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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Perfect Stats Using ++Nectars (G-Rank) Kinsect Extender Guide

Here's the guide to perfect base stats, assuming you're starting from scratch (114Power, 96 Stamina, 150 Speed), by using ++Nectars (G-Rank).

Just a quick note, this is for the Kinsect Extender Effect (Bilbobrix [Cutting] /Ladytower [Blunt])

Assuming this formula, if followed correctly ends up with the stats stated above

Before we start, here's a ++Nectar tip (http://redd.it/34kc2t)

You'll need the following:
  • 11 ++Power Nectars
  • 1+Stamina Nectar
  • 8 ++Stamina Nectar
  • 2 +Speed Nectar
  • 20 ++Speed Nectar
And the materials to upgrade your weapon when necessary

(Also, for your convenience, the nectars are listed in order by level, upgrade when you've used all the required nectars) Updated to show which bugs you upgrade to at each lvl

  • 3 ++Power (First focus on Power)
  • (Upgrade)
  • 3 ++Power
  • (Upgrade)
  • 2 ++Power (You should have 96 by now)
  • 1 ++Stamina
  • (Upgrade) Alucanid/Foebeetle
  • 2 ++Stamina (Now we switch focus to Stamina)
  • (Upgrade)
  • 2 ++Stamina
  • (Upgrade)
  • 2 ++Stamina
  • (Upgrade) Monarch Alucanid/Carnage Beetle
  • 1 ++Stamina (You should have 96 by now, and please follow in order)
  • 1 ++Speed
  • 1 +Speed (First +Nectar you'll be using to avoid confusion, use this last in this level)
  • (Upgrade)
  • 2 ++Speed (Now we focus on speed)
  • (Upgrade)
  • 4 ++Speed
  • (Upgrade)
  • 4 ++Speed
  • (Upgrade) Bilbobrix/Ladytower
  • 3 ++Power (Now Power stat is complete)
  • 3 ++Speed
  • (Upgrade)
  • (WARNING! Do not make the mistake of using the +Stamina nectar first, or else you'll need another +Speed, so please pay attention to the order you need these in [Other orders for this don't work easy]) 
  • 6 ++Speed
  • 1 +Stamina (It's crucial you pay attention to this, I can't warn you forever, Warning's already in bold)
  • 1 +Speed (Last nectar you'll be using)
And you're done with stats of 114Power, 96 Stamina, 150 Speed

Credits: Special thanks to Tourie_Amatta for creating and sharing this very helpful guide to his fellow hunters!