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Batman: Arkham Knight Optimization Guide- How to Get the Best Performance (60 FPS, No Lags)


IMPORTANT: After downloading the driver make sure the Physx is set to GPU not CPU or Auto. You can change it in Nvidia control panel 3D settings > Configure surround, Physx

So first of all, if you still have a lock on 30FPS do this change:
Remember to do backup of the file before you change anything.

I am using a GTX970 gpu and with those settings my game runs smoothly at 60fps without any lags and with nice graphics quality.

Get rid of that mean intro saying you who made the game and start playing already without waiting.

Right click and select properties for the game, click launch options and add -nologo. Will boot straight into the main menu afterwards

- Increase FPS to 60+:
Go to [...]\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config and look for BmSystemSettings.ini (open with notepad)
Change MaxFPS=30.000000 to MaxFPS=120.000000 (save)
- Get better performance:
Go to [...]\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config and look for BmSystemSettings.ini (open with notepad)
1. Change bAllowD3D9MSAA=False to bAllowD3D9MSAA=True (This allows you to use MSAA with D3D9)

2. Change AllowD3D10=False to AllowD3D10=True (This allows you to enable D3D10 for better performance)

3. Change TextureResolution=1 to TextureResolution=2 (This allows you to change the texture resolution from Normal to High but somehow it keep changing back to normal I don't know why because in my case while looking at the options in-game the texture resolution is set on Normal and there is no other options (no high, no ultra, just nothing). But you can try.

4. Ingame decrease shadows to low or normal. No need to put it high, just in case to get more frames/s (who cares about shadows anyway ;/)

5. No solution for motion blur yet.

6. Turn off Bloom: Bloom=False

7. Turn off Reflections: Reflections=False

8. Change AllowOpenGL=False to AllowOpenGL=True (This allows you to use OpenGL for better performance)

[...]\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config look for DefaultEngine.ini


You can play around with the numbers.
Originally posted by The_Winkler:
I can't find BMSystemSettings.ini in my config folder.

Run the game first so that it will load the file by default. After downloading it you have to run the game first.

SLI config

Originally posted by Zorbak1:
SLI not currently working for me, and i have the new drivers installed.

Look for bEnableCrossfire=False and change it to True. Maybe that will help.

Originally posted by MistaKilla:
Ok for people who are running SLI Setup, Make sure you allow D3D10 = true as op said. I went into nv inspector and found that sli settings for the game do exist but they run on D3D10 so if you enable that you will see that both of your cards being used. I am running 670sli and doing this has helped a lot. Able to even run at 1440p with all gameworks stuff off and texture at normal and quality at high. It is the blur that results in frame drops.

Save everything and ready to go.


Post here feedback if it worked for you or not.


Originally posted by Rin D. Pryde:
Ok, my two cents.

In my case it looks like motion blur is bugged - game runs ok, but the second you move the camera and motion blur kicks in the fps drops dramatically. And there is no way to turn the blur off right now - even if you disable it in the BmSystemSettings file - the game just won't start (crashes after intros).

But you can try the following in the Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config\BmSystemSettings.ini:

Change Bloom and AllowRadialBlur to "False", MotionBlurSkinning to 0, and MobilePostProcessBlurAmount to 0.0 - it helped me a lot, though still hardly enjoyable fps.

PS. Don't forget do copy config files to restore them if something goes wrong =)

Originally posted by Sygma:
not sure the d3d10 help, it made things worse on some ends.

Btw the textures are forced at anisotropy x4 in the ini, change it to x16 and in the nvidia profile, textures high quality. It kinda look very good after that

Originally posted by iUberGeek:
Another tip for those playing on a laptop with Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics: Switch to windowed or borderless display modes using GeForce Experience in order to avoid severe flickering and stuttering.

Originally posted by HolyGrail:
Just came from redit. Also make sure your PhysX settings are set to GPU and not CPU or Auto
Nvidia control panel 3D settings > Configure surround, Physx

Originally posted by HolyGrail:
Wow, going from full screen to windowed really helped. Everyone should also give that a go.

Originally posted by Sevket:
And dont forget setting "prerenderedtextures" to "1" from nvidia settings

Originally posted by DDIGITALDNR:
Moving the game to a SSD helps with texture loading issues.