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Grand Theft Auto V Glitch: Easy RP with Mission God Mod (PS3 & PS4)

Here is one of the many working glitches on Grand Theft Auto V as of May 3 2015. Take note that these glitches may not worked when the developers decided to update the game and put in a new patch. So better make use of it as soon as you see this page.

Note: We will compile all the working glitches on Grand Theft Auto V here in Web Junkies Blog. Stay Tuned!

Glitch #1: RP with mission god mode
Here is some advice if you choose to do this glitch:


1. Start in any online session.

2. Have a friend start any contact mission. Friend needs to actually start the mission. (Start - Online - Play Job - Rockstar Created - Missions... Pick one.)

3. Have your friend send you invites while they are in the mission. (Start - Friends - Pick friend who is doing the glitch - Send invites)

4. Tell friend to stay in the mission until you are done!

5. Once you have received the invites, load up Creator. (Start - Online - Creator)

6. Once in Creator, accept an invite from your friend. (PS Button - Friends - Message Box - Received - Invite from friend)

7. Once you hit "JOIN" from the invite, start spamming X (Spamming X = Repeat hitting the X button over and over)
NOTE: By doing this you will load a Creator Deathmatch but then will be accepting the invite right after.... this causes extra time for the glitch as the game is now confused.

8. When you go up into the clouds, stop spamming X. (Stop hitting the X button)

9. You will then see an ALERT screen (Do you want to spectate?), don't do anything yet! (Stop! lol)

10. This next step makes or breaks this glitch for you because it has to do with timing.

11. After 10 seconds of looking at the ALERT screen, press the O button.

12. You should be dropping down from the clouds now.

13. As soon as you can, hit the START button and quickly go to the GAME tab and then spam the heck out of X. Sometime the GAME tab will not show. Simply press START then press START again. Repeat till you get the GAME tab. (Start - Game - Replay Mission - Prologue - Accept)
NOTE: Step 13 is difficult. It may take a minute to load up the start menu. The game may even take you back into the clouds then back down into the lobby before the menu loads. The game will sometimes take you back into the clouds before you even get a chance to press start. If this happens, repeat from step 5 and adjust the timing in step 11. If you need more invites, ask your friend to send more.

14. If all goes well, you will be in a black screen. This black screen may last a moment or two so don't think you froze up. Just be patient.

15. Once the black screen is over, you will be in a public session.

16. Hold down the D-PAD down button to bring up the character wheel. (That is the directional pad just to the left of your left analog stick)

17. You will notice that the characters are kinda faded out. That is good news. Now select any SP character.

18. At the ALERT screen, press X

19. Now press START and leave GTA Online. (Start - Online - Leave GTA Online: It's the last option right under Find New Session) Press X at the ALERT screen.

20. Your screen is now frozen except for your mini-map. Now, kill yourself! (Hold Select - Choose option KILL YOURSELF)

21. Once you re-spawn, drop a grenade at your feet. It should have disappeared. If this happens you are now in GOD MODE. You can now tell your friend to leave the mission.

22. Open your phone and accept an in game invite like Simion, Martin, Lester...etc.. You can also open your phone and choose Quick Jobs - Contact Mission. Will also work for Heists, however, much more difficult since the game sometimes will not download other players invites. DO NOT try to load a mission thru the

23. START menu as your GOD MODE will not stick.

24. Start the mission. Once in the mission, drop a grenade and see if it disappears. If so, you are in GOD MODE in a mission. Pretty kewl, eh?

25. Finish the mission, vote, pick new mission and you should still be in GOD MODE.
TIP: Be sure to turn match making off so you can stay solo.
NOTE: If all of sudden you are still in GOD MODE but now can use explosives, you will not longer be in GOD
MODE after the mission is over. Simply return to freemode and redo steps 16-22 to get back into mode. 
If you need to get out of mode, load up mission via the START menu but don't start it. Just back out at the invite screen.
TIP: Once you are in the mission, you can now return the favor to your friend. Once your friend is in GOD MODE, start up a mission via your phone and invite your friend. Once in the mission you will be in GOD MODE but not your friend. Call Pegasus and request a tank. You and friend go get the tank. Once at the tank have your friend to steps 16-21. When your friend is at the frozen screen part, run your friends over with the tank, be sure to stay on top of your friend until he dies. BOOM- you are now both in GOD MODE in the mission. Should stick for the mission you guys choose after the vote screen.

*This glitch will sometimes put you in SP with your online character.