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Freestyle 2 Point Guard Guide- How to Be the Best PG in FS2

This Freestyle 2 PG Guide is created by Valiao. It is still a work-in-progress and as soon as Valiao updates his guide, we will add some information on this page without further notice.

Enjoy the guide guys!

FAQ - More questions will be answered in the future!

1. What's the main role of PG?
The TRUE role of a PG is to pass, steal/intercept, set plays, recover loose balls, and of course, shoot WIDE OPEN SHOTS. Unfortunately, the majority of the PG in my opinion tend to be more offensive-oriented, acting as if they are a scoring position, using pass fake, a skill that does indeed offer a scoring option, but can be a risky play against professional defenders. examples of lockdown defense against pass fake would be another PG facing you up to prevent a pass fake layup from even occurring, or a C/PF blocking the living hell outta you. But yea, no offense to any true PGs that use pass fake, there are just some PGs that try to abuse it or use it incorrectly and end up getting thrashed and looking bad.

2. Positioning for PG?
When on defense, a PG should mainly be on their mark, facing the hell out of them with or without the ball (this makes your mark's passes bad when he/she has the ball. When the one you are defending doesn't have the ball however, you can face up next to them to possibly get an intercept, as well as prevent nice pass bonuses.) There are some times however, when the PG must sneak in a steal or two, or help defense when necessary (not totally away from your main mark though, just when someone else's mark, specifically a scorer, is close to you, that is one of the only times to go for a steal/block. Do not overhelp though, make it less obvious that you are helping.) Other than all of this, when intercepting, you want to be between the receiver and the sender. For more info on intercepting, watch Me & DBLL Guides to Intercept! ^.^

Guide to Intercept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f9i7cjb8rA

DBLL's Guide to Intercept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxa7y_QmIDQ

3. Skills to Improve for PG?
Improve on the Intercept/Overpass Intercept skills, Watch those guides above for more info on that!
Stealing of course (when to steal, where to steal, etc.)

Ball Recovery aka getting loose balls ( PGs get diving catch, which is used to dive for loose balls that are either on the floor or approaching the floor. Master this skill, it is a PGs best asset! At high level, PGs get Sp Diving Catch, which increases the range of recovery, setting PGs apart from SGs lvl 50 Diving catch.)

Master bumping, which is disrupting the opponents movement by moving into them or facing them up. This is a very crucial technique for PGs because this is where they get most of their steals besides pump fakes.

Master passing. When passing, you want to do so in an open lane (no one in the route of your pass), and avoid doing horrible passes (slow pass due to face up from opponent). Also, avoid passing from far away, know your range of pass.

Master Baseball Pass skill, a level 28 skill for PG's I believe. (This skill avoids all intercepts, at the cost of a penalty if you screw it up, which could cause a potential turnover! You can also use this skill to pass from far away ;3 )

Improve on your Pie (AKA Defense).

4. Does intercept success benefit from steal attribute or its all about positioning and timing?
In my opinion, I believe Intercept success can be increased by cards, toys, and the steal training attribute (slightly, not as good as intercept success stuff) as well. Increasing this can widen the timing window and chance of actually catching the ball, but Upgrading intercept success stat alone doesn't increase its range or position, that's Intercept Range increase that mainly does that.

5. What are cards used for?
They are used to add additional attributes/passives for your character, such as 3pt success, steal motion, Jump pass range, etc. Unlike toys, cards attributes are set the moment the card is placed in your card slot, so even if you are in the pre-match court, the cards come into play.

6. What are toys used for?
Like cards, toys also increase certain attributes, however, they only come into play at random when in a match. You can increase the chances of your toys being activated by increasing their affection rate (which can be done by giving them batteries, or equipping that particular toy u want to have love you.) As for upgrading, you need MORE THAN ONE of the same toy to do this. Also if you have the more than one toy, you have the choice to change the attribute if you do not like the attribute it has now, or upgrade the attribute u have now. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON TOYS, check out Lloyd aka Junior's Toy Guide!


7. What is mileage?
Mileage is the backdraft points you acquire when buying gkash related items, such as skill slots, or item balls. The game tells you if you are gaining mileage for any item that is gkash. You can use mileage to buy special items in the Mileage shop, which is located in the Shop section of the game.

8. Does gear expire?
Yes and no, some gear or clothing expire, and some do not. The game will let you know if your gear will expire, showing the amount of days on said gear.

9. Are freestyles passive?
No they are not passive, they are active abilities which require you to fulfill certain achievements during a match to be able to activate them. For instance, Miller time, a freestyle shot, requires at least 4 assists to be able to use it during a game. Once your goal to use the skill is complete, a green area will appear, telling you the location in which you can use said freestyle (miller time can be used anywhere since it is a shooting type of freestyle move.). Other conditions or goals to complete for other kinds of freestyles (long dunks, short dunks, shots) include successful rebounds or screens, 3pt attempts, middle shot attempts, blocks, etc. If you have more than one freestyle in game, you can press the z key to change which freestyle you want to use.

PG Types' Pros & Cons

Good sirs, the PG position in my opinion excels at all different types in their own way:

1. Power Type Pros & Cons: (AKA Kuroko and imo, an Underrated PG)

+ Highest base pass, block, tussle, short dunk attribute for a PG
+ Best Defense against shooters (and layup ppls) for a PG
- Slower than other PGs, making it harder to keep up with faster PGs when defending them.
- Lower Stamina, 3pt, and Long Layup Att. than other PGs

2. Balanced Type Pros & Cons: (Also Underrated PG)

+ Has the ability to balance out every stat, aka being all-around (speedy, good block, ok 3pt, some long layup, stamina, etc.)
+ Can defend both fast PGs, and Shooters/Layup ppls due to its well-rounded speed, and blocking atts.
+ Can excel towards being Power-Type, with a little Shrewd-like capabilities, and Vice versa.
- Although it can have block and be fast and what not, it is not as good as a Power Type's Block, or a Shrewd Type's Speed.

3. Shrewd Type Pros & Cons: (AKA Scoring PG/Speedy Gonzales, Most OVERRATED PG EVA ( ' w ' ) / )

+ Highest base speed and stamina in the game.
+ Higher 3pt, long layup att. for a PG
+ Defends well against other PGs, and PF/C in a sense (being able to bump into them, and steal much easier)
+ Recommended for people who want to pursue the "Pass Fake" Offense, due to long layup and speed.
- Cannot defend shots and layups as well as the other types due to low block stat.
- Fact that it is overrated ;3
- Pass stat is pretty bad, but hey, its a PG, Shrewd Types don't give an f about pass stat ^.^

Overall, every PG should have Steal attribute as their highest stat! Stealing & Passing is the PGs main role!!! ^.^ It is your choice here, to follow the meta and go Shrewd, or break it and be Kuroko!!!! ;D This is FreeStyle 2 mang, the choice is yours.

PG Attribute Example(s) /Skill Build(s)

I am a balanced Point Guard by the way, here are my stats that I main on (I do not recommend adding the tussle stat I did for balanced, I was experimenting a bit there.


As you can see, my 3pt is not that good compared to Shrewds, nor is my Pass stat compared to Power Type. Despite this fact, I love my PG, and have sticked with this Type since Closed Beta Test.

As for my skills that I enjoy using (Which DOESN'T INCLUDE PASS FAKE, I am not a fan of this skill, seeing as it is overused, sometimes unreliable, and the fact that I am a passing, defense point guard, not an offensive one:


Direct Pass (insures that you pass to the correct teammate)

Baseball Pass (Cannot be intercepted, and used to pass from very far away)

Manual Layup (A scoring option, as well as a way to use jump pass more consistently)

Kill Pass (Clutch passes win games)

Sp Intercept (Increases range of intercept! OP)

Intercept (if used correctly, is the most deadly weapon on a PG)

Jump Pass (A good move to loosen up the Defense in the Paint, and set plays, Use with caution, some people tend to mess up the pass when used in the wrong angles i.e. jump passing to someone from across the court. You can use direct pass (Layup then Q/E) to jump pass to any person u wish, just be sure he is either behind you, or on the side, NOT ACROSS.)

Quick Jumper (Best back up scoring move for PGs. Use this whenever you are wide open.)

Alley Oop Pass (Underrated skill. If used correctly (aka not in the PF/Cs face, and have the receiver place himself close to the rim for a lightning fast short dunk alley), this move is quite useful.)

Sp Steal (Another awesome skill for PGs that sets them apart from other positions. This makes stealing a game changer.)

Sp 3pointer (Another Skill all PGs should have, Increases your 3pt success rate substantially.)

Sp Diving Catch (All PGs should have this!!!! This skill sets them apart from SG's Diving catch, making PGs dive farther, thus being the best recovery position in the game.)

Overpass Intercept (Same with Intercept, when mastered, this skill is one of the PGs best skills, although this is not entirely needed as much as intercept. A game changer nonetheless.)

Also, here is a defensive build I recently changed to, which of course tussle is not recommended here, just more experimenting :P


BUT YEA, There are builds that most likely the majority of the PGs out there don't use, sooooooo. ;3 HEY its FreeStyle 2, we create our own style here!

Priority Spending!

Here is what you should be buying before anything else, in order from most important to less important:

1. Special Characters: (You get 40+ more training attributes, which is awesome! You do not really have to spend any money on an SPC, since you get a free buzzer beater coupon at level 50, but if you want other SPC like Goku or Billy, then by all means spend away! Here are the prices and benefits to each:

http://i.imgur.com/SIsuiKI.png?1 - Sexy <3 data-blogger-escaped-168cm.="" data-blogger-escaped-br=""> You can get her free at lvl 50!
The only female PG SPC atm.
She might have some secret advantages to the other PGs, but who knows... 

http://i.imgur.com/KXNK9TX.png?1 - It's ya boi! 167cm.
You can get him free at lvl 50!
Again, he might have some secret advantages like Clara, but that is just a myth... 

http://i.imgur.com/cuAum0z.png?1 - Cheapest SPC to buy at 1490 Gkash.
Play as a Monkey!
Shortest PG in the game at 150cm (making him the fastest overall).
Has Pass stat +4, and Speed +4 as a bonus. 

http://i.imgur.com/YbLyc1j.png?1 - Cost 1890 Gkash.
Rich homie boi w/ a big neck! Kappa
168cm like Clara.
+4 3 Pointer & +4 Middle Shot Attribute! 

Overall, I recommend just getting the special character you prefer the most. Don't follow the meta, just go your own way! ^.^ 

2. Skill Slots: (like 20$ for all 4 skill slots, and is very essential for higher level gameplay. I highly recommend buying Skill slots on a special character if you are on a budget and don't feel like spending money on a PG you won't play.) 

Skill Slot Pic: http://i.imgur.com/eukJyDu.png 

3. Rare Clothing: So yea, These cost like 9$ a piece, permanent, giving your character +10 attributes. I didn't really spend any money on rare clothes, because in Point ball (at least I hope they still are there), there are rare clothes that come with 7day +10 attributes. Unfortunately, they are quite rare sometimes, so you will just find yourself wasting points. Other than that, I just used 7k Points to buy +5 attributes. PLUS, Style over Stats anyday! 

Point Ball Rare Clothes: http://i.imgur.com/uiQK0OE.png 

4. SP Edition Card Sets: The cost will vary, because you may either get mad lucky and get SP Edition Set first try (WHICH RARELYYY HAPPENSSS), or rage and donate to charity, getting 10 Magic cards at once, like Junior aka Lloyd LOL. But yea, Card balls cost 70 gkash each, which does not sound like much at first, however, the odds of getting sp set is quite rare. The reason to get SP card edition, is because of the +7 all training attributes. Although I do not have any SP Card Edition Sets, I would really want to have one. 

5. Ceremony: UM, IF YOU WANNA PUSH SOMEONE ON THE FLOOR AND SHOOT THEM, OR DANCE LIKE MJ, OR SPIN THE BALL AROUND, OR DO SOME KIND OF GANGNAM DOGGY STYLE ON TOP OF YOUR TEAMMATE, By all means buy these ceremonies. They are very cheap, and are fun to mess around with xD. 


ALSOOOOO.... almost forgot. THIS IS CRUCIAL... DONT FORGET TO PURCHASE THE DIRTY DANCE CEREMONY, WHICH COST 8800 points in the ceremony shop! This'll get you all da Claras... 


6. VIP: Gives you the following benefits: 

http://i.imgur.com/wLAMl0K.pngOnly benefits are 1 extra skill slot, and the 50% exp/Points buff. This is pretty much the last thing you want to buy (cost 1490 Gkash for 30days) 

PG Cards! 

Although it is your choice for what cards you pick, here are some recommended attributes/stats that you should be aiming for: 

Primary Stats: Steal, Stamina, 3pt, Middle Shot, Running Speed, Pass, Long Layup, Block 

Secondary Stats: (Please let me know if I missed some stats)
Dive Success - Increases the timing window of your dives. A must for PGs.
Dive Fail Decrease - Increases the chance of the ball landing in your hands when diving.
Move Speed - Makes your character move faster without the ball in hand, good for defense.
Move Collision Angle - Increases the range in which you "bump" into opponents.
Move Collision Resistance - Increases the chance of you not getting "bumped" by others.
Steal Motion - Increases the speed and recovery in which you swipe/steal the ball.
Long Layup Range - Increases the range of layups.
Kick out/Entry pass speed/intercept resist - Pass speed/Decreases chance of intercept when passing 
Quick Jumper Activation Speed - Increases the speed of quick jumper.
Stamina Max/Recovery - Increases max stamina/recovery rate.
Face Up Speed - Makes your face up faster.
3pt Success - Increases the chance of 3pt going in.
3pt Success(No Mark) - Increases the chance of a 3pt going in when Wide Open aka No Mark appears. 
Mid Shot Success - Increases chances of Middle shot going in.
Alley-Oop Fail decrease - Increases chance of alley-oop success
Alley-Oop Range - Increases the range of Alley-oop (which is originally inside the arc). 

For example, here are the cards I use the majority of the time: 


Although the Post shot and Post up Quick change are useless, the rest of my stats are what most PGs should be going for! 

As for SP Edition Card Decks, SP#4, SP#3, and SP#5 are best for PGs. 

SP Edition #4 gives +7 Long Layup, +7 Steal, and +7 Steal again with random att. for secondary stats without upgrading! This is by far the best SP set for PGs hands down. 

SP Edition #5 gives +7 3pt, +7 Running Speed, and 3pt+7 again! 

SP Edition #3 gives +7 Middle Shot, +7 Stamina, and +7 Middle Shot again! In addition, an SP Edition card set gives you +7 stats for all of the attributes as well. 

PG Stealing Basics/Advanced Techniques 

Okay, so I made a couple of videos regarding the ways to stealing: 

Part 1 


Part 2 


Besides those videos, HERE is an example video of an amazing FS2 Korea Version PG that has mastered stealing as well as the PG position itself (He is in the red jersey)