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Grand Theft Auto V Glitch: AFK RP Farming Method on PS3, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Here is one of the many working glitches on Grand Theft Auto V as of May 3 2015. Take note that these glitches may not worked when the developers decided to update the game and put in a new patch. So better make use of it as soon as you see this page.

Note: We will compile all the working glitches on Grand Theft Auto V here in Web Junkies Blog. Stay Tuned!

Glitch #2: AFK RP Farming Method (How to have Unlimited Reputation RP)
First things first.
  • Go to your console settings and be sure to disable and Power Saving method, like Powering it off after a certain period of inactivity. By default, PS4 and XBox One is set to 3 hours.
  • Have a rubber band or a hair tie that can hold your right analog stick pressed to any direction. This is what will make the game thing you are 'still there'. You can't fool the console, that is why we must disable the Power Saving function of it.
  • Be sure you are not in a Party. Being in so, disables your microphone from interacting with the game.
  • Be sure to have an apartment or house that has a shower in it. The cheapest one he think costs around 80K. Ended up he was right. This residence, 0112 S. Rockford Dr. Apt. 13, costs just 80K! :-).
  • Any "noise producer apparatus". The best thing to use here is an USB Fan. It is quiet, consume very low energy and works the best as it will be producing the most noise possible for your microphone.
  • Any way to keep your controller connected to your console so it doesn't charges off. For XBox One ( and maybe 360 ), you must plug your controller to the console with a micro USB ( and remove the battery? ). Otherwise the controller will turn itself off after 15 minutes.
How (this) Stuff Works...
  • Enter your apartment and head to the shower;
  • Enter the shower and hum anything into your microphone and see if a little gray bar in the right bottom of the screen will start being filled. If it did, the Mic is working;
  • Put your microphone very close to your "noise producer apparatus". The bar should start filling up by the sound produced by your device of choice;
  • Find a way to use your rubber band, hair tie, or any other object to make your Right Analog Stick ( Or Left ) be fixed in a direction;
  • It is simple as that. The thing is working now. Here is how he do it. gfycat / imgur
Cool Information
  • Be sure to leave your TV turned off. Save energy from one source at least; :)
  • You will get 20 RP for every 11 seconds;
  • The bar takes 10 seconds to fill and a 1 second delay to start to fill;
  • Doing that for an entire hour grants you 6,540 RP;
  • A day of work ( 9 hours ) will grant you around 58,860 RP;
  • That is enough to get around 3 levels if you are above level 100 and below level 120;
  • Give your console some break. It probably wasn't made to be 24/7. So turn it off for few hours every day or keep it in a cool environment. Better safe than sorry.
  • He created this nice (not really) RP table if you want to do a few calculations :)
Important Stuff
  • Prefer Invite Only Session to Public Sessions. That way, you won't bother other people with your music/sound and people won't be able to report you ( Because, you know... This is a glitch :P );
  • If you leave the shower, the game won't let you take another shower for 48 minutes ( an in-game day ). Sometimes it is possible to bypass it by changing sessions ( Options - GTA Online - Find a New Session ), but this may not always work.
  • If you are on XBox 360 or XBox One and are having issues being disconnected, please, take a look at this reply from /u/Rapt0rRed.