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Batman: Arkham Knight Complete Walkthrough Guide on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Here's a complete walkthrough guide on Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Chapter 1: “Most Wanted Mission: City of Fear”

Welcome to the Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough!

XCV will be your pro player guide showing you around the game’s areas. This walkthrough is played on the highest difficulty – Knightmare. It requires a bit more dodging than countering to keep combos high, because there are no counter warning indicators.

Case Synopsis: Meet up with Commissioner Gordon to stop Scarecrow from detonating a toxic bomb.

Detective Vision Tip: Tap the Detective activation button (X key on PC) to enter Detective Mode at any time. Detective Mode gives Batman an alternate view of his surroundings, enabling him to spot enemies, hiding spots, and structural weaknesses in his surrounding environments. Detective Mode also provides tactical information on enemies or objects, such as what weapons or equipment an enemy has, or what the specific function of a control panel is.

You can also hold (instead of tap) the same activation button/key to perform a quick scan of the surrounding area (environment analysis). This allows Batman to analyze evidence or mark out-of-reach Riddler trophy locations to return to later on.

Chapter 2: “Finding Scarecrow’s Location”
Case Synopsis: Use the Panessa Studios Antenna to pinpoint Scarecrow’s location. Meet up with Oracle in the Clock Tower.

Batmobile Attack Tip: Batman can utilize Batmobile weapons to assist in fighting enemies on the streets of Gotham. While engaged in melee combat with the Batmobile nearby, a special meter will appear to right of the Combo gauge that fills each time Batman strikes an enemy. Once the meter is filled, press the action button (or Alt + 2 on PC) to initiate a Batmobile Assisted Takedown.

Batmobile Remote Tip: Batman can take control of the Batmobile at any time by equipping the Batmobile Remote gadget. The Batmobile has a limited range while being controlled remotely, with Batman’s current location called out by a Bat symbol. Note that Batman will automatically enter the Batmobile if it is driven close enough to his current position.

Batmobile Speed Boost: The Batmobile’s Afterburner can provide a significant speed boost for a short period of time, and recharges automatically when not in use. Basically, you should use it any chance you get!

Chapter 3: “Infiltrating ACE Chemicals” 
Case Synopsis: Rescue the missing ACE Chemicals workers to get information on Scarecrow. Find out who the mysterious Arkham Knight is.

Ledge Takedown Tip: Batman can quietly incapacitate an enemy while hanging from a ledge by moving near the opponent and pressing the button prompt (right mouse button on PC). If the opponent is too far away for a Ledge Takedown, Batman will use the Batclaw to pull the enemy closer before performing a Silent Takedown.

Escape Hint: The Smoke Pellet allows Batman to escape from pursuing enemies, giving him time to reassess the situation. When spotted by armed criminals. Pursuing enemies will run into the smoke, so be sure to leave the immediate area before they arrive.

Chapter 4: “Confront Scarecrow”
Case Synopsis: Explore deeper into the central mixing chamber in ACE Chemicals to confront Scarecrow and put a stop to him dispersing the toxin.

Chutes and Vents Tip: Chutes can be found on various walls in exterior and interior locations, usually connecting two networks of Floor Grates. Batman can safely travel between upper and lower levels without being heard by his opponents. He can also enter Chutes by using the Grapnel to travel directly to an entrance.

Batman can perform a Vent Takedown by staying near a covered entrance and pressing the attack command (right mouse button on PC) when an enemy comes near.

Chapter 5: “An Old Friend Returns”
Case Synopsis: Escape ACE Chemicals before the building explodes. Meet Gordon outside GCPD Prisoner Dentention and explain to him what happened to Oracle.

Floor Grates Stealth Tip: Networks of Floor Grates exist all over Gotham City, allowing Batman to sneak through an area. Once you give the command to go in (press the Left Control key + Q or the Middle Mouse Button) and then Batman will enter the nearest Floor Grate automatically, even if he’s a few feet away from the entrance.

Be aware that enemies can spot Batman in a Floor Grate if they are aware he is in the area!

Upgrade Notes: Don’t forget to upgrade your Batsuit and Batmobile. After opening the Map menu, navigate to the WayneTech menu. Batman can spend Upgrade points to unlock additional combat abilities and Gadgets, or to improve the Batsuit V8.03 or the Batmobile. A brief description is available for each Upgrade when it is highlighted.

Upgrade points are acquired by earning experience points. The meter on the right side of the screen indicates how many more experience points need to be earned before the next Upgrade point is awarded. Experience points are earned through several in-game actions including: completing missions and AR Challenges, finding Riddler Trophies, and building up large combos during combat.

Chapter 6: “Clock Tower Rescue”
Case Synopsis: Escort Gordon to Oracle’s Clock Tower. Take out the Arkham Knight’s militia forces occupying the clock Tower, then investigate the Clock Tower to find out what happened to Oracle.

Tip: Activate the electromagnetic ejection system of the Batmobile to launch Batman high into the air and initiating a Glide.

[Work-In-Progress: More chapters coming as soon as they are available]

Credits: Special thanks to Warner Bros. Games & XCVii07r1 for the walkthrough videos.