which spread through distance, they're great for close combat.
Rocket Launcher: Explosive and powerful, they have a splash effect which makes of them an ideal close combat weapon, especially in areas with a lot of obstacles.
Grenade Launcher: Grenades explode after a certain amount of time, their trajectory isn't straight, they can be deadly in closed environments.
Splatter Gun: Similar to Machine Guns but they usually fire at a slower rate and have "bullets" with a small splash effect.

One thing to know as a beginner is the difference between basic and OP weapons. Basic weapons are the low damage weapons often used in official games or competitions, here they are listed: splatbat, default machinegun, sniper rifle, basic shotgun, cannon, grenade launcher and basic splatter gun.


There are different types of gear in Uberstrike
Armor: Armor also named AP can be obtained in-game by gathering it at different places on maps. They have the shape of a shield.
There are 5 AP, 10 AP, 50 AP and 100 AP items. Wearing AP reduces damage on your health points when you are hit. Instead of only losing HP, you lose part of your HP and part of your AP.
Your default amount of AP is 0. If ou are wearing clothing items which contain AP, that will give you an initial amount superior to 0. If you collect in addition some armor in-game, your AP will increase. Through time, AP will also slowly decrease to come back to your initial quantity of AP.
There is a limit of 200 HP and 200 AP.
Clothes: they can contain AP or not. Only shirts and pants contain AP, that can amount up to 120.
Holos: Holos do no give the player any AP but change their whole appearance. They can also by worn over AP, which means if you see a player with a holo on, he doesn't necessarily have no armor on.
Functional items: Spring grenades allow you to jump a few meters in the air when used, they can be equipped for in-game use. Other items such as a clan license or a name change can be purchased in the shop.

There is a leveling up system in Uberstrike which allows you to increase your level and unlock weapons in the shop. Levels go from 1 to 80. You earn experience in-game to level up:

Kill: 1 XP
Headshot: 1 XP
Nutshot: 1 XP
Smackdown: 1 XP

When you have a low level, several items are locked in the shop, you won't be able to buy them until you reach a certain level.

Clans are a very important part of Ubertsrike. Clans are a group of players (12 maximum) who can officially form a team in Uberstrike under a team name and a tag which appears in-game in brackets: [TAG] player_name. The tag can have up to 5 characters.

To create a clan, you need a clan license which can be purchased in the shop, it is permanent. You can of course only create one clan at a time on an account.

There are 3 ranks in a clan:
Leader: He created the clan, chose the name, the tag, the motto. He can recruit and promote players. He can also disband or transfer leadership.
Officer: Promoted by the leader, he can invite and kick players from the clan (except other officers or the leader).
Member: He doesn't have any power in the clan, he can only leave the clan clan if he wants to.

If you are looking for a clan, there is a full section dedicated to them in the Uberstrike forums. Here is the section with all the clan threads, they have info about recruitment and members: http://forum.uberstrike.com/categories/clans-in-uberstrike

There is also a subforum specifically for recruitment, a few clans use it to recruit members: http://forum.uberstrike.com/categories/clan-recruitment

Maps and game modes
There are several maps in Uberstrike which have different styles, most of them are futuristic.

Lost Paradise 2
Monkey Island
Gideons Tower
The Warehouse
Superprism Reactor
The hangar
Danger Zone
Apex Twin
Fort Winter
Temple of the Raven
Sky Garden

Maps always have different items on them: Armor (10, 50, 100 AP), health (5, 15, 50, 100) ammunition for certain weapons and jump pads, launchpads.

There are two different game modes at the moment in Uberstrike:

Team Deathmatch: two teams one against the other. Members of a team spawn on one side of the map. When a player is killed he can respawn afer a few seconds. Killing a player of the other team gets one point for the team. No damage can be done against teammates.

Players can suicide, with cannon launcher or grenade launcher splash or by falling off certain maps. A suicide doesn't change anything to the game score, but the player loses a kill and gains one death.

Deathmatch: Same rules as team deathmatch except it's free for all, you can hit anyone. When you die you can respawn after a few seconds.

Team Elimination (coming back soon): Same rules as a team deathmacth except the game is played in rounds. A team wins a round if all the members of the other team are dead. A dead player cannot respawn until a new round starts.

When creating a game, there are conditions which can be selected: selection of levels, addition of a password for a private game, limit of kills, limit of time.

In all game modes, players can earn a badge:
-Sharpest shooter: most critical shots (headhots and nutshots)
-Most valuable: best KDR
-Trigger happy: most kills in a row
-Hardest hitter: most damage dealt during the game
-Coes effective: most accurate

Official Uberstrike groups
Several players work as volunteers to help improve the game.

CDT: Community Development Team:

CDT is composed of two groups of members:


Moderators help keep the game a clean place, participate in getting rid of hackers, control the games for glitch abusers, cheaters, scammers, people using bad language... There are different ranks of moderators. Moderators don't have the direct ability to ban players but they can kick them from games, mute them. The moderators do report players to administrators who have the ability to ban. They also manage the uberstrike forums, they can lock threads, get players banned from the forums, pin threads and are in charge of post approval.

QAs are the players in charge of testing the game, finding bugs and reporting them to Cmune so they can be fixed by Cmune. QAs don't deal with players in any way, they can't kick or ban them, the only deal with the game itself.

Moderators and QAs can be recognized in-game by their text being in color: QAs in purple and moderators in orange or yellow. Please do not spam them in-game, they have enough work without everyone asking them questions constantly.

here's the full list of the team: http://forum.uberstrike.com/discussion/58889/announcing-the-community-development-team-cdt#latest


Cmunity is a group of writers and artists supported by Uberstrike who work on the forums. They write articles, tutorials, fictions, comics, make art for announcements...