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How to Earn Gold Fast in Zenonia S: Rifts in Time (Monster Wave Strategy Guide)

Monster Wave is the best way to earn Gold in Zenonia S. It is also the best place to get Soul Stones and some class specific gears. An endless wave of monster coming to your way, your only option is to survive in the given time. In this Monster Wave Strategy guide, we will discuss the different details that you may find useful plus various strategy to help you advance further in the game.

Zenonia S Monster Wave Basic

You can enter Monster Wave challenge 3 times per day, and each attempt will cost 3 keys or battle stamina. You can get more attempts using zen. You fight an endless wave of monsters with a time span of 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you are able to clear out all the mobs within the time, additional waves will appear.

By completing the Monster Wave stage and surviving the full duration, you will get awakening soul stones as well as class gears. You do not get any points if you die, so the key to stay alive throughout the battle.

When you cleared Monster wave you will get soul stones. Soul stones can be used to awaken your character for additional stats and skill points. You can change the type of soul stone if it is not for your job for 5k gold ea.

Zenonia S Monster Wave Drops and Loots

1. Soul Stones and Gears
Depending on the day of the week, different class items from the Monster Wave dungeons are opened. You can loot soul stones or equipment for a specific class based on the day of the week.

You can always save other class’ gears if they have good stats on them, in case you want to make another character later on, or use them as enhancement fodders for your main character. It should be noted that these equipment may also be used to unlock Runes at Seal, so you should keep an eye on those too.

Monday: Slasher
Tuesday: Ranger
Wednesday: Fighter
Thursday: Magician
Friday: Assassin
Saturday/Sunday: All Classes

Higher Monster Wave Difficulties award you with additional soul stones.
Difficulty 1 gives 5 Soul Stones.
Difficulty 2 gives 6 Soul Stones.
Difficulty 3 gives 7 Soul Stones.
Difficulty 4 gives 8 Soul Stones.
Difficulty 5 gives 9 Soul Stones.
Difficulty 6 gives 10 Soul Stones.

2. Gold
Monster wave level 1 can give you 10k to 15k gold approximately
Monster wave level 2 can give you 20k to 25k gold approximately

3. Zen: You can get up to 210 zen per reset of the weekly ranking. For the first time that you clear a level, you earn some Zen sent to your mailbox. So take advantage of this bonus by simply go through all the difficulty levels every week for the free Zen points.

Recommended Monster Wave Difficulty Attempt Levels
Depending on your character level, it is recommended for you to tackle these specific stages based on your level. Higher difficulty levels grant you more points per wave. However, since higher difficulties have much stronger mobs, sometimes you can actually earn more points by clearing more mobs in a lower difficulty level.

If you want to farm for soul stones, the best bet is to hit highest level difficulty 6 and simply run around the stage to stay alive.

Level 11-20: Difficulty lvl 1
Level 21-30: Difficulty lvl 2
Level 31-40: Difficulty lvl 3
Level 41-50: Difficulty lvl 4
Level 51-55: Difficulty lvl 5
Level 56-60: Difficulty lvl 6

Practical Monster Wave Strategies and Tips

1. Mobbing and Use AoE Skills
When the round starts, run around in circles to make the monsters follow you. Learn the “movement pattern” to mob them together. Then use your AoE attacks to quickly kill them all at the same time. This is the fastest way to clear out earlier waves. Also consider to make the monsters walk in a “line” for you to use your “line” based skills.

2. Time the Kill and Attacks
When you reach the point where your HP is low enough that you cannot advance. Save the “last” enemy on your current level, and kill it at the last moment before the timer runs out. This way you will still get more points for surviving through the last level.

3. Hit and Run with Dash
You will need to get really good at dashing to dodge enemies while tossing out your skills. Learn which skills for your classes that cause push back or stun effects to stay alive, this is key to surviving more waves for harder Monster Wave difficulties in Zenonia S.

4. Save Your MP for later waves
Beginning of the Monster Wave stage is usually easier, since monsters get increasing tougher as you advance. This means that whenever possible, use normal attacks may save you the MP for later waves where the monsters hit harder with higher HP pool.

5. Go for DPS Gears
Since you will most likely be clearing out the monsters waves with skills only for the later levels. You want your skills to hit as hard as you can to kill them with the least number of skill casts. This means that you should focus more on your damage output to advance further in the Monster Wave stage.

Zenonia S Monster Wave Ranking Reward

You are awarded points based on the number of kills and levels reached. It is based on the total points that you have, so your goal is to clear more levels to get the most points possible for a higher ranking.

The leaderboard resets weekly and you can earn additional gold reward based on your Monster Wave points ranking.

Ranking Reward:

1: 500k Gold
2-10: 300k Gold
11-50: 180k Gold
Top 5%: 100k Gold
Top 10: 80k Gold
Top 20%: 70k Gold
Top 30%: 60k Gold
Top 40%: 50k Gold
Top 50%: 40k Gold
Top 70%: 20k Gold
Top 90% 10k Gold
Top 100%: 5k Gold

Special Note
You can obtain “Die in Battle” achievement from Monster Wave, which is an easy way to get A Rank items in Zenonia S.