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League of Legends: Tips and Tricks on How to Escape Bronze and Silver

There's a lot of posts out there with players looking for “real” tips beyond the recycled “have a good attitude”, “play to improve”, etc. The following are my real and immediate changes you can make to your game to help escape Bronze / Silver.

A little background on the creator of this guide. He finished Bronze 3 last season and placed Silver 4 out of his placements for Season 4. During the course of this season he slowly climb to Gold 2 playing Annie almost exclusively (300+ ranked games with a 56% win rate). I spent over 200 games in Silver this season and nearly as many in Gold. These tips come from my own personal experience, watching / reading other guides, and a number of Diamond mentors (many who he meet on Summoner School) who have helped guide my success.

1. Smart Casting – start using it. In a game where every fraction of a second counts using smart casting can help you immediately shave a large portion of time off all of your actions. Enabling smart casting helped me make the jump from S3 to S1 almost over night. It only takes around 20 games to get really comfortable with it (believe me, it was painful at first for me too). He started with around a handful of bot games, mostly using it while practicing CS, then brought it to normal for 15-12 games, and then right back to ranked. One of the best changes I’ve made with LOL.

2. /mute all – we all get frustrated at times playing, many players express these frustrations in chat. At the very least these message distract you from more pressing concerns, at worst they send you on tilt. The risk vs. reward of chat just isn’t there. I don’t need to see the “…” or “wow…” after I make a mistake. I know I made the mistake without a teammate pointing it out. These types of interactions aren’t helpful, so save yourself the tilt and maybe the loss with /mute all.

3. Practice CS’ing – higher CS is one of the most correlated and simple improvements you can make to your game. Higher CS scores = higher league tiers. As a warm-up to your ranked games take 5 minutes and play a bot game and see how many CS you can get. Perfect CS at 5 minutes is 38. If you can hit 36+ you’re in a good place. Check out this infographic guide for more: http://imgur.com/orWUCKH

4. Don’t chat, pings only – players in every tier, but especially in Bronze/Silver are on edge. The slightest insult or quip could cause them to go on tilt. That “…” that you just couldn’t resist putting in chat could be the breaking point that causes them to feed and troll the rest of the game. There is nothing to gain from chatting that cannot be achieved with pings. You risk distracting yourself, your teammates, causing players to tilt, etc.

5. Buy a pink ward – it’s 100g and it doesn’t disappear until it’s actually killed by an enemy. Without question the best 100g you can spend in a game. Even in high Gold/Plat games he find that his 1st pink ward often lasts 15-25 minutes. The amount of vision gained for that length of duration for that amount of gold is just absurd. If you don’t buy a single other ward, at least buy 1 pink. Place it near your blue / red buff bush, tri-bush, or in the bush nearest the river on your side towards mid.

6. Don’t try to counterpick – always pick the champion you have the most experience with and have the most fun with. These attributes are much more likely to lead to a win than simply picking a counter, especially if it’s a champion you haven’t played much. In lower ELO especially (and he'd still consider G2 to be low) it’s much more important to play what you play well. The skill difference between your experienced champions and un-experienced is massive. So much so that counter picking is rarely worth it.

7. Sweeper Switch – switch your trinket to the sweeper by the time you enter the team fight stage. At this point you can and should be purchasing wards more regularly, but in any regard it’s more important to deny vision, setup baits, and ensure that bush you are standing in isn’t warded. The sweeper allows you to achieve these goals and can be used to setup clean and safe picks.

8. Play your best champions – this is a bit of an extension to “don’t try to counterpick”, but with the focus on making sure you are playing the 1-3 champions you perform the best with. Take a look at your win rates with champion on op.gg or another stat site. Looking at the top 1-3 champions by win rate (so long as you’ve played a decent number of games with them, say 20+). Compare this to your overall win rate. Chances are your best champions have higher win rate than your total win rate. Now, imagine instead of playing a variety of champions that you’re mediocre with, you only played the champions you crush it with. Your 48% total win rate vs. your top champion win rate of 55% turns into a huge number of wins and ELO. One of my silver friends (who actually just hit Gold last night) has played over 500 ranked games this season with a win record of around 50%. However, his Veigar win rate (60+ games) is 65%. That’s a gap of 75 wins if he had been playing all his ranked games with his best champion. Even at a conservative LP of 16 per win, that’s 1,200 LP he has missed out on this season. That’s effectively an entire tier! Had he been playing Veigar he would have hit gold a long time ago and perhaps even plat.

TLDR: Learn to use smart cast, mute everyone and don’t speak in chat, focus on improving your CS, always try to have a pink ward up, focus on your best champs and never on counterpicking, and finally get a sweeper trinket after 20 minutes.

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Credits: Guide by HaleStorm88