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Fire Emblem: Fates Coming to Nintendo 3DS with Two Versions (Birthright & Conquest)

Fire Emblem: Fates is the final English title of the upcoming 3DS follow-up to 2013’s Fire Emblem: Awakening and will be released worldwide in 2016 (this month in Japan). It is developed by the same team at Intelligent Systems & Nintendo that created Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Check out the debut gameplay trailer for Fire Emblem: Fates from Nintendo’s E3 2015 Press Conference Digital Event.

Fire Emblem: Fates is the latest game in the long-running Strategy JRPG series that stretches all the way back to the NES and is the 9th core-entry in the franchise and the 14th Fire Emblem game overall, including remakes (most of the early games pre-2003 have still never been re-released outside of Japan).

Check out an extensive 30 full minutes of Fire Emblem: Fates gameplay, with the more difficult Nohr Path, in this Day 3 TreeHouse Live E3 2015 video.

Belive it or not, Fire Emblem: Awakening was originally set to be the final installment in the series, after sales had faltered to such a low point and the franchise failed to gain any traction in the West after years of trying.

Thankfully for us all, the development team put everything they had into Fire Emblem: Awakening for 3DS (which included elements from all of the Fire Emblem games as well as new elements that made it more accessible, like removal of Permanent Death of main characters)… and it was a rip-roaring success!

Fire Emblem: Awakening was far and away the best-selling game in the 15-year-old series (stretching back to 1990) and exceeded over 1 million copies sold worldwide! Thus outselling the last three games in the franchise combined.

Enter: Fire Emblem: Fates, which seeks to build on that success with a more involved & in-depth game with a more mature, darker tone, that will be released in two separate versions (Just like Pokemon), each with their own stories & subplots.

The Birthright version is being made specifically to be a more accessible experience that is easier to get into, whereas the Conquest version will be a tougher row to hoe.

However both versions will include two separate paths to trudge: the easier Hoshido, and the tougher Nohr.

This video shows you the easier Hoshido Path from Day 2 of Nintendo’s TreeHouse Live coverage from E3 2015.


Your Battle. Your Future. Your Fate.
Two kingdoms at war – the peace-loving Hoshido and the glory-seeking Nohr – It’s up to the player to decide which side to take.

As the prince/princess of Hoshido, who was raised by the Nohr royal family, you will be torn between two families you love. Whichever path you take, you will face different types of challenges.

Key Fire Emblem Fates Features:

* For the first time in the series, the player plays as the main character and commands his or her own army. The player character is a customizable avatar, like in Fire Emblem Awakening. Players can select to control either a male or female character with many different options available.

* During the game, the player must make the choice between Hoshido and Nohr. Each path will offer a completely different storyline with a different set of characters to recruit as allies.

* The Hoshido path is a more traditional path as you work together with your allies to fend off Nohrian invaders.

* The Nohr path will force you to revolutionize an unruly kingdom from the inside – this path offers a slightly more complex story and will be more challenging.

Last but not least, check out this half an hour more of gameplay footage from Fire Emblem: Fates via Nintendo’s E3 2015 TreeHouse Live Day 1 coverage.