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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Glitches (100% Working)

Here are the working glitches on the first-person shooter game Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Take note that these glitches might get removed by the developer any time. So make use of it a.s.a.p. Note: Glitches working as of May 6, 2015.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Glitches

Out-of-Map Freefalling

Location: In “Chapter 7: Old Town”.

Glitch Description: Right as you get out of the Laderoboter that you get at the start of Chapter 7; between when you step off the ladder down from the robot and onto the floor beneath. It’s there you can get under the floor, and go out of the map into freefalling endlessly.

How To Fix The Glitch: Restart to your previous checkpoint.

Here’s the full glitch video:

Texture Pop Up Glitch

Location: Everywhere.

Glitch Description: There’s a weird glitch where enemies and objects — like armors, health packs and weapons — pop up when getting back on screen. This is due to the texture cache path pointing to a non-existing folder (same issue occurred in The New Order).

How To Fix The Glitch: If you are suffering from stuttering or texture pop up in the game, the fix is simple:

• Step 1: Press Winkey + R
• Step 2: Enter %localappdata% and press Enter
• Step 3: Make a folder called: MachineGames
• Step 4: Inside that folder make another folder called: Wolfenstein The Old Blood
• Step 5: Run the game and you’ll notice the game now creates some texture cache files in the folder you just created.

If you’re still having performance or pop up problems after that, then go to Advanced Options and set your ‘VirtualTexture Cache Size’ to ‘LOW’ to fix it.

And if that didn’t work, as a last resort you can also try setting ‘VirtualTexture Cuda Acceleration’ to ‘OFF’.

Here’s an example glitch video:

Credits: These glitches are discovered by AlexIsPlaying, Smokin Scream and HourlySmoker.