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East Legend FAQs, Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide (Android/iOs)

A lot of questions re-occur in this game for good reason. It hasn't been out too long globally but even in beta player's didn't really talk about it.. This means there's a stark lack of information shared with players right now. This is a Frequently Asked Questions segment as well as an Ask Me Anything. If you have a question that's not in the FAQ feel free to ask and I'll try to add it.

Q: As a new player what should I focus on?
A: Primarily this can become a matter of opinion but I think doing daily/weekly/monthly missions is very important for players starting out. It might take a few days before you can do them easily but the game gives you good rewards for doing them. This includes daily premium draws, monthly 4* premium draws, and weekly influxes of 4* set gear and even a 5* weapon from the monthly. Otherwise just level up your main team foremost. Do their relevant evolution dungeons on the evo day. The 6* weapon monthly isn't a rush as it will be hard to do as a new player.

Q: Are the starting heroes worth it?
A: Two of them are, Cherry and Jade. These two units are team staples that can be evolved to 6* eventually. They gain passives at 4* evolution that work very well together to boost your any team's overall effectiveness. Jasper falls off until the "superb" system returns, but that's a different discussion as that system isn't back in the game yet.

Q: What's a good starting team composition?
A: Generally you want 1 main tank, one dps, and two healing units. Jade covers dps, cherry covers healing x2 potentially, so you can look for a tanking unit and either a backup tank or another dps unit. A good startng tank unit is light/dark Golem or Rhaino. Barry/Llyn are good rare tanks in the 3* pool so they will be easier to get. They're much more specialized tank units (physical for barry and magical for llyn), so make sure to check what kind of units are in the map to determine who should be up-front.

Q: I got this hero unit(s) with a passive skill, how does it work? I don't see a change on my stat screen. 
A: Passive skills work by applying a bonus either additively or based on a hero's base stats while in battle. Passives use your stats after gear bonuses are applied so good equipment can be very important to maximizing certain passive's effectiveness. It is recommended to gear your unit in a manner that improves their passive, like using lots of physical defence on Barry. It should also be noted that friend's (all) passives and (all) passives of KO'd party members will still affect your team. In a Tag battle, your reserve unit's team buffs will still apply.

Q: Do passives stack?
A: Sort of, not quite at the moment. If there's a conflict between passive bonuses of the same type the game will only use one of them. If you have two or more passives that conflict the game will use the highest value. Personal and team versions of skills are capable of conflicting.(Def self vs Def (all)) However if the bonuses are not the same, they can work together. Jade's general attack bonus for example will stack with single type bonuses!

Q: Some units have golden borders, what does this mean?
A: Gold border units are "rare" units. Rare units have better stats than their common counterparts. Rare units with access to 6* evolution are eligible for the "Surpass" system when it returns to the game, so it's worth working on them generally. You can check if your rare hero can reach 6* by looking at the "power up" menu

Q: I have an item/skill that boosts attribute attack/defence. What does that do?
A: The game uses an elemental advantage system like many others in it's ilk. Attribute bonuses modify the way this works. Inheritly, all units do 50% more damage to their opposing element. Fire does more to nature, nature does more to water, and water does more to fire. Also, light and dark units do more damage to each other. The attribute attack/defense stats modifies how much damage this advantage gives. For example if you had a fire unit with +50% attribute defense, then water units wouldn't really have an advantage over them anymore. If that fire unit had +50% attribute attack he would now do double damage to nature enemies.

Q: I have an item/skill that boosts cool-down, but the number doesn't change!
A: There's a display bug in the system. Let's say you had 10% cd boost to a 30s cd skill, the skill will show 30 in battle but the 30 will take 27s to reach 0. Basically the CD boosts do work but aren't reflected on the screen intuitively. Most CD boosts have been confirmed to work with a stop-watch. It could also be thought of as speeding up the timer specifically, as such a 100% cd bonus would make cool-downs twice as fast (cutting total CD time in half)

Q: Where's the in-game guide? Is there one?
A: Yes, although it's hidden. The in-game guide system can be accessed by clicking the swirling pink "?" on the top corner of certain windows. The quickest one to access is on the top right of the treasure dungeon window.

Q: What's this "special" system and how does it work?
A: The special system is a "VIP" system that rewards players for spending real money in the game. The most important upgrade is the basic storage increase and energy increase, these are unlocked easily. Do note the system does not count 'bonus' gems. If you buy a special offer package or a paz box, gems beyond the direct intial purchase will not build the special bar. That said, the important upgrades can be unlocked for 15$, the $10 gem pack plus a 5$ paz box. The paz box is still the best deal in the game if you log in every day !

Q: What should I spend my gems on?
A: Energy storage if you have the special 2 unlocked. Otherwise, save it for gold. There's tones of ways to summon units in this game, but everything's very gold demanding. 750 gems seems like a long ways away, but between arena rewards, login bonuses, and the Paz box if you went that route, it isn't too far away to get the best gold chest and it should last a while.

Q: Is combining worth it?
A: Yes. Note that the higher * of fusion you do, the better the odds of getting a good unit. The best value pool is fusing 4* units into a 5*. Fusing a 6* unit is very expensive and the total size of the pool isn't respectably different.

Q: Will combining my rare units give me better units?
A: No, all units use the same premium pool when combined appropriate to the * rating used. Don't combine away your rare units especially if you don't have multiples. Try to only combine common units

Q: How do I get better gear?
A: Set gear (blue) is notably better than normal (grey) gear. Using the item evolution system, you get a piece of gear to +5 then use evolve to turn it into a higher * rating using gold until you reach 3*. After that point you will need evolution scrolls, found in the tower of babel's door of protection.

Q: What's the best way to earn exp?
A: Exp gems, 1* units, and just general questing. Using units higher than 1* as leveling fodder has very poor Return on Investment. Remember that leveling with gems/units has a same-attribute bonus so always feed the units to the matching element where possible for better gains. For questing, the exp-per-energy scales up as you progress through the story and difficulty levels so doing the hardest dungeon you currently can will always give the best results.

Q: So I brought a friend unit with me but I don't see them?
A: Friend units in this game work as back-ups. If you lose a unit in a dungeon your friend unit will take their place and automatically attack and use their skills. Having powerful friends can be very handy in places where survival isn't certain.

Q: What are guild CP points?
A: CP (contribution points) are earned by participating in the Guild Raid system. The guild raid is right beside the boss raid menu. Each player can donate 1 key a day, and when 5 keys gather you can summon a hard boss.

Q: Is the Colosseum gear worth it?
A: Currently, maybe. Colosseum gear has a stat advantage over blue sets but the set bonuses aren't amazing, although commander set might be good on units with a crit rate passive. At 4* and higher they gain a pvp damage boost/reduce bonus that's obviously good for arena.

Q: Where do I find power-up dragons?
A: There's a few ways to find them. World maps give you one for clearing a map chapter on a given difficulty, there's the merchant on the right panel in the home screen, the daily power-up treasure dungeon, and finally there's the Boss Raids and Guild Raids which have a chance to drop some. Dragons above 3* will be hard to come by.

Q: Should I kill raid bosses as soon as they pop up?
A: It's tempting but not always a good idea. Raid bosses stay up for a while after being summoned and the rewards for being a detector, fighter, or winner aren't respectably different. Just make sure to check up on your raid boss to see if it's being worked on, no one gets rewards if it's not defeated! If you want to get the monthly mission done as quickly as possible you can opt to do 1 energy raid bosses with a weak unit and just suicide head-on repeatedly.

Q: How does skill-up work? Is it worth it?
A: You can chose to enhance your unit's skills by spending gold and skill-points (SP), SP regenerates over time like energy does. Maximum skill level depends on the unit's current level so it resets when they evolve. I advise on only investing in skills if you plan to use the unit a lot and you won't evolve them for a while. It makes a big difference, some skills basically double in power with enough investment.

Q: My team's units have lots of skills but I only see the first one!
A: Units can gain up to 3 active skills to use at any given time. Active skills beyond the first one can only be used if you're controlling the unit or have auto-skill enabled. You can switch the unit you're controlling by tapping their status icon on the top left in combat.

Q: I maxed my unit and now it shows "Exceed" as an option. How does this work?
A: The exceed system is a method of boosting your unit's level cap by fusing an identical unit to it from the exceed limit menu. The option is only available on units that are max level and the units used as food must be the same kind and * rating. It should be noted that evolving the hero will reset any exceed value you gave to it. Do to the current game's unit progression being incomplete, I'd advise staying away from the exceed system entirely for now, except for common grade units.

Q: I missed a cut-scene and/or want to watch them again. Can I do that?
A: Yes you can! In the adventure map tap the Scenario icon on the bottom left to view cut-scenes you've unlocked so far. This will let you re-play stuff you might have missed.

This post will be on-going and I appreciate any feedback

A list of currently known surpassable units is right here. Note that, as far as I'm aware, the normal version for all these units can only be obtained through cards/events

Note that the hero book system does not list maximum values, only lv1 skill values. For maximum values we're working on the following google spreadsheet